Best Camping Chair for Bad Back of 2022: Top 6 Picks

Last update: 2022-06-27

You have a bad back, and you think your condition doesn't suit physical activity like camping. It's too tiring, right?

Even when you are suffering back pain, you still can get wonderful camping experiences thanks to the support of a good camping chair for a bad back.

Now, it's time to discover the top 6 of the best camping chair for bad back.

Here are the best camping chairs for bad back (Jul 2022 Update):

  • Best Overall: Kijaro Dual Lock Chair
  • Best For Heavier People: Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair
  • Most Durable: Timber Ridge Camping Folding Chair
  • Best Overall: Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair
  • Best For Summer: BestMassage Patio Chairs Lounge Chair
  • Best For Lower Back Pain: Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner
6 Best Camping Chairs For Bad Back
Best Overall
Kijaro Dual Lock Chair
    Best For Heavier People
    Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair
      Most Durable
      Timber Ridge Camping Folding Chair
        Best Overall
        Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair
          Best For Summer
          BestMassage Patio Chairs Lounge Chair
            Best For Lower Back Pain
            Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner

              Best Overall: Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

              Kijaro Dual Lock Chair
              Kijaro Dual Lock Chair
              • Breathable
              • Stable
              • Easy to lock and unlock
              • A small and tight hanging pouch

              What does a back pain sufferer expect in the best camping chair for them?

              Of course, it must be a comfortable chair to sit without making your condition worse. And there should be excellent support for maximum comfort. If this is what you are looking for, Kijaro can meet your requirement.

              It features no-sag seating, which is designed to remove sagging and maximize firmness. Thus, it can add comfort without badly affecting your back pain.

              When it comes to durability, Kijaro dual lock chair is made from the diamond ripstop polyester, which provides your chair with a high strength and durability level. Many people think it seems heavy, but this material is very lightweight; even a back pain sufferer can easily carry. What's more, it makes the chair look more beautiful and waterproof.

              Kijaro Dual Lock Chair Specifications


              9.4 pounds

              Back Height



              diamond ripstop polyester

              Weight Capacity

              300 lbs

              Highlight Features

              no-sag seating, breathable mesh on seat back, 2 cup holders, zip & mesh pockets, carry strap, carry bag

              Kijaro supports people with a bad back very well; especially, it has many convenience features for maximum comfort.

              Best For Heavier People: Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair

              Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair
              Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair
              • Rust resistant
              • Easy to fold up and carry
              • Roomy
              • Sturdy
              • Effortless to use
              • No padding in the headrest

              What is the best camping chair for heavier people with a bad back?

              It must meet the requirement of the following aspects: high weight capacity, large, wide, tall seats and backs, and the ultra-sturdy frame.

              Don't need to look for anywhere else because it is here.

              This Coastrail chair features 400 lbs weight capacity while the maximum number of a standard chair for heavy people is 300 lbs. It's too much to reach this requirement.

              Its size is 35.8" x 19.6" x 42.1", which is big, wide, and tall enough to support a heavy person perfectly.

              Finally, the frame is made from a steel material that is one of the most durable and strong materials on the camping chair market.

              Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair Specifications


              12 lbs

              Back Height

              20.4 inches


              outdoor-quality 600D oxford polyester

              Weight Capacity

              400 lbs

              Highlight Features

              alignment strap, the built-in cooler bag, cup holder, storage organizer, Extra head storage bag

              This durable chair can support heavy people very well.

              Most Durable: Timber Ridge Camping Folding Chair

              Timber Ridge Camping Folding Chair
              Timber Ridge Camping Folding Chair
              • Lightweight
              • Portable
              • Easy to fold and transport
              • Simple to set up
              • Comfortable
              • Narrow seat

              To determine how durable a camping chair is, let you consider its materials.

              Timber Ridge camping folding chair is the best one in terms of durability because it is made from polyester, and the frame is made from aluminum.

              The polyester fiber is so strong that it's not easy to wear down, especially it can resist wrinkles and shrink.

              Apart from durability and strength, the aluminum material is resistant corrosion because it will generate a protective coating for the chair frame.

