6 Best Budget Backpacking Tents of 2023

Last update: 2023-09-22

A quality backpacking tent doesn’t need to cost an arm and leg at all.

Despite not a leader in quality, there are still many units that can give a perfect balance of weather protection, durability, and cost.

Some best budget backpacking tents are already put together in the list below, would you like to take a peek?

Here are the best budget backpacking tents (Sep 2023 Update):

  • Best Overall: Bessport Camping Tent 2-Person
  • Most Lightweight: Alvantor Camping Tent
  • Excellent for Stargazing: Yodo Lightweight 2 Person
  • Best Pop-Up Tent: Abco Tech Pop-up Tent
  • Best 4 Season Tent: Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-person
  • Best for Solo Backpackers: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent
Top 6 Best Budget Backpacking Tents
Best Overall
Bessport Camping Tent 2-Person
    Most Lightweight
    Alvantor Camping Tent
      Excellent for Stargazing
      Yodo Lightweight 2 Person
        Best Pop-Up Tent
        Abco Tech Pop-up Tent
          Best 4 Season Tent
          Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-person
            Best for Solo Backpackers
            ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

              Best Overall: Bessport Camping Tent 2-Person

              Top Pick
              Bessport Camping Tent 2-Person
              Bessport Camping Tent 2-Person
              • Special no-see micro-mesh walls give good breathability, insect resistance, warmth, privacy and outdoor scenery admiring.

              • Two D-shaped doors & 2 vestibules to allow easier access for two campers

              • Lightweight and compact package size that’s convenient to pack but quick & easy to set up

              • Weather-resistant construction to capably withstand the rain, wind, and sunlight

              • Terrible smell out of the box

              Sizing 86.6 x 48.4 x 43.5 inches, Bessport is one of the comfiest backpacking tents for two, and yet tent weight minus stakes is a miserly 5.2 pounds.

              What I love the most about this unit are two D-shaped doors and vestibules that two campers can easily get in/out.

              Besides, is the weather-resistant construction with 7001 series aluminum alloy stakes, welded floor design, reflective anti-wind guyline, and full-coverage rainfly. Yet the tent is quite easy to set-up and particularly, you can move it around without the need of disassembling.

              Another worth-mentioning feature is the micro-mesh walls that are durable enough to keep annoying insects outdoors while convenient enough to let you enjoy the natural scenery. Plus, is the ability to allow fresh air flowing inside, keeping the tent always breathable.

              Don’t fret, this special kind of material still ensures you two basic things: privacy and warmth during the night.

              Bessport Camping Tent 2-Person Specifications


              2 people

              Total Weight (lbs)


              Pitching time

              3-5 minutes

              Floor Dimensions (inches)


              Height (inches)


              Package Dimensions (inches)

              16.1 x 6.3 x 5.1

              Highlight Features

              Shaped doors and two vestibules
              Weather-resistant, lightweight no-see mesh walls
              Easy to set up

              Bessport comes with a supreme balance between size and weight, which is the reason I found it to be the best overall.

              Most Lightweight: Alvantor Camping Tent

              Alvantor Camping Tent
              Alvantor Camping Tent
              • Fiberglass pole frame for superior durability while still keeping the tent lightweight

              • Though not waterproof, it can hold up well under light showers

              • Unique folding system makes the setup process easier and quicker (less than 5 minutes)

              • Additional storage pockets to keep your stuff in place

              • Zippers aren’t much durable

              • Can’t stand a downpour

              Alvantor named it the No.1 lightest backpacking tent of the year with a total weight of only 2.6 pounds, describing its decent ease of transport for all ages who are trying to have a great time outdoors.

              The most unexpected thing is the whole pole frame isn’t crafted from aluminum like other counterparts, but the sturdy fiberglass to be ultra-durable and longer-lasting.

              Fans of this well-known brand also compliment its ease of setting up, which is a big thank you for the unique folding capability that allows you to install it in minutes.

