6 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets of 2023

Last update: 2022-10-12

There are a wide range of reasons for one to choose an open helmet over a full face, but for natural lovers, it must be a claustrophobic experience to ride a motorcycle with a full face helmet since most of your senses have limited connection to nature, especially your sight and breathability.

For those who have the same issues, we have made this list to introduce to you our six top picks of the best open face motorcycle helmet. Let’s get digging into them right off the bat!

Here are the best open face motorcycle helmets (Feb 2023 Update):

  • Best for Small Heads: ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle 205V-MB-L
  • Best for Big Heads: Yescom AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet
  • Stylish: Vega Warrior Half Helmets
  • Lightweight: GLX Motorcycle M14 Half Helmet
  • Best for a Cool Ride: Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet
  • Comfortable: Westt Vintage Motorcycle Helmet
6 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets
Best for Small Heads
ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle 205V-MB-L
    Best for Big Heads
    Yescom AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet
      Vega Warrior Half Helmets
        GLX Motorcycle M14 Half Helmet
          Best for a Cool Ride
          Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet
            Westt Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

              Best for Small Heads: ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle 205V-MB-L

              ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle 205V-MB-L
              ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle 205V-MB-L
              • Lightweight

              • Comfortable

              • The chin strap is easy to release and can be tightened

              • Low price

              • DOT approved

              • Bulky design

              • Only eye visor

              This open face helmet is a product from ILM, the model 205V-MB-L that includes a durable shell made from ABS, a kind of plastic. For those who are unfamiliar to helmet’s materials, there are two main types, which are ABS and polycarbonate. Compared to polycarbonate, ABS is cheaper and heavier but it is harder, more durable and more scratch-resistant.

              However, don’t worry that it will make you feel like wearing a big rock on your head, instead, this material still reaches a certain level of flexibility, and lightweightness and brings comfort for users. While it has a very simple, basic look with a cool matt black, it does not lack some interesting additional features such as ear flap and detachable eye visor, which will keep your eyes safe from severe sunlight and strong wind.

              The attached visor is tinted. There is a clear-colored option but it is sold separately. The ear flap is foam cushioned, which will not squeeze around your face when you try to adjust the chin strap.

              This product’s weight and size are suitable for small heads, but unfortunately, its design is quite bulky for women with a small face.

              ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle 205V-MB-L Specifications


              2.03 pounds


              12.5 x 9.8 x 6.9 inches


              ABS shell; EPS liner

              Highlight Features

              Ear flap; detachable visor; quick release buckle

              ILM 205V-MB-L is a half helmet that can meet all of your basic needs.

              Best for Big Heads: Yescom AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

              Yescom AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet
              Yescom AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet
              • Affordable

              • DOT approved

              • Thick buffer layer for more upper protection and comfort

              • Highly adjustable chin strap

              • The chin strap lock is quite vulnerable

              • A bit hot to wear

              The AHR half helmet brings to mind the image of a cute mushroom when you wear it. This could be a pro or a con at the same time based on your taste. It is DOT approved, meaning that it can greatly bear a high impact, and assure your safe on the road. More than that, you can own such a DOT approved helmet at a very cost-effective price, so if you are looking for a helmet model that will not hit your wallet hard, choose this.

              The best part about this is its thick buffer layer. This thickness, though it might look a bit old-fashioned, it will bring you a new level of comfort and protection for your head. Moreover, the chin strap has a long range of adjustment, which is a bonus for big heads. It also has the quick-release system, which makes it easy and convenient for you to take in and off.

              But there are some downsides that should be considered. Although we’re into the thick buffer layer, we have to admit that it’s quite hot to wear on very hot days. Besides, some buyers witnessed that the chin strap lock quickly broke only after several uses.

              Yescom AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet Specifications


              2.42 pounds


              11.8 x 8.8 x 6.7 inches


              ABS shell; EPS liner

              Highlight Features

              Quick-release chin strap; cushion-puffed ear flaps

              AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet is an economical option that you can rely on.

