How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

By Bryan ListorLast update: 2024-02-11

There are some good reasons that we highly recommend you to try these natural wiping materials rather than toilet papers:

  • Toilet papers account for extra storage space in your packing and will surely out of stock, especially during extended adventures
  • Burying them after used is not eco-friendly while packing them out isn’t convenient
  • This try will make you more appreciate the convenience of toilet papers when at home

Here is how to poop in the woods without toilet paper:

Natural Wiping Materials To Alternate Toilet Papers


Your goal is to find broad leaves with soft textures.

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

Leaves with a fuzzy underside are also an ideal choice. Here are some shining examples for you:

Slippery Elm Leaves

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

Although their texture is a bit rough, the fuzzy hairs on the surface help smoothen out for the softer and more comfortable experience. It does best in wiping and cleaning your bum but remember to use it gently.

Mullein Leaves

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

The leaf surface has soft cottony hairs that can clean thoroughly what’s left behind after pooping without getting your sphincter raw.

While most leaves will crumble under strong friction, this one is very strong, especially when you fold it in half or double up.

But remember to only use fresh mullein leaves, not the dried ones because the hairs now will be really tough and itchy, which riskily causes your bum to hurt and become uncomfortable.

Important notes:

Don’t pick too-polished ones because they will not do best in the cleaning but just smear everything around.

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

Don’t pick from those plants with “leaves of three” because it commonly contains poisons, such as poison sumac, poison oak, and poison ivy.

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

This is actually not our most favorite choice because you have to pick and collect live plants, which partially impact the natural environment.


Moss will definitely be an incredibly clean, comfortable, and refreshing wiping experience because it’s moderately moist, soft, and highly absorbent. The plant also contains iodine which is a famous germ killer.

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

It is commonly found near water sources – such as rivers and lakes, or on the north side of trees in the northern hemisphere, and can be easily pulled off in 2” diameter clumps.

Some minor drawbacks of using moss as an ass cleaner:

  • Once pull moss out, you can’t reattach it
  • Risks of small items – like bugs and small sticks - hidden in the moss and if they’re not eliminated thoroughly, they might hurt your bum
  • You hardly tell if it is completely clean down there
  • Bits of moss could be left behind
  • One side of the moss is dirt
  • Not readily accessible all the time

Reindeer Moss

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

The fact that reindeer moss is not a moss, but a lichen.

It is slightly rough in texture and highly absorbent, which is perfect for rubbing and cleaning. Moreover, reindeer moss contains a lot of active germ-killing acids.

Spanish Moss

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

Another moss-like plant! Spanish moss is a Tillandsia – belonging to the Bromeliad family, commonly found in the south tropical forests in the US.

It does an excellent wiping job to clean your ass.


How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

This natural wiping material is obviously available in the winter or frost-cold days and will be a one-of-a-kind bum cleaner to any user. It not only does well at wiping but also brings extra washing effects and you’ll easily determine if more wiping is needed.

Create some small, tightly-pressed snowballs with a pointy end and give them a go.

Remember to remove any dirt and debris mixed in the snow before forming snowballs. After use, make sure to bury all the used snow.


How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

This option brings at least three benefits to the user:

  • They are easy to find and collect
  • Sticks easily keep your hands away from your bum
  • The wiping surface area is large

However, using sticks to clean your ass after pooping means that there are some potential risks you need to face, such as splinters, irregularities, touch patches, and knots.

Not to say that too-long sticks are difficult to bury.

Note: For extra hygiene and comfort, always peel off the rough outer layer of the sticks before use although this might be time-taking.


How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

Rocks with large surface area and smooth texture are comfortable enough to be used as a bum cleaner plus they’re firm, easy-to-hold, and predictable.

Wet rocks also bring extra cleaning effects.

The biggest benefit is that you can easily collect them while you’re on the go and store them in your backpack. After use, they’re easy to bury and do not impact nature.

Some important notes you should keep in mind when picking rocks:

  • Rocks with a too-small surface or in a too-small size increase the opportunity of accidental poop hands.
  • Smooth-surface rocks are commonly found near water sources.
  • Never go for rocks with sharp ends or jagged surfaces because they riskily hurt your bum.

Things You Should Prepare Before Pooping In The Woods

As mentioned above, most natural wiping materials need time to find and collect, meaning that you can’t leave it until nature calls to start searching around.

It is essential to pick these natural TP beforehand and store them in a bag.

We highly recommend collecting different types of natural wiping materials and many units per type because, unlike man-made toilet papers, these alternatives need more wiping times to get clean.

How To Poop In The Woods

There are two common ways to poop in the woods that leaves no trace of human presence or contaminate any natural resources:

Dig A Cat Hole

How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

You’ll need:

  • A hand shovel
  • