6 Best Large Coolers With Wheels of 2023

By Bryan ListorLast update: 2023-07-23

If you have camping, fishing trip, or a sports activity with many people, you will need a large cooler. And a model with wheels will help you transport a massive load of food and drink easier and more conveniently.

Here are the best large coolers with wheels (Dec 2023 Update):

  • Best Overall: Coleman 60-quart wheeled cooler
  • Best For Camping: Coleman heavy-duty cooler
  • Best For Extended Trips: YETI Tundra Haul Portable wheeled cooler
  • Best For Big Families: Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro
  • Best For Hiking: Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer with wheels
  • Best For Short Trips: GiNT Rolling Cooler
6 Best Large Coolers With Wheels
Best Overall
Coleman 60-quart wheeled cooler
    Best For Camping
    Coleman heavy-duty cooler
      Best For Extended Trips
      YETI Tundra Haul Portable wheeled cooler
        Best For Big Families
        Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro
          Best For Hiking
          Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer with wheels
            Best For Short Trips
            GiNT Rolling Cooler

              Best Overall: Coleman 60-quart wheeled cooler

              Coleman 60-quart wheeled cooler
              Coleman 60-quart wheeled cooler
              • Easy to clean
              • Lightweight
              • Affordable
              • Not too sturdy

              Are you looking for the best large cooler with wheels?

              As you expected, this model’s storage capacity allows you to keep 94 cans cold up to 4 days at 90 °F. It is large enough to serve a big party or a camping trip.

              The Coleman is designed with the heavy-duty wheels and long telescoping handle to deal with this significant load. Therefore, it takes less effort on your part to roll this unit on even terrain.

              The telescoping handle locked into an extended position gives you free pushing and pulling movements. Besides, there are extra molded handles that let you lift the unit more comfortable and quicker.

              Plus, this model has other convenient features such as the heave-a-seat lid and the cup holders.

              Coleman 60-quart wheeled cooler Specifications


              9.4 x 7.04 x 6.89 inches; 0.28 Ounces


              60 Quarts

              Ice Retention Duration

              4 days

              Highlight Features

              the heavy-duty wheels and long, telescoping handle, the Have-A-Seat lid, the cup holders

              Coleman is an excellent large cooler with wheels; especially, it comes with other convenient features.

              Best For Camping: Coleman heavy-duty cooler

              Coleman heavy-duty cooler
              Coleman heavy-duty cooler
              • Leak-resistant
              • Easy to pull and lift
              • Rustproof
              • Very heavy when full

              Camping activity usually requires you to stay overnight outside, so please forget the coolers that just can keep your content cold in a few hours. The Coleman heavy-duty cooler can perfectly serve for your long camping trip. Because the unit's lid and walls are added an extra layer of insulation, it can keep your food and drink cold at 90°F in 5 days.

              Typically, people will camp in natural areas where have a lot of trees are challenging areas. However, you can rest assured that this model's heavy-duty wheels can help you transport a 100-Quart cooler filled with content straightforwardly and quickly.

              Coleman heavy-duty cooler Specifications


              36.5 x 16.75 x 17.19 inches; 3.2 Ounces


              100 Quarts

              Ice Retention Duration

              5 days

              Highlight Features

              an insulated lid, extra insulation in walls, Heavy-Duty Wheels, molded cup holders, Have-a-Seat Lid, Leak-resistant channel drain, Large tow handle, 2-way side handles

              This cooler can keep your content cold very long.

              Best For Extended Trips: YETI Tundra Haul Portable wheeled cooler

              YETI Tundra Haul Portable wheeled cooler
              YETI Tundra Haul Portable wheeled cooler
              • Works well on shallow sand
              • Transports easily
              • Heavy when full

              An extended trip requires a large amount of food and drink. Thus, it would help if you had a big cooler with excellent insulation. The YETI Tundra Haul is what you are looking for. It features the permafrost insulation, which has polyurethane foam in all walls and lid. So, you can keep your items inside cold for a long time.

              On a long trip, your cooler will have to withstand many environmental features, so you should consider a model with durable construction. This model is armored to the core, so it's very hard without being broken. Although the never-flat wheels are pretty compact, they have a solid tire construction, leading to a significant impact- and puncture-resistance.

              YETI Tundra Haul Portable wheeled cooler Specifications


              Outside: 28 1/4'' x 19 1/2'' x 18 5/8''

              Inside: 19'' x 13 5/8'' x 11 1/4''


              55 quarts

              Highlight Features

              A solid, single-piece tire construction, A durable welded aluminum arm, comfortable grips, heel-friendly towing, Rotomolded Construction, Pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam

              This YETI cooler can work well for long trips.

