6 Lightweight Folding Bikes of 2023

Last update: 2022-10-16

Folding bikes offer a collapsable mechanism that allows the bike to squeeze to a more compact size. This interesting feature has become more popular among commuters and citizens who live a cycling lifestyle.

The best lightweight folding bike solves the problem of saving not only space, but also mobility when you travel on public transportation.

So, if you decide to switch to a foldable bike, I'd love to share my experience using a variety of this particular bike. And for a folding bike, I'll focus on how they're going to take the mass off your carry.

With years using the kind of bike and inspecting them inside out, I hope the information will help you pick out the very right folding bike for yourself.

Here are the best lightweight folding bikes (Feb 2023 Update):

  • Best Overall: Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike
  • Best For Short Adults: Goplus 20-inch Folding Bike
  • Best For Recreational Use: Xspec 20-inch 7 Speed City Folding Compact Bike
  • Best For Tall People: ZiZZO EuroMini Ferro 20-inch 29 lbs Light Weight Folding Bike
  • Best For Exercising: IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike
  • Best For Commuters: Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike
Top 6 Lightweight Folding Bikes
Best Overall
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike
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    Best For Short Adults
    Goplus 20-inch Folding Bike
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      Best For Recreational Use
      Xspec 20-inch 7 Speed City Folding Compact Bike
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        Best For Tall People
        ZiZZO EuroMini Ferro 20-inch 29 lbs Light Weight Folding Bike
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          Best For Exercising
          IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike
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            Best For Commuters
            Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike
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              Best Overall: Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

              Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike
              Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike
              • Solidly built
              • Double lock on the frame fold
              • Come with rear rack
              • Durable steel hinge
              • Squeaking hinge point
              • Hard seat

              Bought this good-looking bike for my son when he entered high school. I also had some time experiencing it on my own.

              Now, this thing has 7 speeds using Shimano rear derailleur and shifters. I typically like to take off in third as the first gear is desperately slow. It runs on 20-inch wheels that will take you up the hill with ease.

              I was pretty surprised at how sturdy the frame is. Speaking of the gear, it has protectors on each side and the Shimano gear. That means if the bike falls, it won't hurt the fenders.

              One thing I can tell for sure is the seat is a bit hard and small. It looks more like a racer seat than it does a leisure cruiser. So, warning it may cause you pain when breaking in. I recommend placing a padding layer to add comfort.

              Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike Specifications


              33 pounds


              29.5” x 29” x 19”



              Highlight Features

              20-inch wheels suitable dow cruising and commuting

              Gear pant guard keeping the components off dirt and potential damage

              This is a basic 20-inch wheel folding bike with everything designed for the most enjoyable rides.

              Best For Short Adults: Goplus 20-inch Folding Bike

              • Adjustable seat and handle
              • V-style brake
              • Easy to assemble
              • Reinforced frame
              • The front fork is hard to undo
              • A little loose in the handlebar

              If your wife asks for a folding bike, don't think twice, get this one for her right away. I personally think this Goplus is a born-for-women folding bike with a fair height and sweet price.

              20-inch is just the right size of wheels for a folding bike. It doesn't add more bulk to the whole unit while keeping the ride as smooth as possible. The frame is reinforced to function with the Shimano 7-speed.

              It came pretty much ready to rock and roll aside from removing some packaging and putting air in the tires. For the saddle, you can adjust it to the height you want, for a short adult, or a 6-foot tall guy, like me. So, the ride was smooth; the gear changed perfectly. I found no glitch, but most importantly, I didn't feel like the bike is going to collapse.

              To test the durability of the bike, I went uphill, downhill, to the grass to see how the frame would act. But the whole unit held its own and did a good job.

              Goplus 20" Folding Bike Specifications


              32 pounds


              59”L x 22.5''W x 46''H



              Highlight Features

              Seat and handle can be adjusted to fit adult riders

              Responsive Shimano 7-speed rear deraileur

              Any petite who wants to own a folding bike can look to this GoPlus.

              Best For Recreational Use: Xspec 20

              • Rock-solid when unfolded
              • Easy to transport
              • Durable wheels
              • Fit riders from 5 to 6 feet tall
              • Durable wheels
                • Putting together is daunting
                • The folding switch is hard to unlatch
              • Putting together is daunting
              • The folding switch is hard to unlatch

              If you need something to bring to your outdoor trip, this compact bike will fit the need.

