7 Best RV Shower Heads of 2024

By Bryan ListorLast update: 2023-07-07

A good shower head and mattress make your RV home.

Nothing is more essential showering and sleeping issues, that’s why after addressing some top-rated mattresses for RV use, we keep moving on to the best RV shower heads.

Here are the best RV shower heads (Apr 2024 Update):

  • Best Overall: Oxygenics White Standard 26781
  • Best For Long Hair: Oxygenics 26481
  • Top Rated: PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head
  • 3-In-1 Multi-Function: YOO.MEE Shower Head
  • Saving Water While Shampooing: Camco 43712
  • Lead-Free: Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT
  • Best For Hard Water: Luxsego Ionic Shower Head
Top 7 Best RV Shower Heads
Best Overall
Oxygenics White Standard 26781
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    Best For Long Hair
    Oxygenics 26481
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      Top Rated
      PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head
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        3-In-1 Multi-Function
        YOO.MEE Shower Head
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          Saving Water While Shampooing
          Camco 43712
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            Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT
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              Best For Hard Water
              Luxsego Ionic Shower Head
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                Best Overall: Oxygenics White Standard 26781

                Top Pick
                Oxygenics White Standard 26781
                Oxygenics White Standard 26781
                • Add oxygen content into the water
                • Three settings to adjust the flow rate
                • Ensure consistency in water temp
                • Reduce water wastage efficiently
                • A bit noisy

                Renowned for its Powerful Oxygenic setting, the Oxygenics 26781 works based on a jet patented technology that you can easily adjust the content of oxygen in the water.

                The best thing is its self-pressurizing nature that even under the lowest water pressure, it performs well without risks of clogging. You still feel a noticeably reduced flow rate but compared to others, it’s much higher.

                In other words, the showerhead is designed to achieve the optimal performance with pressure limits and the tank size.

                Oxygenics 26781 is a handheld showerhead and plus, the hose is 60” long, meaning it can flexibly reach the further parts on your body.

                If you’re camping in a group, don’t fret, its multi-setting adjustment will satisfy any individuals. You can change from “stimulating” to “soft” to “comfort” when in need.

                Oxygenics White Standard 26781 Specifications

                Hose length


                Spray settings

                Patented Oxygenics setting

                Flow Rate

                2.5 GPM

                Highlight Features

                Powerful Oxygenic setting

                Easily control the flow of water

                Designed to achieve maximum performance with tank size and pressure limits

                Non-stick internal parts

                The latest technology application has set Oxygenics 26781 miles ahead of other competitors out there, choose it if a stylish-looking, the customized shower head is what you’re finding.

                Best For Long Hair: Oxygenics 26481

                Oxygenics 26481
                Oxygenics 26481
                • Rinse shampoo out of long hair faster

                • Extend the lifetime of water tank thanks to the SmartPause Valve

                • Consume less energy (achieve the WaterSense Certification)

                • A bit harder to set up in narrow RV showers

                Your goal of cutting off the shower time is also possible with this Oxygenics 26481.

                It highlights a special spray pattern with 2.0 GPM and standard ½” fitting that can widen coverage and water pressure to easily get the shampoo out of long hair. No more taking 20 minutes each shower time, even with thick hair!

                Our testers also gave compliments for its SmartPause Valve. When taking quick navy-like showers, having this feature is much more convenient.

                Plus, it helps to extend the lifetime of your water tank.

                If you still doubt its water-saving and less-energy performance, we believe the WaterSense Certification is the best proof for that.

                Oxygenics 26481 Specifications

                Hose length


                Spray settings

                Patented Oxygenics setting

                Flow Rate

                2.0 GPM

                Highlight Features

                Patented Oxygenics technology

                SmartPause valve

                Non-stick internal parts

                Constructed with special spray pattern, strong water pressure and multiple settings, the Oxygenics 26481 is exactly what the long hair needs.

                Top Rated: PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head

                PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head
                PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head
                • Precise spray shooting

                • Include a pulse massage and paush setting for relaxation and controllability

                • Well-distributed water stream

                • The pause setting might be broken down under frequent use

                • A bit shorter hose than other counterparts

                We quickly realized the big convenience coming from the Paush settings of this PIH shower head. It’s freakily useful when there’s no available hookup on the campsite since users can control to save more water for a long journey.

                There are two other settings – powerful shooting and pulse massage – to make you feel like home when showering in your RV.

                Combining with high-pressure water flow and controllable water intensity settings, not only is your shower time shortened but the amount of water consumption also reduces significantly.

                We also love that the showerhead is built with multiple and alternative functions to fit nicely different recreational vehicles. The hose, in this case, is 59” long – enough for showering children or pets.

                PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Specifications

                Hose length


                Spray settings

                3 settings: rain-like, powerful shooting and PAUSH setting

                Flow Rate

                Comes with 2 restrictors for selection of GPM flow

                Highlight Features

                High pressure

                Upgraded 2XP Turbocharging by water conservation working principle

                Powerful spray shooting with PAUSH setting

                Multi-functions for alternative option

                Highlighting the Paush setting out of three-setting functions and plus, the upgraded 2XP Turbo, in our opinion, the PIH shower head is a great option to settle for

                3-In-1 Multi-Function: YOO.MEE Shower Head

                YOO.MEE Shower Head
                YOO.MEE Shower Head
                • Three settings to fit different needs in a group of campers

                • Intense water pressure to shorten shower time, deliver multiple functions and give the best experience

                • Super long hose (79 inches) to easily move around or reach the farthest areas

                • Non-corrosion design

                • The pulse massage setting isn’t reliable in the long terms

                If you’re suffering from the misfortune of absolutely horrible, low water pressure, the YOO.MEE shower head is truly life-changing.

                While featuring a small nozzle, the flow rate is 2.5 GPM, meaning an intense water pressure coming out. You’ve got three settings, by the way – the powerful shooting, the pulse massage, and the mixed.

                Not only it’s adjustable to soothe you, but the strong stream also cut your shower time into 1/3 of what it was beforehand. The quickest record from our testers is 10 minutes and 90% of them commented for cleaner feeling in their hair.

                Another compliment is its unusually long hose – 79” – to easily reach the farthest parts or move around your body. In other words, it improves your shower experience nicely.

                YOO.MEE Shower Head Specifications

                Hose length


                Spray settings

                Powerful Shooting

                Pulse Massage


                Flow Rate

                2.5 GPM

                Highlight Features

                Powerful Spray Shooting Against Low-Pressure Water Pipe

                Silicone Rubber Jet Nozzles

                If you’re fed up with low water pressure, we believe the YOO.MEE shower head with highlights on its 3-in-1 multi-function will utterly satisfy your needs.

                Saving Water While Shampooing: Camco 43712

                Camco 43712
                Camco 43712
                • Can turn on/off water with hassle-free in wasting hot water or changing water temp

                • Save water sufficiently while shampooing

                • Easy to hygiene

                • Versatile with up to 5 settings

                • The on/off switch isn’t much durable

                • Don’t come with a new washer

                The Camco 43712 comes with the most basic construction with an easy-to-use On/Off switch that’s not only quick to install but also makes water conservation excellently.

                Why? – You might ask.

                When shampooing, a continuous water-running shower head is really wasteful but with this model, you simply switch it off to “pause” water. Therefore, it reduces a huge amount of water to use.

                This minimal design is also beneficial in the cleaning process. By featuring a rubber spray tip, it’s much easier to hygiene – something that a metal one can’t do.

                The last feature we’d like to emphasize is its five spray patterns, including a drenching rain and pulse massage. All of them give you full control over the specific showering experience kind that you’d prefer.

                Camco 43712 Specifications

                Hose length

                8’ 1/3”

                Spray settings

                5 spray settings

                Flow Rate

                2.5 GPM

                Highlight Features

                Handy on/off switch

                Five spray patterns

                Rubber spray tips

                Saving water while shampooing is never as easy as when using the Camco 43712 thanks to its functional On/Off switch without worry about any change in water temp.

                Lead-Free: Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT

                Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT
                Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT
                • Lead-free, USA-made, and get UPC & CUPC Certification to rest assured of its safety and quality

                • Corrosion- and fade-resistant

                • Include a mounting bracket

                • The filter inside the handle stops water from coming out -> you should remove it

                • Need to insert an O ring to stop leakage

                Featuring high-grade synthetic resins material, the unit highlights a stylish look to possibly match to almost RV shower decoration themes. Plus, it’s durable enough to stand the test of time.

                Like Camco 43712, this comes with a trickle valve switch to save water when motorhome camping. The only difference is it’s not an on/off design.

                Other convenient features that we’ve found are the additional mounting bracket and easy-grip wand base, allowing for easier installation. We also think that it pays off to select a USA-made unit with the UPC & CUPC Certification for peace in mind, and here it is.

                Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT Specifications

                Hose length


                Spray settings

                Single setting

                Flow Rate

                2.2 GPM

                Highlight Features

                Durable and lightweight

                Designed with an easy-grip wand base and a water-saving trickle valve switch

                Corrosion- and fade-resistant

                If you’re looking for a lightweight, lead-free, corrosion- and fade-resistant shower head then you might want to check out the Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT.

                Best For Hard Water: Luxsego Ionic Shower Head

                Luxsego Ionic Shower Head
                Luxsego Ionic Shower Head
                • Can soften and purify hard water to be safer and better to use

                • Increase 200% water pressure and give 3 different spray settings

                • Save 30% water

                • A bit of mineral residue is washed out, which makes itchiness on the skin

                Hard water might be the biggest issue for campers while away from home as it not only accumulates limescale in your shower head but also make your hair and skin drier.

                That’s when we found the Luxsego Ionic model comes into place.

                It highlights special mineral balls to double filter the water before coming out, leading to the deduction of harmful substances and chlorine. In other words, it purifies and softens the water to prevent such annoying problems. Using this, your skin and hair will be kept smooth and soft.

                We also appreciate the micro nozzle technology application that ensures stable water flow while raising 200% water pressure. By shortening your shower time, it can save up to 30% the amount of water consumption, which is impressive.

                Luxsego Ionic Shower Head Specifications

                Hose length


                Spray settings

                3 Spray Modes

                Flow Rate

                2.5 GPM

                Highlight Features

                Infrared mineral stone and negative ion mineral stone make up double filter system

                Micro nozzle technology

                Three shower modes filters

                For people who are looking for an optimal method to solve the hard water problems while RV-ing, look no further than the Luxsego Ionic Shower Head.

                How To Choose A Best RV Shower Heads?


                There are totally 4 different types of RV shower heads:

                • Dual shower heads

                • Handheld shower heads

                • Rain shower heads

                • Single spray shower heads

                Highlight features



                Best for

                Dual Shower heads

                Give multiple spray settings for different water pressures

                Can adjust the water pressure to your preference

                Only fit big-sized RVs

                People who love spending time in their shower to relieve stress

                A big RV with many people

                Handheld showerheads

                Not attached to the wall or roof of the shower

                Feature a long flexible hose

                Flexibility – easy to move to many “parts” of your body or wash your dog

                Work for both short and tall people

                Not hand-free when taking a shower

                Fit in narrow RV showers

                People who bring dogs or kids on their RV

                Rain showerheads

                Feature a flat spout

                Hang from the ceiling of the shower

                Stylish, fancy and ideal to décor your bathroom

                More luxurious -> more expensive

                People who concern more about the designs and feeling of getting rained on

                Loose budgets

                Single spray showerheads

                Just feature “On” and “Off” buttons

                Attached to the wall

                Simplicity – Easy to use


                Too basic for people who get used to multi-adjusting showerheads

                People who love the no-frills type of RV showerhead.

                Prefer straightforward options

                In a tight budget

                Shower Nozzles’ Materials

                • There are four major kinds of materials to make shower nozzles:

                  • Silicone

                  • Rubber

                  • Plastic

                  • Metal

                • It depends on your budget and preference. Besides, notice that metal is the best anti-bacteria but if your RV usually parks in hard water areas, it’s prone to accumulate limescale.

                • Meanwhile, the silicone, plastic, and rubber don’t have that matter but they are susceptible to bacteria build-up. The durability is also different among these three materials.

                GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

                • Keep an eye on this feature since it presents how much water you’re going to use each time of showering. The higher the indicator, the more powerful the water pressure.

                • RV owners might prefer stronger water pressure to relieve stress while showering but apparently, the government doesn’t think the same way. When considering this feature, at least, it should be under 2.5 GPM, according to the federal law restrict.

                Which Brands Make The Best RV Shower Heads?


                • One of the leaders in this industry is Oxygenics, founded in 1981 with the other 35 years of experience in making showerheads. While offering powerful, water-saving products, we’re personally impressed by their caring customer service. So, it’s worth the top-rated on this list.


                • Camco doesn’t have its own website but instead, they have cooperated with many well-known retailers like Walmart to widely distribute their products. We’ve found it even more reliable when Camco’s showerheads are in many top-rated rankings and from our experience with them.


                • Similarly, Luxsego chooses to provide its products via different famous retailers (both online and offline). We guess it’s to save more operating costs, which is the reason for their high-quality products at a very competitive price range.


                • It’s no strange when this is your very first time hearing of this brand – they’re a newcomer. But the good news is from our research in-depth as well as testing carefully, PIH seems to get more and more trust from customers.

                • Their distribution method is much the same as Camco or Luxsego, which is quite effective.


                Can the shower head increase water pressure?

                Unless it’s a multi-setting shower head that allows you to adjust the water pressure to your preference, other types just give basic adjustment – On/Off features. If you’re feeling the current showerhead isn’t as strong as you wish, kindly replace it.

                Does a bigger shower head use more water?

                Not at all. The amount of water depends on the GPM (gallons per minute) of that shower head, no matter it’s smaller or bigger.

                But notice that with the same amount of water, the bigger model will deliver less pressure.

                When should I replace the RV shower head?

                It depends on your current showerhead condition and your late preference:

                • Are you finding something eco-friendlier?
                • Does the water pressure suck?
                • Do the hose or showerhead break down?
                • Do you want to upgrade your RV shower look, like more fancy and luxurious?

                If you need it replaced, this brief instruction might be helpful.

                How much water does an RV shower head use?

                Averagely, an RV shower head consumes 30 – 35 gallons of water/day but this is apparently varied from people to people, especially in the flow rate and the amount of time each individual spends under the shower.

                Can shower head affect water temperature?

                The type of shower head will influence the water temp, leading to big difference in the amount of hot water available for your needs. In fact, just 2/3 the amount of hot water made by a heater is used.

                Therefore, a 60-gallon tank only delivers 40 gallons of hot water. With a showerhead that limits to 2.5 GPM, it needs at least 15 minutes to heat the water.


                Why choosing the best RV shower head is such that important?

                We’ll cite a typical problem when you pick a wrong one – Poorly-built valves or limp pressure leads to wide-open water flowing, resulting in you run out of hot water when on the halfway done showering. Sound familiar?

                So let spend time and effort to ensure you’ll get the best showering experience while away from home.

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