6 Best Golf Push Carts of 2021

Last update: 2021-05-03

For me, having the best golf push cart on the field is vital because I never enjoy carrying a bulky bag on my shoulders.

After years of playing golf, I have more than one way to improve my fitness level. But surely it's not from handling a golf bag myself. Many of my friends agree that a cart takes away the bulk and makes them focus more on hitting.

Don't make your course a suffer. If you care for a cart now, you should keep reading. I've used a variety of golf carts, and I've also learned from my friends about their carts. Take a look at the options below.

Here are the best golf push carts (May 2021 Update):

  • Best Overall: Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART
  • Best For Hilly Terrains: Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • Best For Large Bags: Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart
  • Best For High Grass: CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • Best For Golfers Of All Heights: Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
  • Best For Tricky Terrain: Caddymatic Golf Quad 4-Wheel Folding Golf Pull/Push Cart
Top 6 Best Golf Push Carts
Best Overall
Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART
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    Best For Hilly Terrains
    Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
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      Best For Large Bags
      Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart
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        Best For High Grass
        CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
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          Best For Golfers Of All Heights
          Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
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            Best For Tricky Terrain
            Caddymatic Golf Quad 4-Wheel Folding Golf Pull/Push Cart
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              3-Wheel Golf Cart

              Best Overall: Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART

              Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART
              Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART
              • Open and close super fast
              • Wheels roll smoothly on any terrain
              • Adjustable height
              • Lightweight aluminum frame
              • Lots of storing compartments
              • The front-wheel does not swivel
              • The wheelbase is a bit narrow

              The Qwik-Fold Golf CART is quick to fold, obviously following its name. The patented easy-to-fold and unfold technology allows the trolley to be put up and down in a lightning-fast one second.

              It's got a super strong and lightweight aluminum frame to handle any bulky bag. One thing I really like is the ergonomically shaped handle that is suitable for both the left and right-handed.

              Another little feature but very thoughtful one is the attached umbrella holder right next to the handle lets you get to it super fast when the rain comes.

              On this trolley, you can also find a scorecard holder with a built-in hidden compartment and integrated drink holder. That place is perfect for you to keep your valuables out of sight. There is an external compartment for cups and tea.

              To keep your bag in position, this trolley features top and bottom bag holders with strong and durable adjustable straps.

              Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART Specifications



              Wheel Size

              Rear wheels: 10 inches

              Front wheels: 9 inches


              18.1 lbs.

              Highlight Features

              Super-fast open and collapse with the Qwik-Fold technology.

              Light but durable frame

              If you don't like to think twice about a golf cart, just grab this one. It can hardly be a wrong choice.

              Best For Hilly Terrains: Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

              Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
              Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
              • Larger wheels for easy rolling
              • Lots of space for miscellaneous
              • Easy to fold and unfold
              • Convenient patented foot brake
              • No instruction for folding
              • A bit heavy

              This Caddytek has been my companion for a few years already. It has done a perfect service now and then.

              This cart has a larger front wheel rigged in a frame that bears a lot of weight of the golf bag. It makes the cart light, strong, durable, and easy to push to an incline. Even in the tall grass, the three big wheels can roll seamlessly. It is simple physics, the wider the wheelbase, the easier the cart will roll.

              On this trolly, you can find all the features you need without extra cost. Notably, they are a drink holder, net, integrated storage compartment, scorecard holder, and umbrella holder.

              The handle can be adjusted to multiple pushing positions. That'll make you roll the cart at your own comfort.

              Caddytek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart Specifications


              53.5 x 27 x 45 inches

              Wheel Size

              Main: 11 inches

              Front: 8 inches


              13.78 pounds

              Highlight Features

              Wider wheelbase for easy pushing on any terrain. Easy to fold and unfold

              Care no more for the hills and inclines once you have this CaddyTek with you.

              Best For Large Bags: Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

              Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart
              Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart
              • Compact design
              • Convenient and fast access handbrake
              • Slide-to-close mechanism for fast collapse
              • A bit awkward at the first use
              • Heavy

              In case you have the bulkiest bag in the world, here I got this Clicgear push cart to cover your back. It came to me from a friend, and I really appreciate how it handles my largest golf set.

              Using this cart, the first time can be confusing for beginners. It'd be a bit tricky if you've never unfolded a golf cart before. It might take you a few times to practice. But you'll be fine.

