6 Best RV Toilet Papers of 2019

Although traveling on an RV gives you home comfortable but not all the household items can be used for your trip, especially toilet Papers.

An ideal RV-friendly toilet paper should be soft, highly absorbent, fast dissolve yet biodegrade and environment-friendly.

Here is the list top 6 best toilet paper for RV recommended by RV community:

Here are the best rv toilet papers you can buy in 2019:

  • My Favorite: Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft
  • Fastest Dissolving: Scott Rapid Dissolve
  • Ultra-Soft: Presto 308
  • 100% Recycled Paper: Seventh Generation
  • 100% Biodegradable: Firebelly Outfitter Septic Tank Safe
  • Long-Lasting Roll: Scott 1000 Sheets

My Favorite: Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft

Top Pick
Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft
Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft
  • Versatile: work well with both marine and recreation vehicles

  • Dissolve rapidly with 100% biodegradable

  • Suitable for sensitive skin but also durable and scratch-free

  • Soft, luxurious snowy white yet highly absorbent

  • Reasonable Price

  • Faster disintegration than other products

  • Not the softest for mobile sanitization

Thetford is one of the top brands in toilet paper for mobile sanitation. Thetford is also famous for its luxurious look and softness.

This product is designed for versatile use, which works well on RVs, boats, even with home toilets. This is one of my favorite RV toilet papers.

This 2-ply toilet paper is environment-friendly as they dissolve quickly and promote wastewater flow. Because of fast dissolving feature, it prevents clogging in your RV tank and septic-safe, then, then leaves no build-up.

This soft and snowy white toilet paper is skin-friendly. This product not only brings you comfort but also provides gentleness to your skin. This is also a good choice for babies because it is scratch-free even on sensitive skin. Although Thetford Aqua-soft is soft, it is durable.

The highly absorbent level makes Thetford toilet paper generally economical. The reasonable price is one of the factors make it on the top list for RV-friendly toilet paper.

Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Specifications

Sheets Per Rolls396
Rolls per case4
Thickness2 ply

Highlight Features

Soft, snowy white
Highly absorbent
Designed to work with marine and RV system
Flushes easily
Dissolves rapidly

If you are looking for luxurious but also economical RV-friendly Toilet paper, Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft is your best choice.

Fastest Dissolving: Scott Rapid Dissolve

Scott Rapid Dissolve
Scott Rapid Dissolve
  • Clog Clinic tested and FCS certified

  • Can be used in RVs, boats, buses and similar applications

  • 4 times faster dissolve than other brands

  • Skin-friendly yet completely absorbent

  • Septic and sewer system-safe

  • Not recommend for sensitive skin

  • Low amount of sheets, need to buy in bulk.

Scott Rapid-Dissolving RV Toilet Paper is an incredible product any RV owner should think about. Scott unscented toilet tissue is clog clinic tested and approved by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Therefore, Scott tissue is safe for the environment.

It is also proven as 4-times faster dissolve than other well-known brands. Hence, this product makes it clog-free and absolutely flushable. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is suitable for mobile sanitations such as RVs, boats, buses and other applications.

Scott RV tissues only have 1 ply sheet but it is as thick as standard 2-ply toilet paper. For instance, its high absorbent ability and cushy feature give you comfort and convenience. However, due to its single-ply structure, it is not so economical as you have to stock up in bulk and is suggested for short trip.

It is clinically tested to prevent skin irritation but if you have sensitive skin, it is better for you to test it on your skin before use.

Scott Rapid Dissolve Specifications

Sheets per roll

Rolls per case4
Thickness1 ply
Highlight FeaturesBreaks down four times faster
FSC certified
Unscented, soft and highly absorbent
Sewer-safe and septic-safe

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and fast-dissolving toilet tissue for your short recreation trip, Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is your top choice.

Ultra-Soft: Presto 308

Presto 308
Presto 308
  • Ultra-soft, 4X longer-lasting rolls

  • Made from sustainable and controlled resources

  • Low lint descent

  • Septic-safe

  • Affordable price

  • Easily disintegrate when contact with liquid

  • Not easy to tear off at the perforated line.

It is made from sustainable and controlled resources. Presto is a top choice for buyers who care about the environment.

As the name suggests, one Presto Mega Roll equals to 4 normal rolls (with 77 sheets), which means Presto toilet paper last 4 times longer. Therefore, it will save you some extra bucks.

Furthermore, Presto tissue is ultra-soft with average strength and thickness because it’s made from quality resources. Your skin surely will love Presto.

One of Presto highlight features is its less residue due to low lint descent. Additionally, Presto toilet paper is proven septic-safe, which gives you worried-free about toilet clogging.

Presto 308 Specifications

Sheets per roll

Rolls per case6
Thickness2 ply
Highlight FeaturesUltra-soft
Made from sustainable and controlled resources
Septic safe

If you are looking for an RV toilet paper that won't hurt your wallet as well as gives you premium softness to your skin, order Presto Mega Roll 308 now!

