6 Best Running Gloves for Cold Weather of 2021

Last update: 2021-01-15

Winter is coming, but the cold days can't stop you from running in the morning. However, it's crucial to prepare the best running gloves for cold weather. If not, you can turn this healthy habit into something terrible.

Here are the best running gloves for cold weather (Feb 2021 Update):

  • Best Overall: Touch Screen Black Running Gloves
  • Best For Snowy Days: Cevapro - 30℉ Winter Gloves
  • Best For Mild Winter: TrailHeads Men's running gloves
  • Most Wear-Resistant: FINGER TEN Winter gloves
  • Best For Snug Fit: LANYI Winter gloves
  • Most Ultra-Breathable: Zensah Smart Running Gloves
6 Best Running Gloves For Cold Weather
Best Overall
Touch Screen Black Running Gloves
    Best For Snowy Days
    Cevapro - 30℉ Winter Gloves
      Best For Mild Winter
      TrailHeads Men's running gloves
        Most Wear-Resistant
        FINGER TEN Winter gloves
          Best For Snug Fit
          LANYI Winter gloves
            Most Ultra-Breathable
            Zensah Smart Running Gloves

              Best Overall: Touch Screen Black Running Gloves

              Touch Screen Black Running Gloves
              Touch Screen Black Running Gloves
              • High durability

              • Lightweight

              • Quick to dry

              • Not suitable in freezing condition

              Touch screen black running gloves are what I am looking for because of many convenience features.

              I use my cell phone regularly, so the touchscreen-enabled function integrated into these gloves' finger and thumb is a wonderful invention for myself. You can use your mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) like changing a song or sending messages quickly without needing to take your gloves off.

              Please forget the gloves with a 2-way stretch fabric in the past. These items come with the 4-way stretch fabric, which provides you with stretch and recovery on the cross-grain. Therefore, you will have a perfect fit, allowing your hands to move freely. Moreover, the supper grippy silicone dots help you hold your phone and other things tightly.

              Finally, this is a worthy and long-term investment because its premium abrasion-resistant fabric can put up with surface wear from rubbing.

              Touch Screen Black Running Gloves Specifications


              Nylon and spandex

              Highlight Features

              A Reinforced Nylon/Spandex blend
              The touchscreen-enabled finger and thumb comb, the 4-way stretch fabric, the super grippy silicone dots, silicone diamond pattern

              These OutdoorEssentials gloves allow you to use them in mid-weather areas.

              Best For Snowy Days: Cevapro - 30℉ Winter Gloves

              Cevapro - 30℉ Winter Gloves
              Cevapro - 30℉ Winter Gloves
              • Well built

              • Comfortable to wear

              • A bit bulky

              On snowy days, the temperature increases, so it is colder and colder outside. This weather condition requires you to put on a highly warm pair of running gloves.

              The thicken fleece material provides you with a high level of warmth. It is moisture-wicking and breathable, so these gloves can keep your hands warm without sweating.

              Is it hard to hold something when wearing a thick pair of gloves like Cevapro?

              No. The PU leather designed in the palm of gloves allows you to hold your items tightly without slipping.

              What's more, you don't have to worry when running under light rain or snow because there is a TPU waterproof layer.

              What about cold wind?

              The Double Shirred elastic wrist will keep the gloves closed around your hands, so the wind can't go inside.

              Although these gloves are very thick to keep you warm, there is one sensitive touchscreen index finger that lets you use your technology devices without requiring you to take your gloves off.

              Cevapro - 30℉ Winter Gloves Specifications


              premium PU leather and Thicken Fleece

              Highlight Features

              TPU waterproof layer
              Thermal insulated gloves
              Double Shirred Elastic Wrist
              Touchscreen Gloves
              Anti-slip Design, 3D tailoring cutting
              Waterproof Design

              Cevapro is designed to use in icy conditions.