              What sets this cart apart is the hand brake right under the handle. That allows convenient and super fast locking compared to a footbrake.

              Inside the compartment near the handle, space allows you to store your phone, keychain, and small stuff. It fits a phone of 6.5 inches, and there are slots for 3 balls. I'm not sure if this compartment is rainproof, but once I got caught in a downpour, the things inside were all dry.

              Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Specifications

              Folded Dimensions

              13” x 15” x 24”

              Wheel Size



              18 lbs.

              Highlight Features

              Well-built construction to handle larger bags.

              Convenient handbrake

              Once you get to know this bag, you will fall in love with it; from the design to the features.

              4-Wheel Golf Cart

              Best For High Grass: CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

              CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
              CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
              • Large wheels stand up tall grass
              • Can fit stand bags
              • Seamless pushing
              • Ample storing basket
              • The front-wheel section is somehow small
              • Large wheels are bulky

              Again, the patented one-click folding mechanism enables effortless unfolding the cart. But why is it ideal for high grass?

              It is the large 11.5" x 2.6" rear and 10.5" x2.4" front EVA maintenance-free wheels that will roll through with no interference.

              This cart uses push-to-release foot brake to hold the unit right at the rear wheel. Better than that, if you have a stand bag, it will fit the patented upper bag bracket perfectly.

              There is a large miscellaneous basket with cooler built-in allows you to throw whatever you want and cool your drink.

              CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart Specifications

              Folded Dimensions

              17" x 14.2"X 26.4"

              Wheel Size

              Large rear: 11.5" x 2.6"

              Front: 10.5" x2.4"


              17 lbs.

              Highlight Features

              Extra large wheels will roll through high grass.

              Lots of storage

              With this trolley, you can roll through any terrain, not just places with tall grass.

              Best For Golfers Of All Heights: Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

              Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
              Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart
              • Superior stability
              • Large accessory bag under the handle
              • Compact for storing
              • Keep bag from tilting
              • Handle heavy
              • The seat attachment is cumbersome.

              Is there a push cart made for a tall guy like me?

              When the cart stands up, it's 36 inches tall. But the handle can be adjusted to the height you want.

              There is an improvement in this cart compared to the last version, which is the anti-shift bracket on the bag seat. It's going to keep your bag from twisting one way to the other.

              One thing that I really like about this particular cart is it olds the bag at less of an angle. That means your bag will sit upright, adding less pressure on the roll.

              Right on the handle, you have a number of storing parts for balls, tee holders, a scorecard, umbrella, and other miscellaneous.

              You'd want to set up the handle a bit lower to a 90-degree angle so that you can load your drink on. But i don't think it's going to bother the experience of rolling it.

              Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart Specifications

              It's indeed a blessing to have a cart that can adapt to your size that will allow multiple users with just one cart.

              Best For Tricky Terrain: Caddymatic Golf Quad 4-Wheel Folding Golf Pull/Push Cart

              Caddymatic Golf Quad 4-Wheel Folding Golf Pull/Push Cart
              Caddymatic Golf Quad 4-Wheel Folding Golf Pull/Push Cart
              • Ample wheels for extra stability
              • Compact when folded
              • Solid frame
              • Smooth roll
              • The bottle holder is a bit small
              • Heavy

              The Caddymatic 4-wheel cart offers the greatest stability on the golf course I've ever seen.

              It features reinforced larger wheels with tires patterned to tackle any tricky terrain. The sturdy frame also plays a role in keeping the whole unit stable. Once it stands up, it'll stay firmly on the surface, any rough surface.

              Rolling this cart is also a breeze. I figured that the construction of thick tubes in the back rigging two grande wheels help this cart stand like a statue.

              Adding to that is the solid layout from the top to bottom bag straps spreads bulk evenly. You'll have your bag stand still when you enter a tricky terrain.

              Personally, I like the slightly opaque window of the handle compartment because I can look inside. It's just fun to have. On the side, you have everything needed for a fully enjoyable golf course.

              Caddymatic Golf Quad 4-Wheel Folding Golf Pull/Push Cart Specifications

              Folded Dimensions

              13.5” x 16.5” x 25.5”

              Wheel Size

              Large front wheels: 10.5"

              Rear wheels: 11"


              20 lbs.