              Stylish: Vega Warrior Half Helmets

              Vega Warrior Half Helmets
              Vega Warrior Half Helmets
              • Cool design

              • Modern size adjustment system

              • DOT certified

              • Super comfortable liner

              • 7 color options

              • The helmet runs a smaller size chart than usual

              • A bit high price

              This is what we call a helmet that is leading the market of the open face model, the Vega Warrior. It, undoubtedly, deserves a spotlight on our list for the brand’s effort in producing the best products with the latest technology.

              It has not only the modern strap adjustment system but also the moisture wicking inner liner, which is the advanced feature that not many helmets can provide. Generally speaking, this liner will absorb and prevent sweat from running down and irritating your eyes, giving you a totally dry and comfortable riding experience.

              The helmet comes in seven eye-catching colors, in which four plain and three with patterns. The drop down sun shield is tinted, which means that it can do the best job on sunny days, but you should never use it at night.

              This helmet brand seems to have a smaller size chart than usual. That’s why before your decision, we highly recommend you to look at its size chart carefully to make sure that you have picked the right one. In addition, it does offer a pretty high price that might make you shocked at first because it is twice as expensive as the two helmets above. So, don’t forget to check your budget’s limit!

              Vega Warrior Half Helmets Specifications


              2.2 pounds


              12 x 9 x 7 inches


              ABS shell; EPS liner

              Highlight Features

              Tech Wick-Dri liner system; drop-down sun shield; quick-release strap

              Vega Warrior Half Helmets is an optimal choice for fashionable people.

              Lightweight: GLX Motorcycle M14 Half Helmet

              GLX Motorcycle M14 Half Helmet
              GLX Motorcycle M14 Half Helmet
              • Lightweight

              • Removable, washable, or replaceable inner liner

              • Affordable for its material

              • Retractable visor

              • 2 layer liner for more protection

              • Big, bulky design

              This M14 from GLX has brought us a sense of military. It looks like something that old soldiers would wear in the 1960s. It provides you with a polycarbonate shell, which is lighter and more expensive than the ABS.

              The two layers of microfiber inner liner also give us an amazing impression because of their flexibility and softness when wearing. With this standard of top-notch quality and material, it comes as a surprise that this product is sold at a very reasonable price.

              The other great thing here is that the GLX M14 does not come with only a tinted visor, which is a garden-variety of every open face helmet model, but also a clear one. These two sun shields are advertised to be able to eliminate up to 99% of sun UV rays.

              This product is very lightweight and durable, but its overall design might not fit many of you since it’s big and bulky. Still, if this is not a serious matter for you, this is a really worth-trying choice indeed.

              GLX Motorcycle M14 Half Helmet Specifications


              2.1 pounds


              12.75 x 9.8 x 8 inches


              Polycarbonate shell; Microfiber liner

              Highlight Features

              2 drop-down sun shields; quick-release chin strap

              GLX Motorcycle M14 is a first-rate half helmet for those who don’t mind wearing a big helmet.

              Best for a Cool Ride: Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet

              Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet
              Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet
              • Eye-glasses compatible

              • Washable, removable liner

              • Fashionable design

              • Full foam-padded interior

              • Not suitable for cold days

              • Size might be smaller than usual

              This model by Westt can be considered as the combination between the retro and modern style. It is a quarter helmet but it is equipped with a ventilation system, which is what makes riders flock to it. Although the quarter helmet used to be quite stifled, this system will bring you a new, cool riding experience.

              The reason why we mention this as a fashionable helmet design is its interchangeable side parts. This brand offers you three colors: blue, grey and black, which can be easily detached and changed to fit your eyeglasses style. Besides, the anti-scratch sun-shield is a plus, too.

              This helmet will give you a cool ride, but when winter comes, it might no longer be a competitive advantage. Moreover, you should check the helmet size carefully because its size chart seems to be smaller than other brands.

              Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet Specifications


              2.4 lbs


              12 x 10.5 x 10 inches

              Highlight Features

              Integrated anti-scratch sun shield; ventilation points; interchangeable side parts; quick-release buckle

              Westt Rover is a rare quarter helmet that can bring you cool travel.

              Comfortable: Westt Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

              Westt Vintage Motorcycle Helmet
              Westt Vintage Motorcycle Helmet
              • DOT certificated

              • Retro, vintage look

              • Comfortable padding

              • Removable liner

              • Inaccurate size chart

              This Westt Vintage helmet is designed for an extra comfortable performance. Its interior is all padded with foam cushion, which is definitely soft and won’t cause you any discomfort and annoyance. The DOT certificate is available at this product as well.

              Furthermore, in terms of style, this one has got the most vintage and retro outlook on our list, which will make tons of riders fall in love with it. Just like its brother, the Westt Rover that we have just mentioned earlier, it also comes with an anti-scratch sun shield and a quick-release buckle.

              One problem that we have seen in most of Westt products is the size chart, and this is not an exception. It’s often smaller than usual or a bit inaccurate, which may lead to some turning back.

              Westt Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Specifications


              2.6 lbs


              12 x 10 x 10 inches

              Highlight Features

              Anti-scratch visor; quick-release buckle

              Westt Vintage is a comfortable quarter helmet to go to for vintage-style lovers.

              How To Choose The Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet?

              It’s great to have a wide range of options as well as designs in hand when you have to decide to buy something, and the motorcycle helmet niche is not an exception. Still, sometimes, too many choices might make you overwhelmed or confused as you don’t know where to start, or what is the next step that you should do.

              Generally, there are six major categories for motorcycle helmets to choose from, but since we are just talking about how to find out the best open face model, let us give you a deeper insight into it.


              Open face helmet is the most comfortable helmet type, but that is the trade-off for its safety. Your chin and your face will not be well protected like when wearing the full face or modular. You might not know this but many motorcycle accident cases led to serious injuries because of strong impacts on the chin area.

              However, don’t get us wrong that this helmet model cannot get its job done efficiently. You still can enjoy the great protection like any other helmets if you end up with an open face model with a strong chin strap or protector and the supported shield from extra accessories such as glasses, face mask, and ear patches.

              Most helmet constructions are made from plastic and nylon fabric, but for some higher-end designs, they could be made of fiberglass or Kevlar.

              DOT approved

              In this section, we also want to mention about the gold, essential safety standard for a helmet, which is DOT approved. Well, it’s quite a long way to explain everything about DOT in detail, but in short, a DOT approved helmet means that it has passed all the strict tests, regulations, standards, rules, etc related to safety from this organization.

              To put it simply, if a helmet is not approved by the DOT safety regulations, sorry but it’s not worth thinking about let alone giving it a shot.


              Many problems might occur when your helmet size is unsuitable. If it is too tight, it will lead to discomfort, but if your helmet is too loose, or even if only its strap is loose, its protection ability will not work, thus putting you in some dangerous situations.

              To nip those problems in the bud, here are several ways for you to identify your right motorcycle helmet size:

              • Determine your head shape and size at home

              First, have your hair up if you have long hair, and flatten it down as much as possible to clearly see your head shape. Next, take a photo of your head from top (you should ask your friend or any other ones to help you in this step).

              There are three main head shapes, which are round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval. Consult this picture, check your photo and identify which shape it belongs to:

              The next stage is to measure your head size. “Head size” seems to be an unfamiliar definition since we just often heard about waist size, shoe size, and so on, but in fact, it is super easy to be figured out. You will need a soft tape to carry out this move, but if you don’t have any, it’s okay to use a thin string but long enough to wrap one round around your head.

