6 Best MTB Helmets of 2023

Last update: 2022-10-12

Mountain bike helmets are different from ones used for road. They are much lighter with more features designed just for bikers.

Since I’ve have been living a cycling lifestyle, MTB helmets for me are mandatory. And I have an arsenal of them to review for you. However, today, I’ll pick out some of the best options I went through to consult. They are all lightweight, functional, and stylish.

If you are going to buy the best MTB helmet, take a minute to browse my reviews, you don’t lose anything, right?

Here are the best mtb helmets (Feb 2023 Update):

  • Best Overall: OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet
  • Best For Rugged Mountain Trails: Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets
  • Best For Enduro Style Runs: Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
  • Best For Long Rides: Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet
  • Best For Downhill Parks: Bell Super DH MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
  • Best For Night Cycling: MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Adults Men Women
Top 6 Best MTB Helmets
Best Overall
OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet
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    Best For Rugged Mountain Trails
    Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets
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      Best For Enduro Style Runs
      Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
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        Best For Long Rides
        Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet
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          Best For Downhill Parks
          Bell Super DH MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
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            Best For Night Cycling
            MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Adults Men Women
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              Best Overall: OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet

              OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet
              OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet
              • Lightweight
              • Durable
              • Detachable visor
              • Designed for any biking style
              • Suitable for multiple riders
              • Uncomfortable on narrow heads
              • Not much adjustability

              If you could only buy one helmet for your epic life on the trail, this OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB would be the most appropriate decision.

              It has a strong shell made from high-quality EPS foam that looks sturdy right from the first sight. Putting it on, I was quite comfortable with the inner pads. It was not too hot under the sun. There are 16 vents located smartly around the helmet for excellent ventilation. The chin straps and pad also contact my skin pleasantly.

              This helmet is not very heavy. It is light like flying, to be honest. You can use this unit for multiple riding purposes. The visor makes it ideal for both commuters and trail cyclists. If you don’t like the visor, you can remove it by hand. to install it back, just drive in the provided screws.

              OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet Specifications


              15.2 ounces


              22-24 inch

              Total Vents


              Highlight Features

              Good ventilation

              Lightweight and durable thanks to the use of superior material

              This helmet doesn’t make me think twice before buying it. Everything you need for an MTB helmet is right in it.

              Best For Rugged Mountain Trails: Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets

              Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets
              Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets
              • Impact resistance
              • Sturdy finish
              • Full-skull protecting
              • Easy-to-adjust chin straps and rear dial
              • Detachable visor
              • Hassle to remove the visor
              • Kinda bulky

              When you are riding on rugged trails, protecting your skull is the top thing to keep in mind. That’s why you need this Exclusky helmet, and here are the reasons.

              This headgear is US CPSC standards certified. The first impression I had when handling it was on the finish. It makes use of thickened multi-density EPS foam that will absorb impact when you fall. That’ll minimize damage to your head. Isn’t it just suitable for rough terrains where you don’t know if you’re going to hit a random rock?

              It’s a full-head helmet with 18 air vents all around. So, you won’t feel any sultry or fatigue under the helmet.

              The visor on this unit is also foldable upward when you need a broader view. On top of the head is a large built-in visor to protect you from the discomforts from the sun. This feature is kind of essential to all-mountain bikers.

              Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets Specifications


              0.61 pounds


              22.05 - 24.01 inch

              Total Vents


              Highlight Features

              Lots of air vents to keep your head cool

              Made of denser foam giving a thicker and more protective helmet

              All features that come in this helmet are all meant to protect your head when riding in craggy terrain.

              Best For Enduro Style Runs: Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet

              Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
              Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
              • Less bulky
              • Removable chin bar
              • Strong and lightweight
              • Good breathability
              • Adjustable cheek pads
              • Not fully DH certified

              Any enduro bike racer knows that their head needs the best protective gear. And a full-face helmet is something very essential for this particular biking style.

              This helmet is an enduro style helmet with a removable chin bar. The MIPS stands for the shearing force that adds extra protection in multi directions. It means the helmet will stay still on your head when impact comes.

              However, this helmet is not certified for downhill races. It’s designed for trail riding rather than full-on downhill.

