6 Best Two-Man Ladder Stands of 2024

By Bryan ListorLast update: 2024-05-17

It’s always safe and fun to go hunting with a partner, don’t you think?

To get the best outdoor experience together, you guys should make some adjustments in what you’re going to pack; an appropriate two-man ladder stand is a good example.

There are a lot of options on the market, but finding the right one for your budget, needs, and preference is quite challenging. Follow this list to get your best two-man ladder stand now!

Here are the best two-man ladder stands (May 2024 Update):

  • Best For Bow Hunting: BIG GAME LS4860
  • Easy To Assemble: X-Stand Treestands Jayhawk
  • Budget Option: Rivers Edge RE649
  • Comfortable: Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder
  • Stable: Rivers Edge RE665
  • Sturdy: Muddy MLS2251
6 Best Two-Man Ladder Stands
Best For Bow Hunting
    Easy To Assemble
    X-Stand Treestands Jayhawk
      Budget Option
      Rivers Edge RE649
        Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder
          Rivers Edge RE665
            Muddy MLS2251

              Best For Bow Hunting: BIG GAME LS4860

              BIG GAME LS4860
              BIG GAME LS4860
              • Easy to maneuver – the weight of 53 pounds
              • High flexibility, ideal for bow hunting – flip-up shooting rail
              • Safe, sturdy, and strong – steel structure, dual stabilizer straps, a ratchet strap, and safety harness
              • The installation instructions need more improvement
              • No mesh backrest

              The BIG GAME LS4860 differentiates with its decent flexibility. Unlike other counterparts at the same price range, it features a flip-up shooting rail to give you extra bow operating space.

              The 18’ height is sufficient enough for bow hunters to easily observe or shoot the prey from above.

              While it has a very minimalist backrest, the bench-style seat design brings nice comfort plus the padding keeps you from numbness efficiently of hours of seating.

              BIG GAME LS4860 is also the lightest two-man ladder stand for the price but completely shows no signs of flimsiness or shaking in our testing. Moreover, it can bear a max loading weight of up to 500 pounds- the thing that's only commonly found on higher-end models.

              It's all thanks to the solid steel frame structure, reliable dual stabilizer straps, and a handy ratchet strap, along with the safety harness that keeps you sitting steadily to focus more on making an accurate shot.

              BIG GAME LS4860 Specifications

              Weight Capacity

              500 lbs.

              Stand Weight

              53 lbs.

              Stand Height


              Seat Size

              38" wide x 12" deep

              Platform Size

              6.5" wide x 12. 5"

              Highlight Features

              the weight of 53 pounds

              flip-up shooting rail

              steel structure, dual stabilizer straps, a ratchet strap, and safety harness

              For those bowhunters who want a lightweight yet sturdy two-man ladder stand, BIG GAME LS4860 is their best bet.

              Easy To Assemble: X-Stand Treestands Jayhawk

              X-Stand Treestands Jayhawk
              X-Stand Treestands Jayhawk
              • Really quick and easy to install – straightforward and helpful instructions
              • Provide a reliable and relaxing backrest – the seat height of 19” & 42”x34” platform size
              • Give extra space for standing on easily and safely – The platform size of 42”x34”
              • Feel hot when leaning back on the backrest for too long – the fabric isn’t greatly breathable

              Most ladder stands are complicated and time-consuming to install, but if they come with great directions, they will be a big help. The X-Stand Treestand is a good example of that.

              To be honest, this is a heavy-duty ladder stand with bolts and washers that need to be sorted, not counting the fabricated piece.

              However, thanks to the instruction pictures that match all the bolts greatly and are detailed, two (even non-experienced) adults can easily have it fully assembled in around one hour.

              In reality, that's a much shorter interval compared to that of other counterparts.

              For example, the BIG GAME LS4860 in our list with a simpler structure but taking up to one and a half hours to finish assembling. Or the Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder Tree Stand - with a similar design - takes up to 3 hours.

