6 Warmest Hunting Gloves of 2023

Last update: 2022-11-01

Gloves greatly affect the effectiveness of a hunting trip.

Especially when you do it in the winter, these items protect your hands from common injuries and create a warm feeling for users.

But do you know how to choose such a product?

From practical experience, here is a list of the warmest hunting gloves that I have tried. Hope it will help you.

Here are the warmest hunting gloves (Feb 2023 Update):

  • Best Overall: Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens
  • Best Waterproof: TideWe Decoy Gloves Waterproof Insulated 5mm Neoprene Men Hunting Gloves
  • Best For Bow Hunting: Huntworth Men's Light Weight Hunting Gloves
  • Best For Small Hands: Under Armour Men's SC Primer Gloves
  • Most Durable: Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove
  • Best For Rainy Days: Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Waterproof Insulated Glove
6 Warmest Hunting Gloves
Best Overall
Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens
    Best Waterproof
    TideWe Decoy Gloves Waterproof Insulated 5mm Neoprene Men Hunting Gloves
      Best For Bow Hunting
      Huntworth Men's Light Weight Hunting Gloves
        Best For Small Hands
        Under Armour Men's SC Primer Gloves
          Most Durable
          Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove
            Best For Rainy Days
            Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Waterproof Insulated Glove

              Best Overall: Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens

              Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens
              Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens
              • The Pop Top feature makes these gloves very warm
              • The silicone-encrusted palm strength enhances the grip of this glove
              • Good resistance to wind, rain, and snow
              • Backhand zipper pockets and magnets are extremely useful
              • Interacts well with electronic devices
              • Your hands will get wet when you open Pop Top depending on the conditions
              • Up to 3 sizes but only one camo model
              • The cuffs are stretched after a period of use

              The innovation in technology makes the competition between firms more intense than ever. But after many times of experience, this product gives me peace of mind.

              In general, these gloves have an extremely beautiful design. The look assists in camouflage while you are lying in the bushes waiting for your prey. Along with that, it is also extremely manly and fashionable.

              But what we're more concerned with is the "interior", right?

              I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by what Hot Shot has done.

              3 layers of gloves will satisfy you. There are 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation which gives the product a light amount but also prevents the penetration of ice, wind, and heat from our hands.

              Although the three-layer design looks cumbersome, you can still move in the most comfortable state. I feel that from my own experience.

              The backhand zipper pocket is a pretty cool detail of the product and it was really helpful to me. Thanks to it I can hold the hand warmer and additional small items like lighters or gauze pads.

              Hot Shot pays great attention to details. I can feel it. A small magnet on the wrist that holds the pop top in place is a genius design.

              The magnetic part at the tip of the index finger helps you interact with electronic devices while the rubber part in the palm helps to increase grip. And in particular, the cuff section has a stretchy design to fit tightly onto your wrist.

              Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens Specifications


              3M Thinsulate Insulation


              11.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches

              Highlight Features

              Non-Slip Grip

              Interacts well with electronic devices

              Good insulation

              Ability to deodorize

              Hot Shot's Camo's Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens – Outdoor Hunting is a hit in its price range.

              Best Waterproof: TideWe Decoy Gloves Waterproof Insulated 5mm Neoprene Men Hunting Gloves

              TideWe Decoy Gloves Waterproof Insulated 5mm Neoprene Men Hunting Gloves
              TideWe Decoy Gloves Waterproof Insulated 5mm Neoprene Men Hunting Gloves
              • Excellent 3-layer design provides extremely high waterproof
              • 5mm Neoprene makes every movement soft
              • Easy to use thanks to the Big Cuff Opening
              • Good price
              • The Big Cuff Opening sometimes makes the water intrude while hunting in the waters
              • Some negative feedback on silicon surfaces from hunters

              All I can summarize about the product from TideWe brand is its effectiveness and suitability in a lot of hunting situations.

              Like most hunting gloves, the look of the TideWe Decoy Gloves helps to increase camouflage for users. No one will notice your hands when you are hiding among the dry trees in the hunting grounds.

              The highlight of the product comes from the three-layer design that ensures warmth but also softness to make your movements extremely smooth.

              Let's see what we have.

              Realtree Camo Fabric enhances camouflage. 5mm Insulated Neoprene gives me softness when using.