              Best For Big Families: Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro

              Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro
              Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro
              • Easy to transport
              • Affordable
              • Lightweight
              • Solid
              • Not too durable

              If you need to offer food and drink for big families, you should invest in a cooler with a massive storage capacity.

              As you know, the 100 qt cooler is the giant model among 5 different sizes: personal, small, medium, large, and huge. However, you are considering the Igloo chest wheeled cooler that has 110 Quarts. Have you imagined how big it is?

              Igloo 110 Qt Glide Pro Specifications


              37 x 20 x 18 inches; 26.45 Pounds


              110 quarts

              Ice Retention Duration

              5 days

              Highlight Features

              UV inhibitors and infrared technology, Thick Ultratherm foam, Horizontal telescoping handle, Soft-ride wheels, Cushion grip handle

              If you need to serve a big party or a large group of people, this is a suitable choice.

              Best For Hiking: Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer with wheels

              Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer with wheels
              Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer with wheels
              • Portable
              • Spacious
              • It doesn't work well if you don't put the already cold things inside.

              Hiking is a long-distance walking activity, so you should choose a cooler that allows you to keep your items cold for a long time. The thermoelectric technology can provide you with strong power to cool even perishables.

              If you want to enjoy hot food on your hiking trip, this model can keep your content hot at 130F. Usually, it's straightforward for a cooler to use on a hiking trip to be dirty because there are many environmental elements on the trail and path. However, it takes less effort on your part to clean this unit. What you have to do is to wipe down dirt and dust by using an item of clothing.

              You don’t have to need to worry about uneven terrains on the trails because the smooth-rolling wheels can help you transport this heavy model straightforwardly.

              Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer with wheels Specifications


              15.4” x 22.1” x 16.4” (39.1 x 56.1 x 41.6 cm)


              48 quarts

              Highlight Features

              Powerful Thermoelectric Technology, Food Trays, Dishes, To-Go Containers, Smooth-Rolling Wheels, Ergonomic Grips

              This cooler suits to use in areas exposed with many environmental features.

              Best For Short Trips: GiNT Rolling Cooler

              GiNT Rolling Cooler
              GiNT Rolling Cooler
              • Safe
              • Durable
              • Easy to clean and transport
              • Heavy

              If you just prepare food and drink for a short trip, there is no need to invest in an expensive cooler with excellent insulation. In place of wasting your money, why don't you buy this inexpensive model? It allows you to store your content inside for 36 hours at 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

              Although this is a cheap product, it still has many product highlights. Below are some of them:

              • You can use the hidden tray as a small table.
              • The tie-down loops allow you to haul your clothes or umbrellas on the cover of the cooler.
              • What food do you want to keep them cold and dry? Simply, put all of them on a food basket.
              GiNT Rolling Cooler Specifications


              24.5 x 18.2 x 17.7 inches


              53 quarts

              Ice Retention Duration

              3 - 7 days

              Highlight Features

              BAP-FREE PP interior, two durable tie-down loops, extensile handle, Removable cover

              This cheap model comes with several convenient features.

              How To Choose The Best Large Cooler With Wheels?

              Which Wheel Type Does A Large Cooler Require?

              Are you looking for a large cooler?

              Make sure that its wheels are also large and durable enough to deal with a heavy model with many foods and drink inside. These wheels' dimensions tell you which terrain it can move on smoothly and easily.

              The bigger the wheel size is, the more challenging and harder terrains the unit can handle.

              How Many Wheels Do You Need?

              Although most coolers available on the market come with 2 wheels, there are still coolers with 4 wheels.

              While the 2-wheel coolers work well on a long terrain, the 4-wheel models are designed for moving on flat to medium sloped surfaces.

              In the event of a cooler with 4 wheels, it should have a braking mechanism that can keep your cooler in place without rolling.

              What Is The Ideal Height Of The Handle?

              If you choose a cooler with a rope handle, this might not be a perfect solution for extended distances. In case you want to have a comfortable wheeling experience, pay attention to a suitable height.

              For example, a tall person who uses an average machine can have a neck and shoulder pain.

              How Many Food And Drink Will You Store In A Cooler?

              If you want to purchase a large cooler, it means that you have a lot of things to keep in, right?

              A large storage capacity allows you to serve a big family.

              Pay attention that an insulated 50-qt cooler can't give you entire 50 quarts of storage.

              In case you have both cold and non-chilled items, you should consider soft-sided coolers, which have individual compartments for both kinds of these foods. However, if you just want to keep all of your items cold, you should choose a cooler to take advantage of its full capacity.

              How Big Cooler Do You Need?