              X-Stand Treestands Jayhawk Specifications

              Weight Capacity

              500 lbs.

              Stand Weight

              122 lbs.

              Stand Height


              Seat Size

              39" Wide x 17" Deep

              Platform Size

              42" Wide x 34" Deep

              Highlight Features

              straightforward and helpful instructions

              19” ultra-tall backrest

              expanded 42”x34” platform size

              If you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble two-man ladder stand, try the X-Stand Treestand.

              Budget Option: Rivers Edge RE649

              Rivers Edge RE649
              Rivers Edge RE649
              • Affordable - 40% to 90% cheaper than other models in the market
              • Sturdy and dependable – made in the US & approved by Treestand Manufacturers Association
              • Easy to carry around & transport – the weight of 63 pounds
              • The single bar backrest is uncomfortable

              Compared to other Rivers Edge’s series as well as other counterparts in the market, it is 40% to 90% cheaper. But that does not mean the product is inferior in quality!

              It is 100% made and tested in the United States to meet all the industry standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacturers Association.

              The high-grade steel structure allows it to bear the max weight of 500 pounds. The seamless seat and platform design is spacious enough for two hunters or a solo who want extra elbow room.

              Although there is no fabric or mesh backrest, it strikes back with a large platform and an ergonomic mesh seat to bring moderate comfort to the user.

              Rivers Edge RE649 Specifications

              Weight Capacity

              500 lbs.

              Stand Weight

              63 lbs.

              Stand Height


              Seat Size

              38" x 12"

              Platform Size

              36" x 12. 5"

              Highlight Features

              made in the US & approved by Treestand Manufacturers Association

              the weight of 63 pounds

              If budget is one of your biggest concerns when considering a new two-man ladder stand, then we highly recommend buying the Rivers Edge RE649.

              Comfortable: Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder

              Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder
              Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder
              • Extremely comfortable – ultra-large seating area, wider backrest, & breathable lining
              • Easy to stand up - flip-up seat design
              • A bit pricey
              • The mesh lining makes noise

              As stated above, the design of this ladder stand is quite similar to the X-Stand above, consisting of an ultra-wide platform area and high backrest. But our team decided to pick this as the most comfortable model for two good reasons.

              First off, the seat and the backrest are designed seamlessly for an extra resting room and are less complex during installation.

              Secondly, the liner fabric is ultra-breathable tear-resistant mesh - not fabric like most other models - so that it doesn’t make you sweat if used during summer months.

              To test its comfort, we sat on this ladder stand for constant 6-7 hours and in various weather conditions throughout the year. The mesh lining did a great job in supporting our butts to not feel numbed or hot during that interval. Besides, it quickly dried out after the rains.

              Another big bonus is the flip-up seat design for the extra standing area when in need.

              Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder Specifications

              Weight Capacity

              300 lbs.

              Stand Weight

              96 lbs.

              Stand Height


              Seat Size

              15.8" x 24"

              Platform Size

              32.5” x 25”

              Highlight Features

              ultra-large seating area, wider backrest, & breathable lining

              flip-up seat design

              The Rivers Edge Lockdown Wide Man Ladder distinguishes itself with the seamless seat and backrest plus well-ventilated mesh lining. That’s why it persuasively becomes the most comfortable model.

              Stable: Rivers Edge RE665

              Rivers Edge RE665
              Rivers Edge RE665
              • Very stable – reinforced platform & square-shape tube
              • Durable – made of high-grade steel material with powder coating
              • Wish there were some nylon washer for the bolts to reduce noise

              When it comes to the most stable two-man ladder stand, our solid pick is the Rivers Edge RE665.

              Its full-metal construction can withstand a 500-pound load as maximum with no issues. The footrest design, meanwhile, is added with one more horizontal metal bar so that you'll feel more stable when standing on it.

              The square-shaped tube is another worth praising, as it brings extra stability and strength compared to the round-shape one.

              Rivers Edge RE665 Specifications

              Weight Capacity

              500 lbs.

              Stand Weight

              77 Pounds

              Stand Height


              Platform Size

              40" wide

              Highlight Features

              reinforced platform

              square-shape tube

              Check out the Rivers Edge RE665 if you're in search of the most stable two-man ladder stand for your next hunting trip.

              Sturdy: Muddy MLS2251

              Muddy MLS2251
              Muddy MLS2251
              • Sturdy - heavy-duty construction
              • Prevent slippage when you’re climbing up with the stand - innovative Muddy tree-lok system
              • Reliable - two TMA-Certified full-body harnesses and many other accessories
              • Heavy

              The Muddy MLS2251 has a lot of good features but the most notable is its heavy-duty construction with the innovative Muddy tree-lok system, which upgrades the stand's sturdiness to the extreme.

              You're worried-free when climbing up with this stand as it prevents sliding and slipping effectively.

              It also gives you an adjustable support bar, two stabilizer straps, two premium ratchet straps, and two TMA-Certified full-body harnesses.

              Last but not least, its maximum load weight is 500 pounds.

              Muddy MLS2251 Specifications

              Weight Capacity

              500 lbs.

              Stand Weight

              101 lbs.

              Stand Height


              Seat Size

              24” wide by 17” deep by 27” tall

              Platform Size

              50” wide by 17” deep

              Highlight Features

              heavy-duty construction

              innovative Muddy tree-lok system

              two TMA-Certified full-body harnesses

              We highly recommend the Muddy MLS2251 for those seeking the sturdiest two-man ladder stand.

              How To Choose The Best Two-Man Ladder Stand?

              The best two-man ladder stands should afford four key requirements:

              • Strength (to handle your weight and gear)
              • Safety
              • Comfort
              • Help you with your hunting game

              So, when looking for the right one, you should consider these features:

              Weight Capacity

              If you plan on sharing a two-man ladder stand with another partner, sum up the weight of you two and all the gear you guys intend to carry along. If you intend to use it alone to get extra space for resting and storing, sum up your weight and all of your gear.

              Next, find ladder stands with matching weight capacity.

              We usually choose a ladder stand with a weight capacity that is 20-50 pounds more than our weight just in case.


              Safety harness

              Although wearing a safety harness is a bit inconvenient during movement, it enhances your safety when you’re up on the tree stand.

              Shooting rail

              While this part is an ideal holder for your gun to make more accurate shots, it can be a reliable handrail when you’re standing, which is safer.

              Double footrests

              Some ladder stands feature a raised footrest for extra comfort. But this additional feature makes hunters feel safer as well.



              You’ll sit for hours on the ladder stand, therefore, the seat’s size, shape, and padding affect mostly your comfort.

              Make sure its dimensions (width, length, and depth) match your body size. The shape should ergonomically contour to your butts, legs, and back.

              The padding is optional. Some ladder stands feature their seat with thick, supportive padding for a couch-like feeling while others use mesh lining for their seat. Consider your preference and the weather condition to choose yours!

              Besides, make sure the backrest is high and wide enough for you to lean back comfortably. The taller you are, the higher the backrest should be.


              The area of the platform should be equivalent to your body size and boot size

              That means if you’re a tall-and-heavy hunter wearing large boots, choose a ladder stand with an ultra-large platform.

              Other features

              • Adjustable, removable padding on the shooting rail and armrests.
              • Extra accessories, like water bottle holders and bow/gun holders.


              Adjustable shooting rail

              For bowhunters, ladder stands featuring a flip-up shooting rail is a big bonus because it provides them with extra stances to make bow draw more comfortably and precisely.

              Noise-free design

              Some animals, such as deer, have sensitive ears that allow them to hear noise from 10’ away. And, a good two-man ladder stand should not make squeaky noise during installation and when you’re climbing or moving around on it.

              Make sure the materials of this stand are noise-free and there should be special pads between bolts to eliminate noise caused by metal-on-metal contact.

              All the joints must be welded carefully.