              The reason I picked this bike though it's slightly more expensive than most folding bikes I owned was the mudguards. I know they're not necessarily super fashionable but very protective when you run through puddles, especially when you're on vacation.

              Another thing that sold me was the luggage rack on the back. It allows me to bungee down things and take them with me to a trek. Or just simple cord down your lunch, water bottles, and little things for a nice trip off your campsite.

              Xspec 20" 7 Speed City Folding Compact Bike Specifications


              41 pounds

              Folded Dimensions

              29"L x 24"H x 13"



              Highlight Features

              Compact to fit a car trunk

              Easy to transport

              Shimano shifters responsive on rugged terrain and back seat for loading camping stuff

              This is really a bike you can bring on any trip to the wild as it can ride off urban streets just fine.

              Best For Tall People: ZiZZO EuroMini Ferro 20

              ZiZZO EuroMini Ferro 20
              ZiZZO EuroMini Ferro 20
              • Sleek design
              • Easy to put together
              • Affordable
              • Adjustable seat and handlebar
              • The saddle is hard
              • No mudguard

              It seems that tall dudes can manage to accommodate themselves on a bike. But it's not that simple because if a tall man rides a short bike, it'll get him sore fast before he knows it.

              This mid-price bicycle has a secure and simple unfolding mechanism. You can adjust the seat to the correct height. Better than that, the Adjustable HT Steel collars can be rotated to your most comfortable position.

              The Ferro makes use of patented G-Falcon Grip Shifter, controlling coated 7-speed cassette and chain. You can ride uphill with a breeze on this bike.

              I reckoned that this bike is lighter than most folding bikes I know. It weighs only 29 pounds, with seat post lowered, making it super easy to carry on the go.

              ZiZZO EuroMini Ferro 20" 29 lbs Light Weight Folding Bike Specifications


              29 pounds


              27"H x 31"L x 12.5”W



              Highlight Features

              Seat post and handle can be adjusted to your comfortable riding position

              Shimano Tourney 7-speeds Derailleur

              G-Falcon 7-Speed Grip Style Shifter

              Tall guys can have sufficient space for their legs to pedal with the fewest effort spent.

              Best For Exercising: IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike

              IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike
              IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike
              • Light to carry around
              • Sturdy frame
              • Arrived fully assembled
              • Attractive price
              • May plastic parts
              • A bit small for tall guys

              Exercising with a folding bike seems like a dubious idea for the bikes are mot made to support a regular biking lifestyle. But for those with fitness goals and leisure cruising at the same time, this IDS unYousual has things to offer.

              The bike is pretty compact when you fold it up. So, bringing it to public transportation has no problem. You can just ride as distant as possible and travel back on a bus.

              With 6-speed Shimano shifter and derailleur, you can set up the pedal pressure to put effort. Riding uphill is not a problem as well. With 20-inch wheels, you'll need to sweat more when taking a long ride. That'll lead you to work out your body to train endurance and some muscles.

              IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike Specifications


              39 pounds


              34” x 25” x 15”



              Highlight Features

              Lightweight and compact for easy transportation

              6 speed Shimano shifters

              You don't need to buy two bicycles because, with this folding bike, you can cruise and exercise in one same unit.

              Best For Commuters: Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

              Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike
              Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike
              • Simple to ride
              • Good weldings in the frame
              • Quickly collapse for carrying and storage
              • Super light
              • Hard seat
              • Not for climbing inclines

              This is a nice and budget-friendly bike for commuting daily that many cycling-lover prefer.

              Out of the box, you just need to raise the seat post, handle, unfold the pedals then get ready to go. Since it's a single-speed bike, riding doesn't involve any practice of using the gear. The crank is pretty big with many teeth in the sprocket, making it good for cruising.

              It runs on 20-inch rims, and the tires are more like for commuting. What's cool is it came to me pre-aired up, so I rode it right away.

              In the folding area, there are some mounting points for a bottle carrier. The handlebar is quite simple. It's just a T-bar with nothing on it. You will use the coaster brake to slow and stop the bike.

              Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike Specifications


              21.5 pounds

              Folded Dimensions

              12" x 32" x 25"



              Highlight Features

              Single-speed ideal for flat streets

              Lightweight and compact for transporting

              It's just a simple bike for you to ride to work, school, and places in town without much learning to steer.

              How To Choose The Lightweight Folding Bikes?

              Choosing a lightweight folding bike is not hard. But the key is you must know what factors to look at to avoid buying what does not fit you.

              I've gone from wrong to right. I'm going to tell you what criteria you should look at when buying a foldable bike.

              Frame Materials

              • Steel and aluminum are the most popular material used for folding bikes for their sturdiness and light mass.
              • Aluminum is more preferred for its elevating weight and resilience. Whereas steel is more durable but bulky. Recently, many companies lean forward titanium for its featherweight.
              • For those who have money to spend, carbon-framed bikes are the optimal choice for living a hard life loaded on and off public transportation.

              Folding Mechanism

              • Folding a bike will cost you some time to learn. So, make sure the process is easy for you and not so messy. The mechanism can come in a number of ways, but the most popular methods are widthways and lengthways.


              • It is the size that matters for storing and transporting. Using a folding bike, you mostly want to bring along to train or bus. That is why it's vital to pay attention to how compact the bike will squeeze to when it gets folded. A sizable bike also allows you to carry it around with less sweat.

              Gear And Accessories

              • For me, the Shimano shifters with 7 speeds are the standard for cruising. It allows easy pedal for even beginners. But it's ok if you go a bit lower for your needs.
              • Also, pay attention to the seat and handle. Those compartments should be adjustable so that you can find your most comfortable riding position.
              • Some folding bikes come with mudguards, which I think is a huge plus as you'll ride through puddles sometimes. Especially on a vacation when you don't have detergent to wash your clothes. So, tire protectors will keep street debris off you on the ride.
              • The back seat is also nice to have in case you need to load stuff for a short trip. Some models allow you to install a front basket and pouches. Just make sure they will be helpful for you.

              Which Brands Make The Lightweight Folding Bikes?


              • Being in the industry for a long long while, Schwinn knows best about bicycles. During those 125 years, the brand has rooted concepts of the biking lifestyle in each of their products. Folding bikes, though new, are in high priority of production with the best features inherit from their decent history.


              • ZiZZO is not just a brand; it's a company with cycling culture. ZiZZO aims to integrate their biking passion to the community by delivering the best folding bikes. They target to make bicycles more portable to be an easy part of a healthy lifestyle. Folding bikes from ZiZZO own designs and features yielded from 50 years of biking of folks in the foundation team. No doubt, their products are unique and exclusive.


              Are folding bikes fast?

              I usually cruise at 8 miles per hour on a 20-inch wheel bike. But when needed, it can speed up to 33 miles. However, you will have to pedal a lot. Larger wheels will take less effort for speeding.

              Are folding bikes worth it?

              Absolutely. I think folding bikes are perfect for commuters as they can take the bike with them on public transportation. Foldable bikes allow you to carry and store them in your working place. One more plus of keeping the bike with you is that you don't need to worry about your bike being stolen.

              Are folding bikes good for long rides?

              Folding bikes can serve both short and long rides. People with fitness can even pedal for up to 50 miles per day. If you want to go farther, you can ride wherever you want then go back on a bus or train, carrying the bike with you. Isn't it ideal?

              Can folding bikes go uphill?

              Recent folding bikes are rigged with gear that can compare to a standard bike. That means they can take you up to an incline just fine. A bike with multiple speeds will take the challenge of climbing hills. At low gear, you can smoothly pedal up the steep.

              Do bikes with bigger wheels go faster?

              It's simple physics. If you keep a larger wheel spinning at the same RPM as a small one, it'll go faster. But with the support of gear, smaller can take you to the same distance with around the same amount of time.


              Riding a folding bike is a real different experience that is stimulating and fascinating. And trying different models of this kind of bike gave me a whole world of excitement. So, I just can't stop myself from encouraging you to try any of my pick for the best lightweight folding bike. They are not going to fail you for sure.

              Hope you've enjoyed the reviews. Thanks a lot.

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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