100% Recycled Paper: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation
  • Made from 100% recycled paper approved by FSC

  • Septic safe and well-suited with RVs' low flow toilet and campers

  • Soft yet durable and strong

  • Free from inks, fragrances, dyes and chlorine

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

  • Not much cushy

  • Small Roll

  • Stringy - not so easy to tear

For those who love and care about environment, Seventh Generation Bath Tissue is a perfect choice for you since it’s made from 100% recycled paper and approved by FSC.

Moreover, it is hypoallergenic as it’s free from harsh chemicals like dyes, inks or perfumes; they don’t even use chemicals containing chlorine used to whiten the tissue. Even though, their paper is strong and durable but also soft and gentle to your skin

Additionally, Seventh Generation paper is specially formulated for campers, all kind of mobile sanitations with low flow toilet. Therefore, their paper is safe for sewer and septic system.

Seventh Generation Specifications

Sheets per roll

Rolls per case24
Thickness2 ply
Highlight Features100% recycled paper
No added dyes, inks, or fragrances
Septic-safe and compatible with low-flow toilets in RVs and campers

If you are an environmental lover, search for RV toilet paper which is not only eco-friendly but also skin-loving and free from harsh chemical

100% Biodegradable: Firebelly Outfitter Septic Tank Safe

Firebelly Outfitter Septic Tank Safe
Firebelly Outfitter Septic Tank Safe
  • Compatible with marines, campers and recreation vehicles

  • 100% biodegrade and dye, perfumes, and parabens-free

  • Reliable brand recommended by the RV community

  • Dissolve quickly but soft and fast absorbent

  • Each roll is single-wrapped, perfectly protected until use

  • Not the softest one

Firebelly Outfitter is one of the most reliable brands in the market for RV products. They are dedicated to providing top quality and durable products to the RV community. Therefore, you can trust what they mention on the package.

Its special formula is made for multi-purpose use from home to recreation trip on RVs or marines. This wonderful product is also good at dissolving. It is safe for your septic and sewer system; therefore, you can save extra bucks on maintenance.

Your skin will also love and thank for your smart choice with Firebelly Outfitters paper as they are free from dyes, parabens and fragrances.

This tissue will be gentle on your skin, scratch-free and comfortable as well as environmental-friendly thanks to 100% biodegradability.

I love the fact that they wrapped each roll individually. This obviously shows how much they care and understand buyers’ needs.

Firebelly Outfitter Septic Tank Safe Specifications

Sheets per roll

Rolls per case8
Thickness2 ply
Highlight features100% biodegradable
Rapid dissolving
Septic safe
Contain no dyes, parabens and perfumes

If you are looking for a trusted brand of RV toilet paper among RV community, Firebelly Outfitters Toilet Paper is the one you have to take home.

Long-Lasting Roll: Scott 1000 Sheets

Scott 1000 Sheets
Scott 1000 Sheets
  • Longest - lasting roll

  • Dissolve 4 times faster

  • Septic and sewer friendly

  • FSC certified

  • Budget saving

  • Thin sheets

  • Become sticky when wet

Scott toilet tissue is famous for its extremely fast dissolve, up to 4 times faster than a normal roll. It is not only sewer and septic-safe but also environment-friendly. So does the Scott 1000-sheet toilet paper.

In fact, Scott 1000 sheets toilet paper is the longest-lasting roll, which means you don’t have to purchase too frequently.

Furthermore, Scott tissue rapid dissolve speed is a thump-up for your RV plumbing system. It not only prevents clogging, but also gives cleaner and fresh smelling to RV toilet and bathroom.

Overall, Scott 1000 sheets of toilet paper is a hero for our budget.

Scott 1000 Sheets Specifications

Sheets per roll

Rolls per case27
Thickness1 ply
Highlight features

Longest lasting rolls

Sewer – safe and septic – safe

Break up 4 times faster


If you are tired of changing the roll for every couple of days , Scott 1000 sheets toilet paper won't make you disappointed.

How To Choose A Best RV Toilet Paper?

With all of reviews above, it might make you confused about what to buy, what to look for among all good toilet papers, here is a helpful guidance in choosing the most suitable one.

What Is RV-Friendly Toilet Paper:

  • An RV-safe toilet paper is a special-designed paper which dissolves rapidly in the black tank. They not only prevent clogging the septic tank and sewer system but also qualify skin-friendly quality.

  • They are specially tested for RV sanitary system to ensure wastewater flow easily. RV toilet paper is more expensive than standard toilet paper but in the long term, they will save you a lot on maintenance and also keep all the annoying insects and flies away from your RV.

What Are The Differences Between Standard Toilet Paper And RV Toilet Paper:

  • The biggest difference between two kinds of toilet paper is the dissolving speed. An RV toilet paper typically dissolves 4-time faster than the regular toilet paper.

  • It helps the RV owner stress-free from clogging system. Additionally, they are usually made from cushy material, means softer and more comfortable for your skin. RV toilet paper usually scented-free therefore it can be used for babies with sensitive skin.