              I had the opportunity to “on-hand” this product and what I feel is it's extremely soft and warm. Besides, the blind seams inside the glove body make the glove waterproof as much as possible.

              If the Hot Shot gloves carry a rubber layer on the palm rest, the TideWe Decoy Gloves layout a sticky silicone surface that spreads over the entire glove. You will no longer have to worry about slippery things when carrying a hunting gun on wet days.

              The cuff section has been modified to extend up to the elbows, keeping your arms warm and easy to insert inside. You won't have to worry about having a shirt with thick sleeves as the big cuff opening will make things easy.

              TideWe Decoy Gloves Waterproof Insulated 5mm Neoprene Men Hunting Gloves Specifications




              3 sizes

              M: 15.5 x 8.0 x 5 inches

              L: 16.1 x 9.0 x 5 inches

              XL: 15.5 x 10.0 x 5 inches

              Highlight Features

              Soft design, hugging user's hand

              Good insulation

              Water proof

              The ability to hold firmly

              That's what the TideWe Decoy Gloves offer: practicality and comfort inside a solid, warm texture.

              Best For Bow Hunting: Huntworth Men's Light Weight Hunting Gloves

              Huntworth Men's Light Weight Hunting Gloves
              Huntworth Men's Light Weight Hunting Gloves
              • Reasonable price
              • Thin and extremely light gloves to increase weapon interoperability
              • Neoprene cuffs add durability and longevity to these gloves
              • The scent control feature comes from sheepskin
              • Good adhesion ability
              • Durable
              • Inability to keep warm under conditions below 35 degrees F
              • Limited size available
              • A few complaints about interoperability with electronic devices
              • High poly ratio

              You may be familiar with using guns when hunting. But the bow and arrow is also a weapon of choice for many people.

              The gloves made to help you with bow hunting aren't as thick and cumbersome as if you were hunting with a gun because a precise arrow depends a lot on how well you feel your weapon.

              This is a very important factor and Huntworth has handled it very well. Made with 97% polyester and 3% spandex, it feels lightweight for any user.

              Don't worry about the poly ratio. In my opinion, the gloves are quite breathable. In addition, this will help increase product durability.

              Not only impressive from the material, but the 2-sided design of the glove also shows the thoughtfulness of the manufacturer.

              The back is stretched with a smooth layer of sheepskin to help limit the growth of microbes bacteria (things give off odors in your hands). You can rest assured that prey hearing will not be able to recognize the potential danger coming from you anymore.

              The front of the glove is covered with a labyrinth rubber layer to increase the user's adhesion. You can confidently hold your bow even in wet weather.

              The index finger and the thumb has good sensitivity when interacting with electronic devices

              And the final highlight of the gloves comes from the neoprene glove neck. This material helps the durability of cuffs significantly increase and adheres to the user's wrist. Smart and full of sophistication!

              Huntworth Men's Light Weight Hunting Gloves Specifications


              97% Polyester/3% Spandex


              3 sizes

              M: 8 x 8.5 x 2 inches

              L: 9 x 9.5 x 2 inches

              XL: 9.5 x 10 x 2 inches

              Highlight Features


              Good deodorizing ability

              The ability to hold weapons firmly

              The product is extremely suitable for hunting sessions in the fall or early morning days.

              Best For Small Hands: Under Armour Men's SC Primer Gloves

              Under Armour Men's SC Primer Gloves
              Under Armour Men's SC Primer Gloves
              • Machine washable
              • Equipped with optimal scent control technology
              • 3-layer texture keeps warm
              • Ensure comfort
              • Interacts well with electronics
              • Zippered for easy wearing
              • The palm part and the fingertips are quite slippery
              • The cuff part has no elasticity and is usually easy to slip off after a period of use

              Small hands always face certain difficulties when "connecting" with gloves because after a period of use, your gloves stretch and you will still feel like your hands are "swimming" in it.

              I love the camo appearance. This is indispensable because it brings perfect danger while on your hunting trip.

              Moreover, the Under Armor Scent Control technology specially designed for this product minimizes the scent of sweat escaping from your hands to make your adventure more discreet than ever.

              Inside the gloves, you have a ColdGear infrared pad to absorb and capture all of the heat released from your hands.

              The innermost UA Storm lining helps your hands breathe as best as possible. You can see that this comprehensive design exudes the "all for the customer" spirit of Under Armor.

