Best Camping Cookware For Open Fire Of 2021: Top 5 Picks

Last update: 2021-05-17

If you are a lover of the outdoor camping activity, you might know that the best camping cookware is the most essential and important gear. It helps you prepare your meals, boil water, and make foods with other cooking methods.

Here are the best camping cookware for open fire (May 2021 Update):

  • Best Overall: Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit
  • Best For Searing Steak: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker
  • Best For Simmering: OutKeeper Camping Cookware set
  • Most Durable: KingCamp Camping Cookware Mess Kit
  • Best For Large Groups: Texsport Traiblazer Black Ice
5 Best Camping Cookware For Open Fire
Best Overall
Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit
    Best For Searing Steak
    Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker
      Best For Simmering
      OutKeeper Camping Cookware set
        Most Durable
        KingCamp Camping Cookware Mess Kit
          Best For Large Groups
          Texsport Traiblazer Black Ice

            Best Overall: Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit

            Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit
            Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit
            • Durable
            • Lightweight
            • Easy to clean, pack and use
            • The folding handles can swing back accidentally while they are on fire.

            This kit includes all essential accessories to serve a small traveling group of some people.

            First of all, the frying pan will help you cook your foods in different cooking methods such as frying, searing, and baking.

            If you are looking for a 1.5-2 liters pot to serve 2-3 people, here is it. Moreover, this pot can function as a bowl.

            Although there are many limitations when cooking outside, you don't have to boil water on the pan or pot. This kit includes a kettle and 2 insulated cups, which won't burn your hand when enjoying something hot.

            Besides, you also have a folding spoon, fork, knife, and carabiner. Mostly, though this kit has a lot of small things, its carrying bag helps you store everything compactly to bring everywhere.

            The kit has many safety features. For example, the insulated plastic handles will protect your fingers and hands from the heat. Meanwhile, the anti-slip design helps you hold the cookware in your hands tightly.

            Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit Specifications


            2.07 Pounds

            No of Pieces



            Pot: high-quality aluminum alloy; Cup: stainless steel;

            Highlight Features

            Heat-Resistant Handles, a non-stick Teflon coating

            Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit provides enough essential accessories to cook meals for a small group of travelers.

            Best For Searing Steak: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker

            Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker
            Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker
            • Easy to use and clean
            • Simple to maintain
            • Heavy

            You should know that cast iron is the best material for searing teaks because it is naturally non-stick and retains heat effectively. Compared to stainless steel, this material provides you with better searing ability.

            Thus, you should choose Lodge Pre-seasoned cast iron combo cooker.

            Moreover, the 10.25-Inch Shallow Skillet fits an average-sized steak perfectly. If you sear a small steak on a giant pan, the burned steak juices will quickly cover the uncovered areas.

            Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker Specifications


            13.2 pounds

            No of Pieces



            Cast Iron

            Highlight Features

            Foundry seasoned, 10.25-Inch Shallow Skillet

            Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker is designed for those who love searing steak because it can sear better than other materials.

            Best For Simmering: OutKeeper Camping Cookware set

            OutKeeper Camping Cookware set
            OutKeeper Camping Cookware set
            • Easy to clean
            • Lightweight
            • Not popular

            Before going deeper into this product, you need to know about simmering. Why does Outkeeper camping cookware set work best for simmering?

            Simmering means that you will cook something with liquid under the boiling temperature. This cooking method requires you to cook for a long time to contact heat directly. That's the reason why you should consider something durable like OutKeeper. However, this material can absorb heat quickly and evenly for the best performance.

            OutKeeper Camping Cookware set Specifications


            6.68 Pounds

            No of Pieces



            Stainless Steel

            Highlight Features

            Multi-Purpose Handle, organizer cook kit

            OutKeeper Camping Cookware set suits foods that require a long cooking time like simmering.

            Most Durable: KingCamp Camping Cookware Mess Kit

            KingCamp Camping Cookware Mess Kit
            KingCamp Camping Cookware Mess Kit
            • Easy to clean
            • Heat-resistant
            • Lightweight
            • Portable
            • Thin

            The camping cookware is not a cheap investment, so do you want to buy a new set just after a short time of use? No is the answer of all, right? If so, you should invest in a durable model like KingCamp that is made from aluminum.

            This material is a corrosion-resistant metal, generating a protective coating. So it can still retain the top condition even in an oxidizing environment.

            KingCamp Camping Cookware Mess Kit Specifications


            3.39 lbs

            No of Pieces



            Non-toxic hard-anaodized aluminum,

            Highlight Features

            Heat-resistant handles, Collapsible bundle design

            KingCamp Camping Cookware Mess Kit can last very long, even when you use it on a regular basis.