              Alvantor is built as a not-waterproof camping tent. In turns, its windows can be covered with the rain-fly to keep you stay dry inside under light showers.

              Alvantor Camping Tent Specifications


              2 people

              Total Weight

              2.6 lbs.

              Pitching time

              5 minutes

              Floor Dimensions (inches)

              79 x 48



              Package Dimensions (inches)

              16.5 x 4.7

              Highlight Features

              Windows can also be covered with the rain-fly

              The unique folding capability of this tent allows it to be taken down and stored anywhere, sturdy fiberglass pole frame

              While being the lightest camping tent in this list, Alvantor also impresses with quick 5-minute setup capability and ultra-durable components to capably serve you for years.

              Excellent for Stargazing: Yodo Lightweight 2 Person

              Yodo Lightweight 2 Person
              Yodo Lightweight 2 Person
              • Two-way zippers for conveniently accessing from both inside and outside

              • Ultra-large mesh door for bugs preventing, ventilating, and easier star gazing

              • Two-pole design for quicker setup or tears down

              • Not waterproof -> prone to leak under a downpour

              • Single-layer material -> not suit for extreme cold weather

              Amongst the most affordable tents on my list, yodo stands out with an extra-large mesh sidewall, supporting a romantic star gazing night while giving excellent ventilation and mosquito prevention.

              Besides, the two-pole design simplifies the setup process and makes it easier to do.

              A full package includes a rain fly vented roof and despite not covering the whole sides, it’s still functional enough compared to other counterparts at this price point. The zippers are another worth-mentioning component. They’re two-way designed for easy use from inside and outside.

              Particularly, it has one of my favorite features – the electricity-accessibility port that allows campers to charge their smartphones, tablets, or laptop securely inside their tent.

              Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Specifications


              2 people

              Total Weight

              3.3 lbs.

              Pitching time

              5 minutes

              Floor Dimensions (inches)

              83 x 55

              Height (inches)


              Package Dimensions (inches)

              4.5 x 4.5x17

              Highlight Features

              Lightweight and easy set up with a carry bag
              Easy-entry front door with two-way zippered mesh window

              Large mesh side wall vents at the top

              If you’re looking for an affordable all-around camping tent that’s conveniently designed for stargazing, the yodo 2-person model surely fits the bill.

              Best Pop-Up Tent: Abco Tech Pop-up Tent

              Abco Tech Pop-up Tent
              Abco Tech Pop-up Tent
              • Auto-setup construction helps for instant installing.

              • Mesh doors & windows for better ventilation

              • Double-layer doors and separate zippers to easily switch between privacy & better breathability

              • Thin & short stakes, which isn’t suitable to camp in the sand

              Abco Tech surprised me by its instant setup capability that you can pop open into a complete tent or undone in a blink, taking you less time for installing things and more time to relax.

              In comparison, I find Abco Tech is built with many similarities to the Bessport, such as the same-same floor area and two doors for quick access from both sides.

              The height of Abco Tech is a bit shorter, which tall guys might feel a bit inconvenience when moving around inside the tent.

              But I think those who need more privacy will love this unit more as it’s constructed with double-layer doors combining with two separate zippers. Accordingly, you can easily switch between high ventilation and extra privacy.

              Abco Tech Pop-up Tent Specifications


              2 people

              Total Weight

              3.7 pounds

              Pitching time

              5 minutes

              Floor Dimensions (inches)

              88.6 x 47.2

              Height (inches)


              Package Dimensions (inches)

              28 x 28 x 2.5

              Highlight Features

              Double doors, mesh windows on the front and back
              Comes with a carry bag, can be easily folded to a compact form

              Not to say that the pop-up tent only weighs a mere 4 pounds, much lighter than its counterpart.

              Best 4 Season Tent: Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-person

              Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-person
              Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-person
              • Waterproof material, additional snow skirt, and extra-closure vents to keep warmth better

              • UV protection to decrease wears of caused by harsh sunlight

              • Triangle Pegs to keep the tent firmer

              • Easy-to-rip-off logo

              • Information & instructions aren’t in English

              If you’re looking for a 2-person 4-season tent that wouldn’t break the bank, this China-made – Flytop camping tent – is really worth a try?