              But the point that impressed me and had to spend money to bring it back to my girlfriend is a lightweight foam padding that wraps around the user's knuckles.

              And finally, the Tech Touch print on your index finger and thumb is indispensable to help you interact with electronic devices.

              Under Armour Men's SC Primer Gloves Specifications


              100% Other Fibers


              6 sizes for men

              5 sizes for women

              Highlight Features

              Scent control technology

              Interacts well with electronics

              High ability to keep warm and soft with the user's hands

              This product has the basic elements covered. But you can have the fingertip area or the palm area free to support the gripping process.

              Most Durable: Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

              Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove
              Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove
              • 100% waterproof
              • Neoprene gloves with 2 mm wool liner
              • Design sunk seam
              • Touchrite technology allows you to shoot comfortably and securely
              • Prices are very reasonable
              • No coating
              • Insulation is not good
              • The cuffs are quite stretchy after a while of use and are difficult to put your hands-on

              It was very difficult for me to choose the right product for this position. Because you know "Nothing is perfect" and if you want a pair of durable hunting gloves, you must accept dropping some of its basic features.

              However, with these gloves, you can leave this thought behind because it will surprise you. After a hunting trip close to home, I realized it could do more than just hold a fishing rod.

              Without possessing a disguise layer as other friends, Glacier Glove draped it in a black neoprene color. This reduces camouflage but minimizes the impact from the environment to the outer shell.

              The durability of neoprene gives the product a very long service life. Besides, they are very light and completely waterproof. You will feel the difference when using it for hunting in cold waters.

              The heat from your hands is barely captured and you know how quickly the freezing is. The cuff cuffs fit quite snugly into the user's hand and this helps to partially limit outside intrusion factors.

              Sharkskin Texture with sunken seams is the difference when you will be provided with superior adhesion. Whether it's weapons, support tools like paddles, or catfish-coated prey like fish, you can handle it with ease.

              Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove Specifications


              2MM Fleece Lined Neoprene


              6 sizes

              Highlight Features

              100% waterproof

              Neoprene gloves with 2 mm wool liner

              Design sunk seam

              Touchrite technology

              Overall this is a product worth buying. And you can consider using them because these gloves are really suitable for fishing trips.

              Best For Rainy Days: Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Waterproof Insulated Glove

              Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Waterproof Insulated Glove
              Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Waterproof Insulated Glove
              • Excellent water and wind resistance
              • Good heat absorption
              • The palm is made of genuine leather to increase grip
              • Light and breathable
              • Reasonable price
              • The cuffs are stretched after a period of use and have high water permeability
              • Interoperability with electronic devices is not integrated

              Glacier Glove increasingly asserted its level with products that provide users with comprehensive water resistance and extremely high durability. This pair of gloves will give you dry during rainy days so you can go hunting confidently.

              RealTree style exterior design gives you extremely high camouflage when you've chosen a beautiful spot in the grove and just waiting for your prey to show up.

              Not only that, but they also have extremely good wind resistance. The 2mm thick neoprene lining ensures that no negative weather elements (cold water or ice) can affect your hands.

              All radiated heat will be absorbed again to keep you warm. The sheepskin lining at the bottom ensures that your hands can both breathe and be warm.

              Therefore, you can completely wear it for a long time without fear of sweating your hands.

              The palm covered with leather brings me a smooth feeling when in motion but also increases my grip.

              Finally, the cuff is designed to stretch with high elasticity to fit the user's wrist, providing absolute airtight.

              However, this is also the product's weakness as this is the only part with water permeability, and you will have to pay close attention to this point.

              Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Waterproof Insulated Glove Specifications


              Genuine Leather Palm


              6 sizes

              Highlight Features

              Water Resistant

              Poly Insulation



              Genuine Leather Palm

              With this pair of gloves, you will no longer worry about slippery feelings when hunting on rainy days.

              How To Choose The Warmest Hunting Gloves?

              Choosing the right pair of hunting gloves is not too difficult, but for them to be truly effective at keeping your hands warm, you will need to pay attention to quite a few factors.

              There are three factors that I recommend when choosing hunting gloves if you want products with high warmth.

              Your Using Purpose

              Choosing a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm is much different from choosing a pair of gloves for gardening. Defining your target clearly helps you a lot in choosing a product you like.

