Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Last update: 2023-04-16

Preparing for the upcoming beach trip?

Here are some fun beach games with toys and floats that surely make every one of your family attracted and excitingly enjoyed. Make this trip a great opportunity to help all the members get closer to each other and have fun.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Picasso In The Sand

Required: a creative mind and a drawing implement

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

This is the easiest beach game for anyone – whether an individual or a group; no limit in the number of participants. Use rocks, shovels, hands, a stick, or any treasure collected along the seaside to draw letters, a word, or a picture.

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

For more fun, hold a drawing contest and choose one person to be the referee. Offering an attractive prize will make the competition even more exciting.

Sand Sculptures

Required: buckets, unused ice mold trays, sticks, shovels, and any items that can help you with your sand sculpting.

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Sand-digging is like a “must-try” fun activity when you’re at the beach. While sandcastles are popular, why not let your imaginations run wild and make more creative sand sculptures?

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Choose an appropriate position to create yours; make sure it’s not too close to the water because tides and waves could wash your hard work away.

Build A Sandman

Required: beach treasures, shovels, and buckets

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Babysitting is likely a task of parents when taking their kids to the beach. But with this simple game, you can enjoy your beach time while looking after them.

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

For kids, building a sandman allows them to use their creative skills and transfer their winter skills to the beach.

Beach Treasure Hunt

Required: a prepared list of treasures to hunt, buckets, and small shovels (optional).

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Give your kids a list of which sea treasures to hunt and a bucket to accommodate what they collect. If this is the very first time you guys try this game, show your kids pictures of each treasure so that they can easily get how it looks.

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Make sure all the items in the list are easy to find, such as a feather, something red, something round, crabs, rocks, shells, driftwood, etc.

The number of items should be short enough for kids to handle with excitement.

Build an Inukshuk

Required: sea glass or/and stones (of different sizes)

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

This beach game might seem to be simple but once joining in, it’s hard to stop, especially when you hold a small contest to find out the winner who makes the tallest Inukshuk.

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Aside from getting fun, this game teaches your kids about coordination.

For your information, the world’s recorded tallest Inukshuk is 37+ feet in height.

Bocce Ball

Required: beach treasures or bocce set

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

If you haven’t played this game before, don’t worry; it is extremely easy to learn and play. Start with throwing a target on the sand and set a certain number of points that all players need to reach.

Then, each player will try their best to throw their weighted balls to get as closest to that target as possible. The winner is who reaches the points the soonest.

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Make sure to choose a position where there are few people walking around so that when any of you throw their balls (beach treasures), they don’t hurt the others accidentally.

Bubble Blowing

Required: blowers and bubble liquid

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Blowing and chasing bubbles require a wide place to play and the beach is an ideal option.

Bubble-blowing liquid is very easy to find at the dollar store with a lot of options in shapes and sizes. It’s also simple and quick to DIY at home before heading to the beach.

Sand Hopscotch

Required: nothing

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Hopscotch is a popular and easy-to-play game that can be played anywhere. So, why not at the beach? Use a stick or anything you can use to draw a hopscotch grid on the sand, then collect shells, rocks, or other treasures and use them as markers.

Remember to wear water shoes or flip-flops if the sand is hot.

Squirt Ball

Required: a stick, beach balls, swimming goggles, and squirt guns (or spray bottles)

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

Turn this game into a mini-competition between individuals or between teams. Use a stick to draw a line on the sand. Give each of your kids a spray bottle or a squirt gun and a beach ball. Let them fulfill the gun with saltwater, then stand across the line and start the game.

The player who squirts their ball across another line down the beach will be the winner.

This game is very fun and besides, teaching your kids about eye/hand coordination and running.

Beach Bowling

Required: balls and a set of pins

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

A beach bowling set is easily found at most dollar shops or you can take advantage of unused empty bottles around the house. Make sure the ball and all of the pins are heavy enough to withstand strong winds at the beach yet lightweight enough for kids to easily hold by one hand.

When playing beach bowling, make sure the throwing distance is appropriate based on the kid’s might and age.

Kite Flying

Required: a kite

Fun Beach Games With Toys And Floats

While it is easy to buy a kite at any dollar store, inviting the kids to make a kite with you at home before bringing it to the beach is even more fun.

Watch this tutorial video to learn about how to DIY a kite:

Make sure the kite material is strong enough to resist gusts at the beach. Don’t worry if the beach is windless, your kids can run with the kite.


And, those are the 11 fun beach games with toys and floats. We hope that this list was helpful to you in finding the appropriate entertaining ways that match the preferences of your family members. Thanks for reading!

Bryan Listor
Bryan Listor

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