              There are loads of insulation and ventilation. You can feel firstly the cheek pads that protect your jaws. As a full-face helmet, this one doesn’t restrict your vision.

              Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet Specifications


              2.8 pounds (size M)


              14” x 10” x 11”

              Total Vents

              23 Helmet vents, 4 Brow ports, and 6 Chin Bar vents

              Highlight Features

              Made from quick-drying materials for excellent ventilation and lightness in weight

              Great in impact absorbing

              When you ride with this helmet, you know that your head is safe. But don’t take the risk out of your life.

              Best For Long Rides: Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet

              Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet
              Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet
              • Super lightweight
              • Exceptional ventilation
              • Goggle compatible
              • Adjustable visor
              • The dial is hard to adjust when gloves on
              • The helmet tends to lean forward on the head

              Taking a long ride, you need something that is not going to bulk your head down. This Giro Chronicle looks simple, but it is something you will appreciate when riding hours to hours.

              It features easy snap-in chin straps that will lock in with a single click. The big visor and the remarkable occipital protection give the helmet the characteristic and an enduro look.

              I think the most highlighted flagship of the helmet is MIPS, which is a two-layer system that helps reduce the rotational motion. The outer layer is movable.

              For long rides and heavy pedaling, this unit provides good aeration for less suffering due to sweating and moisture inside the helmet. It also offers goggle compatibility for those who like to wear glasses on the run.

              Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet Specifications


              2.4 pounds


              15” x 14” x 9”

              Total Vents


              Highlight Features

              Patented designed with integrated MIPS and wind tunnel ventilation system

              With the Giro Chronicle MIPS, you can stay protected and have fun on your bike all day long.

              Best For Downhill Parks: Bell Super DH MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet

              Bell Super DH MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
              Bell Super DH MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet
              • Plenty of ventilation
              • Double function as a DH and trail helmet
              • Not too heavy
              • Very breathable
              • The visor is a bit flimsy
              • Expensive

              Certified for downhill parks, the Bell Super DH is among the most popular helmets for any extensive network of trails.

              The helmet looks impressive at first glance. Particularly, I felt super safe when putting it on. It’s a bit tight and compact in the cheek parts.

              I really like the way to remove the chin bar on this helmet with two clips on the sides and one in the rear. After the chin removal, the rest of the helmet looks like a normal helmet. It doesn’t feel too dorky as the way it looks. You can remove the visor too to make it less bulky when you just need a helmet for urban cruising.

              The MIPS inside features a sweat pad to trap moisture from your head. What’s cool is this pad is removable so that you can dry it quickly before moving on.

              Bell Super DH MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet Specifications


              3.35 pounds


              15” x 11” x 12”

              Total Vents


              Highlight Features

              Fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell housing eps foam liner and integrated MIPS for extra durability and safety

              This float-fit helmet does make downhill challenge safer on and in your head.

              Best For Night Cycling: MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Adults Men Women

              MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Adults Men Women
              MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Adults Men Women
              • Comprehensive Head Coverage
              • Rechargeable tail light
              • Superior ventilation
              • CPSC Certified
              • A bit tricky to install the visor

              Why is this helmet ideal for night biking? First, it has a great fit and feels very sturdy. Second, and also the greatest part, is the tail light rechargeable via a USB port.

              The tail light enables your visibility when riding at night. It can increase bright levels in any low to high light conditions. There are nine lighting modes to adjust, from the classic strobe, solid red, to SOS blinking. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge the light.

              And you also have all the comprehensive protection features on this helmet. It has reinforced EPS foam liner on the outer shell, while the inside is padded with multi-density foam core.

              With 16 large vents on the shell, you’ll have a helmet that guarantees air wicking for your head comfort.

              MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Adults Men Women Specifications


              12 ounces



              Total Vents


              Highlight Features

              USB tail light with 9 modes for visibility when riding at night

              16 large ventilated vents

              This helmet blinks in the dark, letting people know you are there so that you’ll have your own space to bike.

              How To Choose The Best MTB Helmets?