              I know that you are looking for a big cooler, but this size will take up a lot of room. Therefore, ensure that you have enough space in the back of your car or the garden to store when not in use. It's complicated to transport a too big cooler. I strongly recommend using a soft-sided cooler because it's malleable. This type allows you to store it in different spaces, especially the storage is easier than when empty.

              When it comes to hard-sided coolers, the size and shape won't change whether they are in use or not

              What Is The Best Material For A Cooler?

              The plastic material is pretty standard. But, if you want to buy an extremely durable cooler, you should invest in one with the rotomolded construction instead of many single plastic pieces molded together. This construction doesn't come with weak points, so it results in a sturdy and super-strong model. Besides, the plastic material also has other benefits such as tough, waterproof, lightweight features, and good insulation.

              The second material is fabric, which is common in soft-sided coolers.

              The different fabrics will give different strength levels, but this material can't reach the level that the rotomolded plastic cooler can create. Thus, if your top priority is durability, this shouldn't be your choice.

              Moreover, the fabric material isn't waterproof, so you can't use it in the wet weather. Or it's not ideal to use on the beach because the water can seep through to the inside to get wet your food and drink.

              Which Type Of Cooler Insulation Works Best For You?

              There are two main types of cooler insulation: polystyrene and foam.


              The polystyrene that is a kind of cheap plastic, is pretty lightweight, poor to transfer heat, and durable. If you want to have good insulation, you should choose a model with thick walls of polystyrene.


              The foam is standard insulation of the soft-sided coolers. This foam lining is useful if you just need to keep your food and drink cold in a few hours. The best foam cooler can't work well more day one day. In sum, it is not as effective as polystyrene. A thick layer of foam can last a period longer.

              How do seals play an essential role in keeping your items cool?

              The best insulation is useless if your model doesn’t come with a tight seal. Thus, you have to consider high-quality latches. Some designs have freezer-grade latches, which can hold your content from the warm air outside. Therefore, this type of latch allows you to keep your items more than a week maximum.

              If you don't plan to regularly use your cooler, it's okay to pick up a cheap model. For regular use, you should invest in a better-quality cooler. In case you have a better budget, you can purchase higher-end models with the top-of-the-line features.

              Which Brands Make The Best Large Cooler With Wheels?


              Coleman has more than 120 years of experience in manufacturing different products. The Coleman has started producing the first coolers in the 1950s. In the next decades, they have expanded manufacturing more product lines such as lighting, sleeping bags, and tents.


              YETI was founded in 2006. Its main product line is high-quality coolers, but it has expanded into other outdoor product categories.

              This manufacturer has continuously innovated its products by applying its firsthand experience in this field. Thus, they can design the super durable and portable soft coolers, insulated drinkware, dog bowls and beds, waterproof and everyday backpacks, and bags.


              Igloo was established in 1947, with the original goal is to produce high-quality products. Nowadays, Igloo still works hard every single day to innovate and develop better products.


              GiNT has a strong passion for insulated containers, so that it can provide its customers with high-quality products.


              Is Ozark Trail cooler as good as Yeti?

              Although the Ozark Trail cooler is good for the price, it is about half the Yeti model's price. So, you can’t expect that it is as good as Yeti. The Ozark Trail cooler can't keep the ice cold as long as another. In particular, it has some common problems like warping under the sunlight. Despite some shortcomings, the Ozark Trail cooler is a perfect choice for your budget.

              How do you insulate a cooler better?

              Line your cooler with a layer of reflectix that is an aluminized bubble wrap. This is very useful if you open and close your cooler regularly because it can add extra heat retention.

              It takes longer to melt bigger ice, so your task is to make large ice blocks.

              Here is an effective way:

              Let you fill balloons with water then freeze them. After that, you put these balloons around what you need to keep cold and done.

              If you don't like the iced water balloons, you can create an ice block to place in the cooler's middle. Remember to put this ice block in an airtight plastic container before storing it.

              How big is a 100 qt cooler?

              The 100 qt cooler is the biggest one with giant storage volume among 5 categories (personal, small, medium, large and huge).

              What can this giant-sized cooler store?

              • The content for a big party
              • The supplies for a hunting or fishing trip in a week
              • The camping food and drink for a big family for an extended weekend
              • All essential gear for a ground people of a road trip

              How many cans does a 16 qt cooler hold?

              22 cans

              What cooler size do I need?

              The cooler size that you choose should depend on your intended use. How many people do you need to serve? And how long do you want to keep your items cool?

              For example, a small soft-sided cooler or a hard shell model works well for a short trip. However, if you have a longer trip, you need to invest in something larger.


              The best large cooler with wheels allows you to carry a large amount of content to serve a big party with many people. In particular, the large and durable wheels can put up with this heavy load. And you can transport all of the products above without putting much effort on your part.

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