6 Best Compound Bow Cases of 2024

By Bryan ListorLast update: 2023-07-13

While spending piles of cash on an expensive compound bow and arrows, why not invest a little bit more on a good case to provide them with the highest protection? In this post, we’ve compiled up to 6 best compound bow cases in the market, based on our testing results and experts’ advice:

Here are the best compound bow cases (Apr 2024 Update):

  • Best Overall: Allen Company Compound Bow Case
  • Best For Hunting Experts: Legend Crusader Compound Bow Soft Case
  • Best For Longer Bows: SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case
  • Best Overall: Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC
  • Best For Airline Travel: Plano 108110
  • Best For Target Practice: Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case
Top 6 Best Compound Bow Cases
Best Overall
Allen Company Compound Bow Case
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    Best For Hunting Experts
    Legend Crusader Compound Bow Soft Case
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      Best For Longer Bows
      SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case
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        Best Overall
        Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC
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          Best For Airline Travel
          Plano 108110
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            Best For Target Practice
            Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case
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              Soft Bow Case

              Best Overall: Allen Company Compound Bow Case

              Allen Company Compound Bow Case
              Allen Company Compound Bow Case
              • Big and well-organized - 45.5” by 15.5” interior dimensions and 10 accessory pockets
              • Well-secured and protected - great zippers and decent padding
              • Comfortable shoulder straps – feature removable padding and nice grip
              • Wish the padding was a bit more substantial
              • Not ideal for travel

              The Allen Company compound bow case wins our Editor’s Choice Award for the overall performance.

              This is a huge improvement over the big hard case and it beats off other counterparts at the same price range by featuring solid handles, great zippers, and decent padding.

              A handy soft case with 45.5” by 15.5” interior dimensions and 10 accessory pockets, it is spacious and well-organized to capably fit everything you would need for shooting.No lack of durability, it handles abrasion and abuse like a breeze, all thanks to the high-grade canvas material.

              The shoulder strap with removable foam padding is another big bonus. We also appreciate the nice big grip on it, too so that you won’t feel it slide off your shoulder with every step.

              Allen Company Compound Bow Case Specifications


              40.5x17.5 inches,




              fits bows up to 38in axle to axle

              Highlight Features

              Soft interior lining

              Interior tie-down straps

              10 accessory pockets

              If you are seeking a well-secured and protective soft bow case for every day transporting, this is a shining contender.

              Best For Hunting Experts: Legend Crusader Compound Bow Soft Case

              Legend Crusader Compound Bow Soft Case
              Legend Crusader Compound Bow Soft Case
              • Well-organized, spacious yet compact and lightweight – feature 8 accessory pockets and 35”x16.5” interior dimensions
              • Flexible and versatile – can be transformed into a bow backpack with 2 shoulder straps and handles
              • Reliable – come with a great guarantee and the product was extensively tested field before launching
              • The side that a bow attaches to inside should be stiffer
              • Not true to colors

              Specifically designed in close consultant with pro hunters, the Legend Crusader comes in ultra-thick closed-cell foam padding so that it gives better protection to your bow than the Allen. That also makes it ideal for travel as well.

              In comparison, this soft case is slightly smaller than the previous counterpart, with only 35” by 16.5” interior storage, however, it is still roomy for a 32” axle-to-axle compound bow.

              Not to say that there are plenty of accessory pockets. Including one largest on the outside for MTM ultra-compact arrow case or a telescopic arrow tube case, 4 smaller exterior pocket, and 3 inner mesh ones.

              The biggest selling point is its transformation into a bow backpack with two padded shoulder straps and a handle for hand-free capability.

              Above all, it is extensively field-tested for practicality and durability before selling, which is reliable.

              Legend Crusader Compound Bow Soft Case Specifications


              36.6 x 3.2 x 19.3 inches


              5.6 pounds


              weather resistant, camouflage nylon


              1 compound bow, a telescopic arrow tube case or MTM Ultra Compact arrow case

              Highlight Features

              Transform the Crusader case into a compound bow backpack

              Extensively field tested for durability and practicality

              Feature a weather-resistant

              Camouflage nylon exterior and 2 interior cam pockets

              Considering its decent field-tested quality, spacious yet compact structure, and ultimate protection, we highly suggest the Legend Crusader compound bow case for hunting experts.