              Best For Mild Winter: TrailHeads Men's running gloves

              6 Best Running Gloves for Cold Weather of 2021
              • Comfortable

              • Lightweight

              • Flexible

              • Decreases the keystroke accuracy

              On the mild winter, it's agreeable weather, so an average level of warmth is enough. A too warm pair of gloves can cause sweating. The trailheads men's running gloves can provide you with the right warmth for mild winter.

              Here is the detail:

              While the outer layer is wind resistant, the inner layer offers excellent thermal efficiency.

              Although this is not a good choice for very cold days, I strongly recommend using these gloves as great glove liners to wear with a thicker pair of gloves.

              TrailHeads Men's running gloves Specifications


              31% nylon, 52% polyester, and 17% Lycra

              Highlight Features

              4-way stretch Polartec power stretch pro fabric
              The diamond-shaped grips

              This pair of gloves provide you with enough warmth when running in a mild-weather condition.

              Most Wear-Resistant: FINGER TEN Winter gloves

              FINGER TEN Winter gloves
              FINGER TEN Winter gloves
              • Cheap

              • Comfortable

              • Stylish

              • A bit bulky

              In case you use your running gloves regularly, you should choose a pair of wear-resistant gloves. If not, you might need to spend money buying new running gloves after a short time of use.

              In this part, I recommend you to wear FINGER TEN winter gloves, which are made from high-quality materials. The durable and tear-resistant polar fleece material allows you to use these gloves for a long time.

              What's more, these gloves won't be affected by weather elements such as wind and water, light rain, and snow because they are added with a waterproof coating.

              FINGER TEN Winter gloves Specifications


              Polar Fleece

              Highlight Features

              Touch Screen Microfiber, a Non-slip Wear-resistant Silicone
              Waterproof Coating

              These gloves are a worthy and long-term investment because it is very durable.

              Best For Snug Fit: LANYI Winter gloves

              LANYI Winter gloves
              LANYI Winter gloves
              • Durable

              • Comfortable to put on

              • Short elastic

              Like other products in this list, LANYI winter gloves are also designed with some outstanding features.

              While wearing these gloves, you can still use your touchscreen devices effectively thanks to the premium conductive fabric on thumb and index fingers.

              While running, it's hard to avoid the sunlight and wind. However, with this pair of gloves, there is no need to worry about these elements anymore. Its anti-splashing water and windproof design allow you to run under a light rain without being wet.

              What's the best part?

              I want to mention a feature that you hardly find out in other gloves. Its elastic cuffs give you a perfect fit, no matter how big your wrists are. The outside elements like snow, cold wind, even dirt, and debris can't go inside, so your hands will be as warm as possible. Plus, LANYI is made from stretch fabric, providing your hands with free motions.

              LANYI Winter gloves Specifications


              Polyester fleece

              Highlight Features

              Premium conductive fabric
              Anti-slip silicone
              Anti-splashing water, and Windproof gloves
              Snug fit elastic cuffs

              It's ideal for wearing these gloves in a freezing condition because it can offer perfect fit protection.

              Most Ultra-Breathable: Zensah Smart Running Gloves

              Zensah Smart Running Gloves
              Zensah Smart Running Gloves
              • Durable

              • Beautiful design

              • Impossible to wash on your machine

              The Zensah Smart Running Gloves are made from stretchy material, so they can stretch and return to the original length without breaking the fibers. Thus, they offer great comfort and fitting.

              Do you remember the 2-way stretch material, stretching in only one direction (lengthwise or crosswise)?

              It is good, but now we have a better improvement - 4-way stretch material of the Zensah Smart Running Gloves. This material can stretch in 2 directions: both crosswise and lengthwise, so it provides you with ultra-breathability and comfort. That means these gloves can keep your hands warm without sweating.

              Zensah Smart Running Gloves Specifications


              82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

              Highlight Features

              Reflective stripes, 4-way proprietary stretch Zensah fabric
              Microsuede thumb

              Zensah Smart Running Gloves can offer the best comfort for your motions.