            Best For Large Groups: Texsport Traiblazer Black Ice

            Texsport Traiblazer Black Ice
            Texsport Traiblazer Black Ice
            • Easy to clean
            • Durable
            • Ultra-lightweight
            • Not suitable for the solo camper
            • Impossible to lock the handles

            For a large group of campers, never choose a small cookware kit. Or you will have to cook many times to serve all of them. Now, please take a look at the Texport Trailblazer:

            All accessories of this kit are large enough to cook for many people at the same time. Specifically, there is an 8-1/2” fry pan and 2 cook pots (one: 2-1/2 qt. and another: 3-1/2 qt).

            Is this cookware kit bulky?

            No. After folding, it becomes a compact shape in the carry bag. Therefore, you can easily carry this 4-lbs cookware everywhere.

            Texsport Traiblazer Black Ice Specifications


            less than 4 Lbs

            No of Pieces




            Highlight Features

            insulated handles, Triple coat Quantum2 non-stick interior surface

            Texsport Traiblazer Black Ice is large cookware that helps you serve many people at the same time.

            How To Choose The Best Camping Cookware For Open Fire?

            It's not easy to choose the best camping cookware for open fire without answering the following questions:

            Is Your Camping Activity A Backpacking Trip Or A Group-traveling Trip?

            In case you camp by yourself, it's better to choose small and compact-sized camping cookware as long as it can fit inside your backpack. You won't want to pack a bulky model in your back, which stores a wide range of other essential camping gears.

            However, if you camp with a group, including many members, you can consider larger cookware. It's because you need to serve many people, and the storage space isn't a big problem. You can store it in your car quickly and conveniently.

            How Many Cookware Do You Need? And How Big Should They Be?

            These aspects are relevant to your storage space. In the event of a camping backpacker, a one-pint pot is significant enough to cook a small meal, even boil water. On the contrary, a family or a group of many campers requires bigger pots and pans. But, pay attention not to let the number of appliances and size exceed your storage space.

            Bonus tip:

            You had better pack your soft camping items such as clothes, supplies, and tents in advance. Then, you will have clear storage space for your hard cooking gear.

            Is Your Camping Cookware Heavy Or Lightweight?

            The ideal solution is to choose the lightest cookware that won't add much weight to your backpack. However, most of the high-quality models available on the market are pretty heavy, so be careful with this feature while shopping.

            Is Your Cookware Versatile?

            Good cookware should be versatile, which means it helps you perform different cooking tasks on a camping adventure.

            Below are examples:

            • Some of the cookware's lids can function as plates.
            • You can use others as frying pans and strainers.

            These smart and versatile designs help you save a lot of storage space. Is it an excellent choice for backpackers?

            What Is Your Camping Cookware Made From?

            The camping cookware is made from many different materials, resulting in various features.

            Therefore, What Are Your Priorities?

            Select a material that can meet your requirements. Below are the detailed information and features of cookware materials:


            This material is very lightweight and affordable, so it won't severely affect your budget and backpack. Moreover, it conducts heat very well, which helps you prepare meals faster.

            However, this is not a perfect product. The aluminum cookware is pretty delicate, so it tends to wear and tear quickly. You can recognize this thing through the following signs: scratches, warps, and dents. In a more severe case, it will react with acidic foods, leading to a metallic taste.

            Hard Anodized Aluminum

            Although the hard-anodized aluminum is more slightly expensive than the raw aluminum, you will get what you pay for. Though this material is lightweight, it brings a tough and durable feeling. The hard-anodized aluminum won't react to any food ingredients. In particular, the capacity to conduct heat uniformly can help you make elaborate meals from scratch effectively.

            Stainless Steel

            Here is another sturdy and reasonable material. It's ideal for cooking rough and tedious meals, but nothing is perfect.

            Stainless steel cookware is quite heavy; mostly, it won't conduct heat and aluminum material.


            Titanium camping cookware is a popular choice for backpackers because it's lightweight, bringing it everywhere quickly. Apart from this outstanding feature, let me show you why this is the most expensive model, among others:

            Although this cookware seems thin and extremely lightweight, it is super durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant.

            Its only drawback is that it won't distribute heat evenly, so there will be some scorching heat spots when your cookware reaches the high temperatures.

            Cast iron

            The cast-iron cookware is good in most aspects, but I won't strongly recommend this item for backpackers.


            It is very heavy.

            It is more suitable for campers.

            Non-stick coating

            You can consider nonstick-coating cookware for irregular uses since this is less durable, even it is scratched more straightforwardly.

            What's The Best Part?