              Best For Longer Bows: SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case

              SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case
              SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case
              • Fit 36
              • No shoulder straps

              The SAS nylon archery soft bow is a 3-pocket design that features a remarkable 43-inch length and 17-inch width, fitting most compound bows with 36” axle-to-axle measurement as maximum. It also keeps your bow stay secured when packed inside thanks to the straps and thick padding.

              With it, just confidently trekking because you’re now knowing that your expensive bow is well-protected.

              Aside from the main compartment to house your bow, you’ve got two more pockets – one on the top and one on the outside at different sizes. They are roomy enough for your bow squares and releases, nocks, broadheads, as well as all the odds and ends needed.

              We really love the mesh lining on the other side of the major compartment where you can store some clothes inside, in case you’re about to go a-day trip.

              SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case Specifications


              17" x 43" x 3"


              2.8 pounds




              Fits most bows with up to 36" axle-to-axle length

              Highlight Features

              Inside Net Pocket

              Fits most bows with up to 36" axle-to-axle length

              3 Pockets Design

              Designed to be bigger with thicker padding for superior protection, the SAS Nylon Archery Bow Case is wonderful for longer bows.

              Hard Bow Case

              Best Overall: Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC

              Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC
              Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC
              • Portable - The ergonomic integrated handle
              • Provide highly secure storage and transportation – have (4) latches and (4) lock holes
              • Easily access the arrows while keeping them stay secured – feature (12) arrow rubber racking system
              • Quite heavy

              Our tester reached for the Flambeau more than any other hard bow cases in our test.

              It is strong and protective, works as efficiently as a high-end bow case but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg on it.

              The unit features rugged plastic shell construction with 4 latches, 12 arrow rubber racking system, and a spacious major compartment fitting one compound bow. This design ensures your bow and 12 arrows are secured properly to transit to/from your hunting locale as well as storage at home.

              Although it is heavier than we expected, there comes with an ergonomic integrated handle so that you can carry it around with lots of ease.

              And one last good news is it’s made in the USA, which ensures the quality.

              Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Specifications


              48.75" L x 20.5" W x 7" H


              2.2 pounds


              rugged plastic shell construction


              Fits (1) compound bow.

              Highlight Features

              Ergonomic integrated handle

              (4) latches and (4) lock holes

              (12) arrow rubber racking system

              MADE IN THE U.S.A

              For those shooters who are on the fence about which hard bow case to buy, this model is highly recommended.

              Best For Airline Travel: Plano 108110

              Plano 108110
              Plano 108110
              • Highly secured and customizable – include additional accessory tie-down strap
              • Endurable, durable, and protective - Crush-resistant design, Dri-Loc seal, and airline approved PillarLock system
              • The strap is easily pulled away from the grommet when strapped down or attached
              • The area under the handle isn’t airtight

              Unlike other Plano cases we’ve tried before, this model is decently high-quality, customizable, and rugged with rock-solid all-around.

              It fits nicely a 35.5 axle-to-axle compound bow and lengthy stabilizer.

              The unit provides lots of mounting brackets throughout the interior to let you mount all of archery accessories with no needs of bolts or screws protruding on the case’s exterior. The given extra Velcro straps also help customize everything as wanted and we do appreciate that.

              The good news for people who usually fly to/from their hunting locale is this hard case is airline approved. It also features a TSA-certified PillarLock system and continuous, weatherproof-protection Dri-Loc seal to make sure your precious bow won’t be damaged during transportation.

              Plano 108110 Specifications


              48 by 20.75 by 7.5 inches


              0.8 ounces


              Weather-resistant rubber seal



              Highlight Features

              Additional accessory tie-down strap included

              Elastomeric arrow storage


              Airline-approved PillarLock system'

              Continuous Dri-Loc seal for weatherproof protection

              Specifically designed to be not only airline approved but also endurable and highly protective, the Plano 108110 will definitely give you more peace in mind during any flight.

              Best For Target Practice: Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case

              Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case
              Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case
              • Portable and easy to transport – feature easy-glide enclosed ball-bearing wheels
              • Durable, solid, and heavy-duty - Built to Military Specifications
              • Well-secured and protective - heavy-duty Dri-Loc gasket
              • A little heavy
              • Not fit some parallel limb designs

              Created for extraordinary durability and protection, the Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker is a versatile compound bow case that can be used for travel, target practice, or daily transport.

              It features an internal area of 43.7” by 16.14” with well-organized storage for your bow, arrows, and accessories. Aside from the signature features of Plano products, like Dri-Loc gasket, Padlock, and military specs, it is built with easy-glide enclosed ball-bearing wheels.

              With them, you can effortlessly move the case around like a hard-shell luggage bag, which is convenient.

              Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case Specifications


              46.45 in L x 18.11 in W x 7.08 in H


              24 pounds


              Fit most compound bows

              Highlight Features

              MADE IN THE USA

              Easy-glide enclosed ball-bearing wheels

              Built to Military Specifications

              Heavy-duty Dri-Loc gasket

              If you’re looking for a USA-made, heavy-duty, and solid hard bow case for target practice, this is for you.

              How To Choose The Best Compound Bow Cases?

              Your Purpose Of Use & Type

              Depending on specific needs, there are two common types of compound bow cases:

              • Hard cases
                • Made from hard, stiff, and dense material. Varied in sizes and storage space to fit specific lengths of the compound bow.
                • Although they lack flexibility and are commonly bulky and heavy to carry, hard cases give your bow the highest protection. They’re also the sole type of bow case allowed for airline transport.
                • If you plan to carry your bow and arrows on an extended travel or flight out of state, pick this.
              • Soft cases
                • This type is usually made of canvas or nylon, delivering better flexibility and lightness to carry around. in turn, it is less protective of the hard cases, therefore, just perfect for daily transport.

              Protection Features

              Whether hard or soft cases, they are all built to protect your archery equipment. That means protection features are key to set one model apart from others.

              Below are some typical protection features that should have in any bow case:

              • Weatherproof – ideal for harsh weather conditions, like heavy rain, water, dust, and storms.
              • Crust resistance – protect your bow and arrows against outside impacts without being crushed. It is also able to handle a huge amount of weight.
              • Tie-downs – the more tie-downs, the better because they keep your bow securely inside the case without moving around, leading to potential damage while on the go.
              • Padding – provide better shock absorption to your bow and give it extra protection. This is a must-have feature in soft cases.

              Which Brands Make The Best Compound Bow Cases?


              • Founded in 1970, Allen is currently one of the most successful brands in various categories ranging from archery and hunting essentials, tactical gear, to shooting accessories.

              Legend Archery

              • A younger company, Legend Archery was established in 2007. However, the 13 years’ experience in this industry has helped them take a huge market share in bow case and other archery accessories. Their products are known for decent durability with no compromises of style and visual appeal.


              • It would be a big mistake if not mentioning to Plano – the longest-standing manufacturer in the outdoor equipment realm therein includes the bow case category. Founded in 1952 and started manufacturing bow cases since 1995, it is known for not just unbeatable performance but also satisfying services.


              Do I need a bow case?

              Whether daily transporting, in storage, or travel, a bow case is essential to protect your expensive bow from impact.

              Hard vs. soft bow case?

              Can you carry a bow on a plane?

              Yes, you can.

              But your bow and arrows must be securely wrapped or sheathed to avoid injury to security screeners and baggage handlers.

              How much does it cost to fly with a bow?

              It depends on two things: the weight you’re bringing along and the country. Generally, it can charge you from $0 to $25 (for checking in extra luggage).

              How long does compound bow case last?

              15-20 years.


              Choosing the best compound bow case for your needs and budget could be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never used it before. But we hope that with this ultimate buying guide, you’ll get a better idea of which one to go for.

              Happy shooting!

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