6 Best Motorcycle Gloves for Winter of 2024

By Bryan ListorLast update: 2023-07-25

The best cold weather motorcycle gloves for winter must withstand low temperatures to keep your hands warm during the riding time. This is obvious, but don't forget to pay attention to safety and comfort.

Here are the best motorcycle gloves for winter (Jun 2024 Update):

  • Best Overall: ILM Alloy Racing Gloves
  • Best For Early Winter: Superbike Full finger
  • The Most Stylish: Winter PU Leather gloves for men
  • Best For Extreme Cold Weather: OZERO-30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves
  • Most Durable: Blok-IT leather motorcycle gloves
  • Best For Windy Days: IRON JIA'S Motorcycle gloves
6 Best Motorcycle Gloves For Winter
Best Overall
ILM Alloy Racing Gloves
    Best For Early Winter
    Superbike Full finger
      The Most Stylish
      Winter PU Leather gloves for men
        Best For Extreme Cold Weather
        OZERO-30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves
          Most Durable
          Blok-IT leather motorcycle gloves
            Best For Windy Days
            IRON JIA'S Motorcycle gloves

              Best Overall: ILM Alloy Racing Gloves

              ILM Alloy Racing Gloves
              ILM Alloy Racing Gloves
              • Durable

              • Breathable

              • Not waterproof

              Can you get the maximum protection and the best comfort in only one pair of motorcycle gloves?

              ILM Alloy Racing Gloves can provide you with this experience.

              If there are any unexpected accident, the alloy steel protectors designed on these gloves will protect your fingers and knuckles from being bruised and injured. What's more, there are extra padding protectors built-in weak and vulnerable parts like thumbs and palms.

              Though these gloves can offer perfect protection, the high-quality leather material can still bring comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, the part between thumb and index fits appropriately.

              The forefinger’s touchscreen capability allows you to use your cell phone without taking off the gloves. Thus, you will be warm during your riding trip.

              ILM Alloy Racing Gloves Specifications


              6.5 ounces



              Highlight Features

              Built-in alloy steel protectors, elastic strap
              The leather part between index and thumb
              The forefinger has touchscreen capability

              ILM Alloy Steel Racing Gloves offer the best protection and comfort.

              Best For Early Winter: Superbike Full finger

              Superbike Full finger
              Superbike Full finger
              • Fit well

              • Durable

              • Smell

              The weather and temperature in the early winter are pretty cool and comfortable, not too cold. Thus, you don’t have to buy an expensive pair of gloves with a high level of warmth. Using too warm gloves can make your hands sweat while wearing.

              The genuine goatskin leather material is warm enough to keep you comfortable on these mild days.

              Superbike Full finger Specifications


              5.4 ounces


              Genuine goatskin leather

              Highlight Features

              Buckle button
              Hard plastics knuckle, and foam padding, touch screen capabilities

              Superbike is an excellent choice for mild days.

              The Most Stylish: Winter PU Leather gloves for men

              Winter PU Leather gloves for men
              Winter PU Leather gloves for men
              • Comfortable

              • Lightweight

              • Not real leather

              Please forget the traditional and bulky designs in the past. Buying these gloves means that you get the most stylish motorcycle gloves. They are unique from the outside to the construction. Thus, I strongly recommend you to wear them for your daily dress and business as well.

              The top faux PU leather of the outer brings a soft feeling when touching, like genuine leather, while the Italian wool inside offers a high warmth level.

              Are you annoyed about using only one or 2 touchscreen fingers to touch to your cell phone?

              This discomfort doesn't appear in this product because of its full hand touch-screen. The feature allows you to use your technology devices with any finger.

              Winter PU Leather gloves for men Specifications


              3.14 Ounces


              leather, Italian wool

              Highlight Features

              360° touch screen function, PU leather

              If you are looking for a beautiful pair of motorcycle gloves, here is it.