              Highlight Features

              Large wheels in the rear and front for excellent stability

              There is no more concern dragging your whole cart and bag to tough terrain. Just focus on your hit and score more, let the cart take care of your bag.

              How To Choose The Best Golf Push Carts?

              Typically, an average round of golf will make you walk about 4 miles. And carrying a golf bag full of club and accessories that weighs 20 kilos is certainly not a good idea. So, if you decide to buy a golf trolley, it's a must checking out the criteria below.

              Type Of Cart

              • In today's market, you can find many types of golf carts. Many variations of push, pull, and electric trolleys are available. In my reviews, I picked 3 or 4-wheeled carts of both push and pull.
              • Pull trolleys can load the bag and let you pull it behind you. They are usually lightweight and less costly, with many features come along.
              • More recently, push carts have become very popular with golfers. This type of trolley allows you to push from behind as you walk. Many feel that this kind is more natural and comfortable.


              • The trolley carries your bag, but you need to transport it to the field anyway. Even with an empty cart, you don't want it to be too bulky. So, if you're forced to carry the trolley to the field, try to pick a lightweight one.

              Wheel Count

              • Three wheels or four wheels?
              • I would say you could pick anything. Just keep in mind that the more wheels a trolley has, the better it performs.
              • Also, pay attention to the size of the wheels. Larger wheels will give you more stability and balance on the grass.

              Open/Collapse Mechanism

              • You don't want to mess up with unpacking your trolley at the parking lot. Though most models now come with easy-to-unfold technology, you still want to know how effective it is.
              • Also, take some time to learn how to open and close the cart before getting it to use.

              Folded Dimensions

              • It was a pain for me because the largest trolley I had didn't fit in my car. So, pay attention to the size of the trolley when it's folded.

              Which Brands Make The Best Golf Push Carts?


              • Any avid golfer knows about CaddyTek and their products. Golf carts from CaddyTek feature innovative designs and brilliant functions for active golfers. All models come with the highest demands of golfers on the course. Thus, it's not any doubt for CaddyTek to always be the top-of-the-line golf cart brand.

              Bag Boy

              • Not only the brand is notable in producing the best golf bag, but also in making the best golf carts. Since 1946, the company has come to the industry with the mission of delivering superior golfing gear in mind. Until now, Bag Boy is well-recognized around the world and among professional golfers.


              Are golf carts any good?

              Well yes. Of course, a golf cart brings in tons of benefits on the course. It takes the weight off your shoulders, therefore saving your energy for the most precise hits. Not only that, but a cart will also save you the cost spent on a caddy. So, yes, I think golf carts are vital for any golfer.

              What is a good price for a used golf cart?

              With 200 bucks, you can buy a brand new trolley with high-quality features. So, I think a used cart will be less than that price. However, if you target a premium cart of a rich pro golfer, you may get the best bang for the buck buying a used trolley.

              How long do golf carts last?

              The oldest cart of mine has been there for 3 years, with not many defects showing off. If you maintain the cart in a proper way, it'll stay up to 5 years. In particular, you should care for the wheels and check for the folding joints to make sure they all click in the right places. You should also look at the other parts of the cart, like the handle, the storage compartments, net, holder, and everything. Ensure them in good condition will allow the trolley to last through time.

              Is it better to push or pull a golf cart?

              Pusing is a more natural action than pulling. It doesn't tax much on your shoulders. More than that, a push cart is easier to swivel when you go downhill. A pull cart often zigzag, making you use more muscles to keep it in line. So, I think you can perceive which type better.

              Can high school golfers use push carts?

              Carrying a golf bag for high schoolers, for me, is not a too good option as repeatedly lifting, bending, and twisting will cost around 20% of their body weight. However, in the states, some regions limit adolescents using golf push carts. I'm not sure about your location, but in Ohio, high school students in golf teams can use push carts for their own sake.


              Buying the best golf push cart is not hard if you know what factor to look for in one.

              And when you bought one, learn how to maintain so that the cart will stay with you for years.

              My picks may not be the best in the market, but all of the carts went through my use. So, I'm pretty confident in telling you what's good and bad about them.

              If you know anything useful about golf trolley, please share it in the comment box below. Thank you so much. See you in my next post.

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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