              Timber Ridge Camping Folding Chair Specifications



              Back Height

              23 inches


              polyester material and aluminum frame

              Weight Capacity

              300 lbs

              Highlight Features

              Thick foam padded high back and seat, soft headrest, tough ABS armrest,

              What camping chair can last for years? Here is it.

              Best Overall: Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

              Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair
              Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair
              • Stable
              • Lightweight
              • Accessible to transport and store
              • A bit bulky

              Are you looking for the best overall camping chair with the reclined feature? If yes, you should consider Timber Ridge Zero Gravity.

              At first sight, this chair seems weak, but it has a large weight capacity of about 350lbs. Thanks to the combination of the durable steel tube frame, polyester fabric, and premium quality elastic cord, this chair can put up with a heavy person every day. Even with daily use, the chair can last for a long time.

              You are caring about the reclined feature, right? The good news is that you can adjust this outdoor recliner at any laid-back position thanks to the great patented locking mechanism.

              This reclining camping chair is fully padded seating, especially it has a removable pillow to support your head and lumbar as well as possible.

              Moreover, this chair won't require assembly. What you have to do is to fold and unfold in no time and sit on it.

              Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Specifications


              22.5 pounds

              Back Height

              72 Inches


              Sturdy steel tube frame, premium quality elastic cord, and durable polyester fabric

              Weight Capacity


              Highlight Features

              Patented locking mechanism, full padded seating, removable pillow, natural wood armrest

              This recliner is so durable and comfortable to sit.

              Best For Summer: BestMassage Patio Chairs Lounge Chair

              BestMassage Patio Chairs Lounge Chair
              BestMassage Patio Chairs Lounge Chair
              • Lightweight
              • Easy to use and set up
              • Sturdy
              • Stylish
              • Resistant-tear
              • Pretty heavy
              • No quiet as advertized

              When it comes to summer, what's the first thing that comes in your mind?

              It's the sunlight, right?

              The light sunlight can improve your mood and sleep, treat your seasonal depression, relieve stress, bring a warm atmosphere, offer Vitamin D, but the more intense sunlight is another problem. If you directly contact the harmful sunlight for a long time, it's straightforward to lead to some issues. They include damaging your eyes, leading to heat exhaustion, even causing heat stroke, skin cancer, wrinkles, and aging. In the lighter cases, you will get sunburn and heat rash.

              However, don't be worried. You can still get the wonderful camping experiences in summer since BestMassage's folding canopy shade will keep your skin from the sunlight’s harmful effects.

              BestMassage Patio Chairs Lounge Chair Specifications


              40.9 pounds



              Weight Capacity

              250 lbs

              Highlight Features

              Folding Canopy Shade and Cup Holder, the locking mechanism,

              The BestMassage Patio Chairs Lounge Chair will provide you with shade out of the sun to enjoy fun camping moments.

              Best For Lower Back Pain: Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner

              Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner
              Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner
              • Comfortable
              • Attractive
              • Sturdy
              • Easy to fold up
              • Expensive

              Lower back pain is one of the serious problems of your bad back. If you are suffering this pain, I strongly recommend you to sit on a firm and supportive chair at the right height.

              Lafuma Futura has fully padded the seat with the high-quality breathable fabric, so it can give you good support and extra comfort without making you hot. What's more, the back height of 70cm suits most different builds.

              Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner Specifications


              18.52 pounds

              Back Height




              Highlight Features

              ergonomic construction, zero gravity reclining, AirComfort seat pad,

              Are you looking for a chair offering unrivaled comfort? This chair provides three supportive layers for maximum comfort.

              How To Choose The Best Camping Chair For Bad Back?

              Purchasing a camping chair for a bad back is a challenging task. If you choose one at random without using any knowledge and experience, your choice can make your back pain worse. Thus, before making a decision, answer all the following question:

              Should Your Camping Chair Have Back Support And Comfort?

              Remember that a regular camp chair is useless for your severe back pain. In some cases, even poor back support can result in poor posture. Therefore, if you have a bad back, make sure to pick up a chair that comes with good support and comfort.

              You can't enjoy each fun movement of your camping trip if you have to withstand your pain the whole time.

              Specifically, you should choose a smooth back of the chair instead of putting up with a hardback.

              At this point, we have another question. What are the characteristics of good back support? They include:

              • A fully-cushioned back and seat. Not all padded backs are good, so you had better consider memory foam or any supporting material.
              • The chair's ergonomic design. This feature will conform and support the natural lumbar curve of your spine.

              What Is The Maximum Weight Capacity That Your Camping Chair Can Stand?

              If your chair's maximum weight capacity is lower than your weight, it might be broken soon. And you must spend another amount of money on buying a new one.

              Here is an example:

              If you weigh about 220 pounds (around 100kgs), the chair's maximum weight capacity should be about 300lbs.

              In case you are also a heavy person, you should consider a chair with large weight capacity, a high level of durability, and heavy-duty construction.

              How About Construction Materials, Design, And Durability?

              Will you buy a camping chair with good back support? Many answers are yes. But, will you still believe if it creaks and wobbles? For me, this is an unworthy investment.

              You had better choose a camping chair with sturdy and durable construction. So, which material can help you reach this thing?

              Usually, steel material is solid and highly durable. So a chair with the stainless steel frame makes sure that you can use it for a long time. Furthermore, this material can resist many outdoor elements, such as rain, rust, and stains.

              Are You A Small Or Big Build?

              The best camping chair for bad back with the wrong size is just a waste of money, time, and effort.

              Nowadays, many manufacturers have produced camping chairs with different designs for small and big builds specifically. Thus, you just have to determine your shape and pick up an appropriate model.

              Remember to get the detailed information, including your height and width dimensions and your camping chair's dimension. For instance, a tall person requires a taller back of the chair, a higher seat, a more extended seat pan, and a higher and bigger lumbar curve. Let you apply these specifications for campers who are 6 foot 6 inches tall.

              The average height of the camping chair for tall people is more than 38 inches.

              What Are The Ideal Footrest And Armrest?

              It’s not hard for you to see a camping chair with padded armrests to add extra comfort for your arms on the current market. The footrest is quite another because there are no many products designed with a footrest.

              A camping trip requires you to walk very much. So, whether you are suffering back pain or not, you should select a chair with a footrest to relax your legs.

              If possible, it will be better to buy a chair with a headrest for maximum comfort.

              Do You Want To Store Something?

              Is yes, a chair with side pockets is an ideal option. It provides you with ample storage space to store your small items like your phone, key, and magazines. Some chairs even have storage case.

              Are You Looking For Other Convenience Features?

              Other convenience features include a cup holder and an insulated cooler.

              The former helps you sip your favorite drink more conveniently. Meanwhile, another feature allows you to keep a small amount of food and drink cold instead of using a cooler.

              Are You Interested In Rocking Technology?

              This technology can help your back muscles relax more effectively.

              Should You Prioritize The Reclining Camping Chair?

              If you are reading these words, you might get a bad back. Please take a look at this fact:

              The recliner is your lifesaver because it has a backrest that allows you to tilt your back to a perfect angle for reaching the best comfort.

              What's The Best Part Of This Feature?

              It's so comfortable to take a nap on this chair, and you don't have to worry about tipping over. Obviously, your chair must meet the following conditions: durability and maximum weight capacity.

              Do You Need A Chair With A Weatherproof Feature?

              If you camp in an area with a lot of heat and water elements, you should purchase a chair with a weatherproof feature. For example, the polyester and Oxford fabric materials have this feature.

              Do You Want To Invest In A Model That Requires You To Maintain It Regularly?

              I am sure that a person with a bad back never wants to bend to clean and wash their camping chair by hand. You will use your camping chair outdoors with many environmental elements, so it's effortless to be dirty. Therefore, your solution is to buy a chair that allows you to clean and get rid of mud and sticky dirt easily and quickly.

              If your chair is made from fabric, you can wash it with the combination of the water and a brush without influencing the durability.

              After washing, don't forget to let it dry completely.

              If you let the buildup of dirt clog the joints and the hollow frames, it will be challenging to fold and unfold the chair.

              Do You Want To Spend A Lot Of Effort On Your Part To Install Your Camping Chair?

              Although a chair needed to be assembled is packed with instructions for maximum convenience, it is not an ideal solution for you who have a bad back. Instead, you had better choose a pre-assembled camping chair.

              Which Brands Make The Best Camping Chair For Bad Back?