              Best For Extreme Cold Weather: OZERO-30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves

              OZERO-30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves
              OZERO-30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves
              • Breathable

              • Possible to use your phone through the sensitive touch screen finger

              • Durable

              • Soft

              • Lightweight

              • Expensive

              • Hard to touch to the small items on the screen

              Will you ride a motorcycle this winter?

              Don't let the extreme cold condition influences your riding skill. It can make you lose your bike control and cause traffic accidents.

              These OZERO -30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves can provide you with a high warmth to protect your hands from icy conditions through the insulated velvet lining. Plus, the inside is designed with thick insulated cotton and polar fleece to bring a comfortable and warm feeling and experience.

              In the event of cold and heavy rains, the water-resistant polyester shell keeps your hands dry completely without being wet and cold.

              Correctly, these gloves work well at the 30°F temperature.

              Finally, the elastic cuff design fits your hands perfectly, so no dirt, wind, snow, or water elements can go inside.

              OZERO-30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves Specifications


              5.61 Ounces



              Highlight Features

              Water Resistant Polyester Shell and Insulated Velvet Lining, touch screen leather fingertips, thick insulated cotton, and polar fleece, microsuede,

              OZERO offers full protection and high warmth.

              Most Durable: Blok-IT leather motorcycle gloves

              Blok-IT leather motorcycle gloves
              Blok-IT leather motorcycle gloves
              • Comfortable

              • Fit well

              • Straightforward on and off

              • Not good wind and water protection

              Blok-IT leather motorcycle gloves are a worthy and long-term investment because it is very durable. You can use these gloves for a long time before buying new ones, saving a lot of money, right?

              How durable are they?

              These gloves are made from high-quality soft leather, bringing maximum protection and durability.

              Blok-IT leather motorcycle gloves Specifications



              Highlight Features

              Adjustable Strap
              Double Stitching on All Main Seams, 3M Thinsulate Thermal Biker Gloves
              Ergonomic Design

              Blok-IT full leather allows you to use them for a long time, even when you wear every day.

              Best For Windy Days: IRON JIA'S Motorcycle gloves

              • Waterproof

              • Warm

              • Clunky touchscreen fingertips

              The wind is one of the most challenging weather conditions of motorcycle riders, so it requires a good Windstopper.

              The IRON JIA'S has a multilayer of high-quality nylon and cotton material to effectively keep your hands from cold air.

              IRON JIA'S Motorcycle gloves Specifications


              7.1 ounces


              Nylon & cotton

              Highlight Features

              Ergonomic design, hand-dimensional drop resistance protective hard shell, shock-absorbing foam, handle grip,

              The strong wind is no longer a problem because IRON JIA’S motorcycle gloves have excellent protection.

              How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Gloves For Winter?

              Before buying any motorcycle gloves, you had better consider all the following elements below to make the most proper decision.


              There are 2 types of common materials for motorcycle gloves for winter: leather and textile.

              A pair of leather gloves feature better abrasion resistance than another material. This means that when you come off the bike and contact the road surface, the leather gloves can protect your hands from getting injuries and scratches better.

              Although the leather material is perfect, you can expect many benefits from man-made materials:

              • It is weatherproof better than leather.

              • Many of them are cheaper than leather gloves.

              • It's easier to clean the man-made gloves, especially, you can wash them in washing machine safely.

              Recently, many manufacturers have applied the newest technologies into their textile gloves. They come with the most outstanding features of both leather and man-made materials.


              The extra thermal padding and waterproofing make the whole motorcycle gloves bulkier. Thus, it's very vital to get a snug fit.

              When wearing, make sure that your fingers have enough room for free movements. At the same time, you can use your bike control comfortably.

              A too-tight pair of gloves can restrict your circulation, leading to numbness in your fingers. This thing is not suitable for your control.

              A too loose pair of gloves makes the bike control hardly. In a more severe case, your gloves can ultimately come off in a crash. When it comes to this problem, you can invest in designs with D-ring or Velcro retention straps around your wrist. They will stay in place securely and safely.

              Thanks to the suppleness of leather, it fits your fingers more snugly.