              I know you are desperate for a quality helmet just now. But my picks also solve half of the question. What you need now is to look at some criteria I’ve learned from my experience.

              Choosing the right helmet for you really just involves the type of riding you do. It can be cross country, downhill, or enduro. Let’s look at each type for and its features.

              Cross Country Helmet

              • Cross country helmets keep your head cool when you ride hard. There are big vents on the front and rear of the helmet to let air flow through. The shell is tougher on this type of helmet compared to a road helmet.
              • A couple more features can include the retention system on the back and glasses compatibility.

              Trail Helmet

              • The biggest difference is the shape of the helmet. It’s got more coverage not only in the back but also on the side. The back of the helmet is also reinforced to protect riders from dangers coming from trail biking, and enduro-style runs.
              • This kind of helmet is a bit bulkier because they come with extra features and more protection. Better than that, they also have boosted ventilation with some of the venting borrowed from cross-country helmets

              Full Face Helmet

              • This type suits gravity riders better than others. It’s all about protection designed for downhill racers, enduro racers, and free riders.
              • Though the helmets still have some vents in the front and rear, it’s definitely not the one you want to pedal with for a long time. So, the chin bar in a full-face helmet is meant to protect your face.


              • You can probably find 99% helmets today are made from EPS materials. It’s basically polystyrene. When it receives an impact, it will deform up.
              • EPP has elastic properties. It bounces back to the shape it was after multiple impacts.
              • The materials involve the safety of the helmet. And both of these materials offer proper protection. However, EPS is lighter, but it only provides single-impact absorbability. On the other hand, EPP is more long-lasting after several falls. With EPS, you likely need to replace a new helmet after one fall.

              Which Brands Make The Best MTB Helmets?


              • Born to make helmets, Bell understands the core of the best features needed for one. For years, the brand has been the first name when speaking about speed and helmets. Products from Bell come with not only high quality but also the responsibility. Any MTB helmet from Bell will only come to the market with all features made for cycling culture.


              • Giro is yet another name to call when speaking of mountain bike helmets. With years pouring hearts and sweat into producing the best cycling gear, Giro just knows exactly what should be there in the best helmet. Started up 30 years ago by Jim Gentes, Giro has grown to serve the cycling industry nonstop.


              Are MIPS helmets worth it?

              It’s always hard to answer if you should spend some extra money for an extra feature. But for MIPS, yes, it’s worth it.

              So, MIPS is a feature that makes your helmet safer. It is Multi-directional Impact Protection System, added to redirect the energy of impacts. Thus, it drives a part of damage off your head. That makes MIPS a worthy feature to have.

              Can you wear a road helmet for mountain biking?

              The distinction is there for a reason. Mountain bike helmets are road helmets with added safety. Using a road helmet for mountain biking is possible, but it’s not recommended for heavy activities. As road bike headgear offers greater ventilation, many bikers prefer them for long rides. However, they would add a cycling cap to substitute the visor on an MTB helmet.

              Should I wear a full-face helmet for mountain biking?

              Unless you do enduro racing or any heavy-duty style of biking, a full-face helmet is not necessary. If you are obsessed with protection when hitting the road, nothing can stop you from wearing the safest helmet. But if you prefer comfort, a half-face helmet should be sufficient.

              How long does a helmet last?

              I don’t usually use a helmet for more than 3 years. But I know many of my biking mates have their helmets for more than 5 years. However, it’s obvious that the helmets have lost their efficiency, and things begin to wear.

              When should I replace my helmet?

              The most extended time of using a helmet is within five years. If you don’t drop or hurt any of the safety parts in the helmet, you can keep using them until you get bored of its style.

              Does dropping a helmet ruin it?

              Probably a drop doesn’t harm your helmet inside out; especially, ones made from durable materials. But damage from your falling when biking can be serious. You should inspect the helmet then and see if any part is broken. Or you can send it to the manufacturer and have them cover the torn things with for you.


              You know, the best MTB helmet is the one that has everything that meets your requirements. But please stay with the factors I give to eliminate ones that don’t suit you.

              Have you got any of my picks to your wish list? Do let me know.

              If you like my collection, please like and share them. Thanks a lot for staying tuned.

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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