              Kijaro specializes in providing innovative and high-quality outdoor products with premium designs. What's more, all models come in many different colors.

              Timber Ridge

              Timber Ridge sells several outdoor products to bring comfortable and convenient experiences for users.


              Lafuma, which was founded in 1930, is a French brand. They focus on producing simple clothing and accessories.


              How to clean the chairs?

              Step 1: Remember to perform the first step while your camping chair is still dry. Brush away mold and loose dirt with a soft bristle brush.

              Step 2: Mix 2/3 vinegar with 1/3 water. Then spray this mixture on the chair surface.

              Step 3: If you own a fabric camping chair, use a soft bristle brush or a clean cloth to work on it.

              Step 4: Instead of cold water, you should rinse mold, debris, dirt, and cleaning mixture with warm water.

              Step 5: Let your chair dry entirely under the sun.

              Step 6: Choose a dry and warm space to store your camping chair.

              The different types will have different notes while cleaning. Below is the information:

              Foldable spectator seat

              Some foldable spectator seats allow you to remove the canvas completely to wash it in the washing machine. After washing, don't forget to spray it with a fabric protector, which will protect your chair better from the environmental features.

              Zero gravity chair

              This chair is usually made from a Textilene fabric, which is so durable and straightforward to clean. But, you can't remove it for cleaning thoroughly like the foldable spectator seat.

              Stadium seat

              The stadium seat is usually designed with thick cushions, so you shouldn't soak the padding. It takes a long time to dry. A not fully-dried chair builds up plenty of bacteria and mold. These tiny things are the cause of destroying your seat.

              You can clean your camping chair with different cleaning ways as follows:

              Steam cleaning

              This method works well on a fabric chair. You have to fill the steamer’s chamber with clean water and then apply it to stains and dirty areas.

              Hot steam can kill bacteria and germs on not removable fabric effectively.

              Spraying alcohol or vinegar

              Apply alcohol or ethanol on the fabric surface of the chair through a plastic spray bottle. After that, leave it under the direct sunlight for drying.

              If you use vinegar, there is no need to mix with water. After spraying, let you use a sponge to get rid of vinegar. In case the cleaning process leaves a strong vinegar smell, you can remove it with soap. Or wait for a short time, the smell will go away completely.

              Using the washing machine

              If the instruction allows, you can wash your chair with a mild detergent in the washing machine. Remember to set the gentle cycle for fragile materials like mesh.

              Using a vacuum cleaner

              If your camping chair is covered with dirt without stains, a vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to give you a deep clean. Clean durable fabric with a brush attachment while the upholstery accessory works better for delicate materials.

              Hand wash

              Actually, I don't highly recommend this way for people with a bad back. However, if your chair isn't machine washed, this is a must.

              Make a mixture of warm water and soap or other cleansers in the tub, then submerge the materials inside.

              Using a gentle brush or cloth to scrub stains can minimize damaging the fabric. Or you can rub fabric together to remove debris and dirt.

              Before rinsing thoroughly, it's better to soak a few hours.

              Using Hydrogen Peroxide

              Although it is not effective on oil stains and grease, hydrogen peroxide can get rid of organic stains caused by grass, coffee, tea, and food easily. In particular, it can eliminate smells as well.

              How to clean?

              Mix one-third hydrogen peroxide with two-thirds water, then pour into a spray bottle for treating stains. Leave it there for 10-15 minutes.

              Car wash

              First, scrub your chair with the brush; after that, rinse it with the power washer.


              Never apply much pressure on the fabric, or your chair will tear.

              Are these camping chairs suitable for the beach?


              Which camping chair should heavy individuals use?

              Heavy individuals should choose a chair with high weight capacity, larger, wider, and taller seats and backs. The frame should be made from the ultra-sturdy materials.

              Do these camping chairs need assembling before use?

              This depends on each specific model. Some require you to assemble, while others don't have this requirement.

              What are camping chairs made of?

              Normally, the legs are made from aluminum, the seat is the coated rip-stop nylon and closed-cell foam padding.


              The best camping chair for bad back is able to help you enjoy a camping trip comfortably without badly influencing your pain. Even some of them bring a positive impact on your condition.

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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