              Ensure that your gloves can provide your knuckles, fingers, and palms with armor protection. Meanwhile, all seams need to be stitched tightly. In the high impact areas, there must be double stitching and reinforcement.


              There are 2 types of protective armor as follows:

              Soft armor is made from closed-cell foams. It is used to cushion and absorb the impact's energy.

              Hard armor is made from carbon fiber or hard plastic. It has to fit over the soft armor to offer additional protection. And this is also an extra layer of defense against wear-through.

              Palm (Scaphoid Bone)

              The palm and scaphoid bone protections are more critical than knuckle armor in a crash.


              When falling or crashing, our natural reaction is to put our hands out to keep the head from danger. Therefore, the palms must take the full force of the impact.

              Knuckles and Fingers

              Although the knuckle and finger protections are not as important as palm protection, at least there should be hard or soft armor in these positions.


              A pair of long gloves with gauntlets can cover and protect your wrists better. When the weather is colder, this feature is beneficial.


              Both leather and textile materials are waterproof effectively.

              How can?

              There is a watertight membrane behind the leather or outer fabric. However, this membrane is breathable, so your sweaty, clammy hands will dry very quickly. The membrane has three broad categories:

              • Gore-Tex is the most breathable membrane and provides the highest waterproofing level. As you can guess, this is also the most expensive one. There are not any Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves under $100.

              • Brand-specific membranes like Dainese and Alpinestars have their own membranes. And all of them are closely high-quality to the level of Gore-Tex.

              • Hiporan is usually designed in cheap gloves. This choice doesn't work well in very heavy weather and provides less breathability.


              Everyone knows that the wind chill can influence the riding performance because it can make your hands stiff and numb. Even you can lose your bike controls.

              Therefore, you had better look for a pair of gloves with thermal lining. The cheaper gloves will have at least a Thinsulate lining, usually used in regular winter gloves. In the case of big budget, you can invest in a pair of more expensive gloves. They typically have three layers of lining, trapping more air, and offering more warmth.

              In case your gloves don't work because it's too cold outside, you can put on extra thin gloves.

              Extra Features

              Some people said that additional features are not essential for them, but they might be useful for your case.

              Visor wipe

              Some motorcycle gloves are designed with a plastic or suede insert on the finger or thumb to clear the lid's rain.

              Touchscreen capability

              There is a conductive thread sewn into the fingers to use your smartphone without removing your gloves.

              Which Brands Make The Best Motorcycle Gloves For Winter?


              OZERO, which is a professional manufacturer, was found in 1987. From the early stage, this company has focused on producing high-quality leather gloves.

              It has a comprehensive business from material purchase, product design to manufacturing.


              Are leather gloves better?

              Yes, the leather gloves are better because it features a great grip for driving. Moreover, it can protect your hands from elements better.

              What material gloves are the warmest?

              The textile gloves are warmer than leather material.

              How do I keep my hands warm in the winter motorcycle?

              The most common way is obviously to wear a pair of winter motorcycle gloves.

              In case you are not inserted in bulky winter gloves, you can consider Hippo hands, which are hand covers designed on the bike handlebars. This item will create an insulated area to keep your hands warm. If you don't mind about not seeing your hands and the switchgear, this is a wonderful solution.

              The heated grip will produce enough heat to warm the palm side of your hands and fingers.

              The heated gloves can also keep your hands warmer. For the best performance, it's better to combine the heated grips and heated gloves.

              You can use the lever wraps like Neoprene wraps or Rescue Tape to insulate your fingers against cold metal brake and clutch levers.

              If you want to deal with the extremely cold condition, it's possible to combine these solutions together.

              Can I use winter motorcycle gloves in summer?

              You shouldn't put on winter motorcycle gloves in summer because the extra layers of insulation can make your hands sweat.

              How long should winter motorcycle gloves last?

              If you ride every single day, your gloves can last one-two years.


              The best motorcycle gloves for winter can keep your hands warm while riding. This seems unimportant, but a warm pair of hands can help you ride your bike safely without losing control.

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