              “Oh no, Chinese junk again?” – you might think.

              Well, nope!

              The very first persuasive reason is its ultralight weight compared to others like Mounchain, Winterial, Riorand, Mykelti, and Geertop. When packed, it’s about 6.3 x 6.3 x 18 inches, also more compact than Mykelti.

              But the biggest selling point to me is the snow skirt at the bottom of the rain fly. Too often, rain flies don’t go all the way to the ground, allowing wind to come up under and enter the tent, decreasing its thermal performance under cold weather.

              With Flytop, it’s fully covered.

              Another bonus is the re-designed mesh windows on the top that are closed by a Velcro strap to ensure retaining the warmth inside. And featuring 83 x 59 inches of floor area, it’s more than enough space for 2 people.

              Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-person Specifications


              1-2 people

              Total Weight

              5.9 lbs.

              Pitching time

              3-5 minutes

              Floor Dimensions

              59 x 83 inches


              45.28 inches

              Package Dimensions

              6.3 x 6.3 x 18 inches

              Highlight Features

              Snow Skirt enable for winter use, easy set up,
              Waterproof, double stitching with tape sealed seams
              Anti-rain, aluminum poles, UV protection

              Built with full functions – UV protection, waterproof, anti-rain, and decent thermal performance, the Flytop presents itself as a decent choice for 4-season use.

              Best for Solo Backpackers: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

              ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent
              ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent
              • Waterproof, UV-resistant, durable material to withstand variable kinds of weather

              • Reinvented construction to easily set up by just one person

              • Wide floor area and extra pockets to keep your stuff safely and neatly

              • Short peak height -> not really convenient to move around inside the tent

              • Don’t include a footprint

              ALPS Mountaineering Tents get many camping experts’ appreciations due to the features that often go unnoticed.

              There are many value-added features that soup up the complete performance of a 3-season tent.

              Such as the additional pole clips for quicker snapping over the tent poles. The half mesh walls to leverage its ventilation. The 2000mm coating to the tent floor or the 1500mm coating to the fly for ultra UV protection.

              The zippers in this unit are also sized up to work more smoothly and easily. But my most favorite is the weatherproof fly buckles that you can adjust for more protection.

              ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Specifications


              2 people

              Total Weight

              4 lbs.

              Pitching time

              5-7 minutes

              Floor Dimensions

              32 x 90 inches



              Package Dimensions

              6"x 17.5"

              Highlight Features

              polyester tent fly resists water and UV damage, fully equipped with #8 zippers, storage pockets, gear loft, stakes, guy ropes, and one doorway

              Priced under $100 with ample interior, easy setup, and plenty of value adds, ALPS Lynx is one of the most well-loved tents for solo backpackers to throw in a pack and head out.

              How To Choose A Best Budget Backpacking Tents?

              Weight & Packaged Dimensions

              • As you’re looking for a backpacking tent, these two elements are the most considering. It should be compact and lightweight enough on your back to leave as less fatigue as possible during long trails to your camping spot.

              • But how?

              • Determine the number of people that are going to join the tent with you. If solo, a range of 2 – 3 pounds of the tent is ideal. On average, 2.5 pounds/person is good to go and remember, the more people, the more you can split the tent weight for backpacking, like a tent, poles, and rain flies.

              • Now is packaged dimensions, this depends on your backpack’s capacity. The more compact of the tent when it’s undone, the better.

              • To give you a hint, 17.5 x 6 inches are ideal to pack or fit inside most backpacks.

              Ease of setup

              • No matter the price, nobody like a camping tent that takes them hours to set up.

              • Among 5 best budget options above, Bessport and Flytop win my personal test that took just 3 minutes to install. They are all the traditional freestanding 2-person designs but with slight improvement, the tent turns out to be easiest to pitch, taking the less time out of the bunch.