            Your food won't stick on the non-stick surface. Mainly, it takes less effort on your part to clean, and it consumes less oil while cooking.

            Which Type Of Coating Is Better?

            There are 2 types of coatings: Teflon coating and ceramic non-stick coating. The former allows you to clean quickly. However, if you let your cookware gets scratched, it will break down in a short time. Meanwhile, you must spend more money buying another one, but its durability level is really high.

            How To Pick Your Pots And Pans Safely?

            The safest way is to use grippers. Thus, when choosing camping cookware, it's better to invest in a product with this accessory. The majority of cookware sets are packed grippers.

            Which Brands Make The Best Camping Cookware For Open Fire?


            Since 1896, Lodge has produced heirloom-quality cookware and accessories. Thanks to 120 years of experience, each Lodge product reaches a high level of versatility and durability.


            King Camp has focused on producing good-quality products based on human interaction.


            Texsport specializes in producing and providing outdoor recreational equipment.


            What material is the best for cooking on an open fire?

            Cast iron

            Is it better to get a complete cooking set or just a few pieces?

            This depends on how many people you need to serve. If you are a solo traveler, a few pieces are too enough to help you cook nutritious meals, even boiling water. However, a large group of campers might require a complete cooking set.

            What can you cook on an open fire?

            You can cook many things on an open fire, but I just recommend some popular recipes in this part:

            Blueberry Orange Muffins

            Specifically, you will bake blueberry muffins inside hollow orange peels.

            Before starting, you need to cut all your oranges in half. After that, you can discard or scoop the flesh out and eat it. The next step is to fill one half of an orange peel with your prepared blueberry muffin mix. Put another half on the top, then use tin foil for wrapping the whole orange. It's better to wrap an extra layer of tin foil around the outside.

            After setting your wrapped oranges on a grate over hot coals, don't forget to turn them regularly for an evenly-baked muffin. Wait for 8-10 minutes; you can unwrap your oranges and enjoy them.

            Hot Dogs

            Hot dogs are very delicious, but wrapped hot dogs will be tastier. I recommend you a wonderful recipe - the bacon-wrapped hot dog.


            Prepare a refrigerated crescent roll dough, cut it into strips and wrap these strips around roasting sticks.

            Roast them over the fire slowly until you get well-cooked results without burning it. This way is sufficient enough to get a great taste. But, if you need more tasty bread, let you cover them with sugar, cinnamon, or butter. Or it's okay to enjoy with jam or Nutella.


            This is a simple recipe because you have to wrap your bacon around a roasting stick. After that, you can roast it over hot coals slowly. Waiting until you reach the desired crispiness level, let your bacon cool in minutes and enjoy.


            This seems strange, but it's so wonderful to enjoy fire-roasted fruit in summer.

            The fire heat makes the sugars caramelize on the fruit outside; it is incredible to enjoy these treats. You can try this cooking method with these fruits: peaches, pineapple, apple, and banana. It's okay to eat them straight, but I strongly recommend you enjoying with vanilla ice cream.


            Kebabs is to roast chunks of meat and veggies on an open fire. This dish will be more mouthwatering when marinating the meat before roasting.

            You have two options with these recipes: messing up kebabs and using separate sticks for veggies and meat. The later is more straightforward to cook your food evenly.

            Grilled Cheese

            It's okay to cook this dish on a square cast or roasting sticks but pay attention not to drop your grilled cheese in the fire.


            You can roast a golden-brown marshmallow over an open fire.

            Corn On The Cob

            To roast corn on the cob, you need to remove the silks and husks then rinse it off. While it is still wet, wrap your corn with a few layers of tin foil. Then, put it on the open fire for five minutes; flip and keep cooking more five minutes. After unwrapping, let you top with salt and butter to enjoy it.


            First of all, you have to scrub all your potatoes clean and use a fork to poke them a few times. Wrap each of them in 2 layers of tin foil, then put your wrapped potatoes over the open fire. Flip your potatoes every ten minutes until you get tasty potatoes.

            Can you put stainless steel on an open fire?

            Even though there is available stainless steel cookware on the market, don't put them in a direct fire.

            How do you roast over an open fire?

            Build a fire in a safe area. The fire should be on one side of your fire pit or bowl so that you can use another side for moving hot coals.

            Put a camp grill over the open fire directly.

            Apply the right cooking methods and use the proper cooking equipment for the kinds of food you cook.

            Don't use plastic items in an open fire because the plastic material will melt.


            The best camping cookware for open fire is handy for outdoor activities, but you have to choose one that fits your demands. For example, you only should pick up a few pieces for a solo trip and a full kit for a large group of people.

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            Bryan Listor

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