How RV Toilet Paper Works:

  • RV toilet paper is formulated specifically for RV plumbing system which is usually lack of space. The RV toilet paper overall construction is fast dissolve to prevent any build-up inside tank.

  • Trust me, you won’t want to know how horrifying it could be to stay inside an RV with a clogged toilet. With that in mind, it is suggested that RV owner should buy RV-safe toilet paper. This toilet paper also promotes wastewater flow.

  • To test whether a toilet paper is suitable for your RV system or not, you can drop some pieces of toilet paper into a glass filled with water (about 10 ounces). One hand covers on top of the glass, one hand hold the glass bottom and shake the glass strongly a couple of times.

  • Let’s rest. If the toilet paper dissolves, that means it is safe for RV using but if the toilet paper is still intact, avoid using it.

What To Look For On Package:

  • Brand: searching for the brands that are reliable, trusted by RV community. Finding top RV products are essential as you are living and moving along with your vehicles.

  • Septic safe: this one is the most important factor to look for. You should look for rapid dissolve rate tissue. It not only saves you from clogging and building-up but also prevents bad smell and annoying insects; hence, gives your trip pleasure and comfort at its best.

  • Environmental friendly: this is another concern whether the toilet paper is biodegradable or made from recycled paper. It all gives extra support in protecting our environment.

  • Skin-friendly: an ideal toilet paper should be free from harsh chemical but soft, cushy, and smooth yet durable. It should be highly absorbent to avoid rashes on skin.

  • Ply and sheet count: it is crucial that you should do the calculation of toilet paper enough for everyone within your trip. Trust me, you really don’t want your toilet paper finish in the middle of the trip, especially when you are in a rural or remote areas.

  • The one character you should look for is the most number of sheets without losing its quality. Purchasing toilet rolls in bulk also helps to save you extra bucks.

Which Brands Make The Best RV Toilet Papers?


  • ThetFord is a world-leading company in sanitary products and toilet addictive. It has been out in the market for 45 years. Since they had founded in Michigan – USA, they have been dedicating to satisfy customer needs with innovative and improved products.

  • Their passion for camping and travelling is the best promise for customers. Since 1988, Thetford has been a part of the Recreational Vehicle Group of the Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation, a privately held and international multi-industry holding company.


  • Scott started as an old paper factory in Pennsylvania back in 1870. It was the first company to put toilet paper in the roll as early as 1890. With almost 150 years in the market, Scott is considered the biggest company in the toilet paper industry.

  • Scott started as an old paper factory in Pennsylvania back in 1870. It was the first company to put toilet paper in the roll as early as 1890. With almost 150 years in the market, Scott is considered the biggest company in the toilet paper industry.

Presto Mega Roll

  • Presto is a brand launched by Amazon, manufacturing a wide range of household products from floor disinfectants, paper napkins to dishwashing gel. Presto, at first, was a laundry detergent brand, then slowly expanded to other household items.

  • But the product helped Presto to one of the Top brands in the market is Pesto Toilet Paper. This item significantly out-weighed Scott, and was the fifth most-sold in 2018 market.

Seventh Generation

  • Seventh Generation started 30 years ago, manufacturing eco-friendly products. Today they are aiming for a bigger mission and that is taking care of our generation health by using natural, recycled resources and recycling their packing. They have a wide range of household cleaning products to household paper and baby care.

Firebelly Outfitters

  • Firebelly Outfitters is home and Veteran owned business, locates in the heart of Indiana since 2007. All of their products are designed for the ultimate great outdoors experience, with the aiming to provide clean, safe and authentic products for outdoor lovers.


Do you really need special toilet paper for RV?

Yes, you should purchase special toilet paper for RV as they are designed particularly for RV plumbing system. The things need to be concerned are how much effective it is with rapid dissolving rate, how it prevents clogging the black tank, and how it promotes wastewater flow.

Besides, it saves your budget from spending on cleaning chemicals.

Can a toilet get clogged from toilet paper?

Yes, it is possible if you are using normal toilet paper which is not septic-safe, low dissolving rate and not specially formulated for RVs.

How do you fix a clogged RV toilet?

5 ways to unclog your RV toilet

  • Use Plunger: if you can see the clog. Repeat 2-3 times if the first time didn't work.
  • With extra narrow toilet, use a toilet snake. It may take up to 20 minutes to unclog.
  • If you have a stubborn clog, try pressurized hose. Switch to full pressure to clear up the clog.
  • Septic-safe toilet liquid is recommended for the simple clog. Pour the liquid in a half-filled toilet with water. Flush toilet after a couple of hours. Drive your RV around for 30 minutes to stir up the liquid in the black tank. Try second times if the first time didn't work, but if the clog is still there, call RV plumber.
  • If you don't have any chemical or tool, boiling hot water is an excellent choice for you. Make sure water is hot enough, otherwise it won't work. Drive your RV around for 20 minutes to clear build-up by distributing the water around the black tank.

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