              Height of ladder stand

              A good ladder stand should give you a great view of the surroundings as well as keep you out of sight of animals.

              The recommended height of ladder stands is between 15’ and 18’.


              Make sure you can get in/out of the tree stand easily.

              You should choose one with an easy-access ladder section and a decent-sized platform.

              Which Brands Make The Best Two-Man Ladder Stand?


              BIG GAME TREESTANDS is one of our most favorite brands through years of testing two-man ladder stands.

              In a low-tier market, their products surpass all of the strict requirements in durability, quality, safety, and especially are friendly to bowhunters.

              In this list, their ladder stand is ranked as the lightest yet quality model.


              X-Stand is known as a worldwide reputable manufacturer of the lightest and most innovative two-man ladder stands. One of their most well-known innovations is the Jaw system that makes the ladder stand’s setup and climbing a lot easier.

              They are awarded “Best Of The Best” by Field And Stream magazine.

              River Edge

              River Edge is a relatively long-standing manufacturer that we know.

              With over 20 years of expertise in producing tree stands and accessories, the brand knows how to distinguish its products from other competitors.

              In fact, their tree stands have led to numerous ground-breaking advancements in the tree stand industry.


              We love this brand for many good reasons!

              They own a lot of patents, a good example of which is OL’MAN’s patented ComforTech mesh seating system. All of their stands are always TMA certified for safety. Plus, they are easy to transport and offer great performance.

              A big bonus is OL’MAN’s helpful and instant customer support service.


              How long does it take to assemble a two-man ladder stand?

              Depending on the product’s structure, installation instructions, and the user’s assembling skills, it usually takes 1.5 to 3 hours for one person or two to assemble a two-man ladder stand.

              In what circumstance would a ladder stand be ideal?

              A ladder stand would be ideal:

              • In open country
              • For the edge of a field
              • For hunting whitetail deer
              • For bowhunting

              Do ladder stands spook deer?

              Compared to other types of stands, ladder stands are more open but hunting from a ladder stand will not spook deer if it is set up on the backside of the tree.

              Can a deer see me in a tree stand?

              Deer are known as an animal with a sensitive nose and ears, which means they can detect you from a distance through your scent or your sound when you're in the tree stand to run away.

              A trick to avoid that is to set up your tree stand downwind.

              Can you really find a quality two-man ladder stand that’s affordable?

              Yes, you can.

              As the industry of manufacturing tree stands has been increasingly developed, leading to lower manufacturing costs, you’ve got more and more chances to find a truly quality two-man ladder stand that’s affordable.

              A good example is the Rivers Edge RE649 in this list.

              How to put up a ladder stand?

              Here is a general guide on how to put up a ladder stand correctly and safely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBVvE4Nw4OU

              But note that some ladder stands have a unique construction, such as the X-Stand Treestands series. They feature a jaw system that can be set up on the ground without requiring you to climb up the tree.

              How tall is the average 2-man ladder stand?

              The average height ranges of two-man ladder stands are from 8’-21’.

              How hard is it for one person to set up a two-man ladder stand?

              When setting up a two-man ladder stand on your own, there might be some certain difficulties you will face, mainly from the item’s heavyweight and cumbersome dimensions.

              Vague assembly instructions are another reason that makes the stand’s installation more difficult, especially if you are non-experienced.

              Besides, it is riskier for one to install a two-man ladder stand-alone because nobody’s there to help if you, unfortunately, fall off the ground.

              What should you carry with you in a stand?

              You should carry batteries, extra bulbs, and a flashlight with you in a stand so that in low-light conditions, you can have some reliable light sources to remain in your sight and safety.


              We tested the range of quality that is available for these two-man ladder stands to make sure that our readers will receive what they pay for.

              Hopefully, the included buying guide and FAQs section helped you more in your decision-making to get the best two-man ladder stand. We’d like to hear from you more so please share your thoughts, feedback, and comments with us.

              Thanks a lot for reading!

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