              There are multiple ways to size your head but we will show you the easiest way to conduct without any help from others. First, wrap the tape or the string around your head. It should be placed above your eyebrows like this illustration:

              If you use soft tape, you can easily check the number, but if you use the string, mark the point that you have just done measuring, stretch out the string, and measure it by a ruler, tape, etc.

              • Try the helmet on

              The method that we have just mentioned earlier is highly recommended for you if you don’t have time to go to the store and want to have online shopping. However, if you are not so busy, don’t hesitate but to go to your favorite helmet shop and directly try the helmet on. This is the best and most accurate way to discover your helmet size.

              When you used to have a pretty loose helmet, a proper-sized one might be a bit tight for you at first hand, but that does not mean that it will cause you severe discomfort or the feeling like your throat is tightening. Don’t mislead between them because if those problems occur, that helmet is definitely not for you.

              A fitting open face helmet is the one which will not move when you wear it and move its chin strap. So, just keep moving onto another product until you find one that fits the bill.

              Another recheck tip here to make sure whether this helmet model is appropriate for you or not is you should wear it at least 15 minutes. You know, you will have to wear a helmet throughout your long ride, and only does a lot of issues related to head shape show up at that time. After 15 minute wearing a helmet, if there is a red line on your forehead, it shows that you should choose a more long-oval helmet shape, but if you feel like your temples are being squeezed, the helmet is not rounded enough.

              When you finish all the stages, you are good to go!


              Many open face helmets also come with the strap with ear patches or are designed to cover your ears (they are called ¾ open face helmets). Their aim is to keep your ears warm during cold days, reduce noise, and prevent bugs from disturbing you while riding. One downside of this is that it’s still pretty hot to wear in the summer, especially when you ride in a hustle and bustle city with crowded roads.

              Another interesting feature that you should expect in an open face helmet is the visor/ face shield, which is often constructed on the front of the helmet with studs. It could be clear or sun shading. And in some designs, it is large enough to cover your whole face, not only your eyes. We find it really convenient since you don’t need to bring anything else with you to help protect your face.

              The lining can have various textures and colors based on your preference, but it should be washable and removable as it might get dirty because of dust, sweat, and so on.

              Which Brands Make The Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet?





              Are open face motorcycle helmets safe?

              Of course, open face helmets are not as safe as full face ones since there is no shield or face coverage, but don’t worry, it still can protect your head from accidents or unexpected injuries. However, please remember that no kind of helmet can guarantee your safety, so nothing can protect you better than yourself as well as your awareness when taking part in traffic.

              Which is better: modular or full face helmet?

              The biggest advantage of a full face helmet should include its extra protection. Your head will be so fully covered that no noise, sunlight, rain, bugs, etc can disturb you while riding. You don't even need any attached accessories to protect your face such as a face mask, or sunglasses. However, it’s pretty stifled and less free to wear a full face helmet.

              And, that’s when the modular model takes lead. This design is more safe than the open face but it’s more free and comfortable to wear than the full face. So, if you ask us to choose between these two ones, the winner of our heart is the modular helmet.

              Do I need a full face helmet?

              It depends on which type of terrain that you’re going to ride on. If you intend to ride on bumpy roads or challenging paths at high speed, definitely a full face helmet is a necessary item.

              How long does a helmet last?

              The average lifespan of a helmet should be 5 years. And yes, this amount of time could be shorter or longer, based on your maintenance and the quality of that helmet itself.

              Does dropping a helmet ruin it?

              We might say not really in this case. If you drop an open face helmet on the hard ground from the second floor, it comes as no surprise that that helmet’s exterior and interior will have something wrong. However, if it’s just a light drop leading to minor scratches and imperfections on the outside, trust us, you’re safe when you use it!


              In the bottom line, we just want to remind you that although figuring out a helmet that makes you look cool might somehow really important for you, don’t prioritize it over the safety factors (comfort, size fitment, safety standard, etc). You can pick any helmet that meets your needs but please be a responsible rider for not only yourself but other commuters!

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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