              • So, when considering this feature, the tent type isn’t essential but the design. It should be minimal and usually, those with two-pole designs are easy to setup.


              • Three things that I used for measuring the comfort level of ten are:

                • The ease of getting in/out
                • The amount of inner space
                • Height
              • From my hands-on testing, I’ve found that the Bessport, Abco tech, and Flytop are the most comfort because of their ample interior that is enough for two people’s stuff and their sleeping bags.

              • The reasonable height (35 – 45 inches) that you can conveniently move around inside of the tent, especially when changing your clothes.

              • The dual doors on both sides, on the other hand, avoid the unpleasant issue of sharing the entrance when one wants to go out and vice versa.

              • Besides, I also prefer a tent with additional inner pockets to organize my carryings better.

              Which Brands Make The Best Budget Backpacking Tent?


              • It’s a pity that I’ve just known about Bessport recently but it’s still enough time for me to have a definition about this brand. I bet not many people feel familiar to this name and it’s a suggestion for those who don’t mind of brand reputation. For quality, they are unbeatable.


              • Alvandor is admired by their vast tent collections that not only vary in colors but also designs with specific features to ensure matching the deepest needs of a different group of campers. There, aside from the affordable price tags, their tents are incredibly lightweight and quality to ensure extended lifetime.


              • Yodo is one of the brands that I appreciate the most because their products are always designed with customers’ needs in mind. You can see that no other than yodo producing a specific line for star gazing, which is a popular demand for campers. Plus, quality and performance are always their priorities.

              Abco Tech

              • The best-selling lines of Abco Tech are pop-up camping tents since they overcome all popular problems in this type of tent, making it outstanding with latest technologies and phenomenal performance. Meanwhile, the price is always kept miserly.


              • As mentioned, Flytop is a China-based company, well-known for many incredibly cheap tents. But the true selling point is their reliability and guarantee on products’ quality and many additional values compared to the price.

              ALPS Mountaineering

              • Established in 1993, the brand is like an OG in camping tent world.

              • The founder of ALPS Mountaineering is Dennis Brune who had worked for different outdoor gear companies, which is the reason their products are known for quality, budget-friendly price range, and good lifetime warranty policy.


              Does a tent keep you warm?

              A tent will keep you warm IF it’s equipped with these components:

              • Made of waterproof & anti-snow material

              • Good ventilation to exhaust excessive moisture out of the tent but not allow cold air inside

              • Give less excessive inner space

              • Closure rain fly to avoid wind flow into the tent

              Are instant tents durable?

              From my experience, instant tents are just suitable for fair weather car camping. Under extreme weather or for backcountry camping, they are prone to wears off or get damage.

              Is it illegal to camp on a beach?

              Camping is usually not allowed on the beach. Instead, there are private campgrounds and skate parks near the beach for you to pitch a tent. There, usually, you’re allowed staying for a week (as the maximum).

              How much wind can a tent withstand?

              To cut a long story short, this table might be helpful to you:

              Wind speeds


              Suitable tent

              0 – 7.5

              All camping tents

              7.5 - 15

              - 2 season tents with some aerodynamic design

              - Cabin/ family-sized tent with high-profile

              - Dome tents with 2-pole design

              15 - 30

              2-to-3 season tents:

              - Cabin tents with steel-fiberglass poles

              - dome family-sized tent with 3+ pole design

              How do you secure a tent in high winds?

              In high winds, your tent might be shaky a bit and here are some precious tips to avoid that

              • Point the tent towards the wind to avoid it hammering down from one side

              • Ensure the tent is drum tightly when pitching it

              • Heap stones around pegs and poles for extra support while using as many guy ropes as possible

              • Take advantage of all peg points

              • Tie two flat/splint pieces of wood firmly if the tent poles are broken by strong wind


              I guess once looking this kind of tent, either you’re in a tight budget or don’t camp too often to invest in a costlier one. But it’s never a good place to cut corners when it comes to quality. At least the tent must be made of tear-resistant durable material.

              Happy camping!

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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