              You need to be aware of how important a pair of gloves is to keep warm when you go on your hunting trip in winter. You wouldn't want your fingertips to lose sensation after about 30 minutes outside, would you?

              The numbness in the knuckles will make it difficult to grasp or squeeze the trigger for a fatal shot. So do not hesitate to invest in good quality gloves to protect yourself.

              The Materials That The Manufacturer Chooses

              The glove should be warm enough to give you confidence when out and about, but not too thick to impair your interaction with weapons or other items.

              This is sometimes determined by the materials that the manufacturer chooses.

              Along with manufacturing technology development, today's hunting gloves are made up of a wide variety of ingredients such as GORE-TEX®, Fleece, Wool, Leather, Rubber, and Neoprene.

              Each material has certain advantages and disadvantages. That's why you need to consider carefully.

              In my opinion, GORE-TEX® is a material with the full range of ability. It keeps your hands warm, is waterproof, wind-resistant and helps your hands breathe and operate as comfortably as possible.

              The Design Of The Gloves

              Besides, you also need to pay special attention to the design of the gloves. Full gloves, Fingerless gloves, or Mittens are the most familiar and popular styles of hunting gloves.

              If you add warmth to your hands, the Mittens will be the best solution because a 4-finger coating (minus the thumb) will give you twice the warmth.

              The main raw material used for these products is wool so you can rest assured. And these days, the foldable and fixed rear pop-top gives you the freedom to perform tasks.

              Which Brands Make The Warmest Hunting Gloves?

              Hot Shot

              From my point of view, Hot Shot is doing a good job. And Hot Shot's Camo's Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens - Outdoor Hunting Camouflage is the product that clearly shows that. A comprehensive pair of gloves for keeping warm. I especially like the Pop top feature because of the warmth it gives on long-days deer hunting.

              Under Armor

              Along with that, Under Armor is also a typical representative that you need to note. The tradition of this brand is unquestionable. And the products they make are very applicable with extremely good glove form, sticking to the contours of the hands. Along with that, the 3-layer system in many products provides excellent thermal insulation.


              What is the best material for warm gloves?

              Manufacturers today do not select a single ingredient independently to create gloves for their customers. So the best material for warm gloves will be determined by a combination of wool, wool, rubber/neoprene, leather, and GORE-TEX®.

              I still give the most favor to GORE-TEX® because of their extremely useful features that I have analyzed above.

              And the best thing for me is the combination of skin on the outside to increase the grip of objects, a rubber layer in the middle for insulation and a GORE-TEX® liner.

              Is fleece warmer than wool?

              These are the two most common materials for the manufacture of body warmers. And in terms of their ability to keep warm, fleece and wool both prove to be excellent candidates.

              But wool does get a little better when weather conditions turn wet or your gloves get soaked in water. Besides, the wool's wind resistance is also more impressive than wool.

              Is fleece warmer than cotton?

              That's right. Many people like to wear cotton clothes because they absorb sweat and give the wearer a pleasant feeling.

              However, in terms of the ability to warm the cotton body, it cannot be compared with wool. It is the passage of air that causes your body or hands to be cold when using a cotton product.

              Wool, on the other hand, retains much of the heat that is radiated from the inside of our body. It also creates a layer of insulation compared to the outside environment. Besides, it is softer.

              Does wool breathe better than cotton?

              Wool's breathability is much better than cotton. You can see the design trends of many bodywear brands currently focusing on woolen items. The breathable ability comes with good moisture absorption to keep your body dry when wearing things up.

              For a little bit of comparison, wearing a pair of wool socks with a pair of cotton socks. After a day, the cotton socks smell a lot worse because they're pretty squishy and cause your feet to sweat.

              Is 100% merino wool itchy?

              Some types of wool can make you itchy, but 100% Merino wool does not. The process of research shows: Merino wool is soft, comfortable to wear.

              This is because Merino wool has long fibers and small diameter, making them very soft and easy to change according to human movements. So you can rest assured to wear costumes made from this material.


              Hunting is a difficult and extremely rewarding job. But with the help of a variety of assistive items, you can turn it into exciting adventures.

              The warmest hunting gloves are no longer just for keeping warm. act as a companion, protecting your hands and providing you with much better interaction with the environment.

              Bryan Listor
              Bryan Listor

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