              How To Choose The Best Running Gloves For Cold Weather?

              Are you a girl or a boy?

              Typically, the size of boys is more significant than the size of the girls. Besides, the functionality, colors, and styles for men and women vary.

              Which warmth level do you need?

              How cold is it outside? The different levels of coldness require different levels of warmth that comes from your pair of running gloves. For example, a place with much snow requires higher warmth a place without snow.

              It's better to check the temperature ratings in advance carefully. If you pick up a too warm pair of running gloves, it's straightforward to sweat. On the contrary, some can't offer enough warmth for your hands.

              So, what's the point?

              Choose the temperature rating, suiting the weather condition in your place.

              Do you need wind protection?

              If the ice-cold wind blowing against your hands causes a problem, it means that the wind protection of your running gloves is not proper.

              In case you buy a pair of gloves with inadequate wind protection, you can apply this trick:

              Put a pack of hot hands on each glove.

              Is the waterproof feature vital?

              The cold and high temperatures can lead to some undesirable weather conditions like freezing rain. Therefore, if you don't want to have a miserable experience of running with a pair of wet cotton or fleece gloves, it's very vital to consider the waterproof feature.

              Do you need the touch screen capabilities?

              In case you use your cell phone while running, the touch screen capabilities are critical. It's pretty inconvenient to remove your pair of running gloves whenever you want to touch the screen of your phone.

              A pair of touchscreen-compatible gloves (Tactile Function) allows you to change a song on your smartphone quickly.

              Which design will catch your attention?

              You will have many options because the design of each pair of running gloves is different. There are various elements, such as colors, styles, and reflective elements for safety.

              How to get the perfect fit?

              Choosing the wrong size glove means that you have a useless purchase and waste your money. In the event of a too big size, the cold air will go inside. However, it's tough to put on a too-small pair of gloves. In particular, it might be so uncomfortable to wear or end too short on your wrist.

              If you can't determine your exact size, you should check the sizing chart of the gloves that you plan to buy.

              Which Brands Make The Best Running Gloves For Cold Weather?


              TraiHeads was found in 2002. The founder and members have strong passion and ideas in manufacturing high-quality products.

              Finger TEN

              This is a sports brand in the US. It focuses on producing premium designed and useful sports accessories. So, all of them result in high performance at a reasonable price for sure.


              Zensah was established in 2004 and based in South Florida. Its garment and gloves are very cool, dry, and lightweight.


              At what temperature do you need gloves?

              Below 50 F.

              What should runners wear in cold weather?

              Basically, you had better wear the following items when it is cold weather:

              • Running pants or tights

              • Long-sleeve tech shirts

              • Running gloves or mittens

              • A hat or headband

              • Running socks

              • A windproof running jacket

              However, you won't wear all these things in all cases. Depending on each specific temperature, you will wear different things:

              • 0-9 degrees: a ski mask, a hat or headband, mittens, pants or windbreaker jacket, tights, or two shirts layered.

              • 10–19 degrees: windbreaker jacket or pants, a hat or headband, gloves or mittens, tights, and two shirts layered.

              • 20-29 degrees: a hat or headband, gloves, tights, jacket and long sleeve or a short sleeve tech shirt and long sleeve tech shirt, two shirts layered.

              • 30–39 degrees: long sleeve tech shirt, headband, gloves, shorts, or tights.

              Are leather gloves warmer than wool?

              No, because the unlined leather gloves are not insulative like a pair of warm wool gloves. However, the leather gloves might be warmer than a pair of thin wool gloves.

              What material gloves are the warmest?

              Do silk gloves keep hands warm?

              Silk gloves are just warm if you put them in front of a campfire a few minutes before using them.


              The best running gloves for cold weather can protect your hands from the high temperature outside while running. However, avoid choosing a too warm pair of gloves, which can make you sweat. If you have any related questions about these running gloves, don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the section below.

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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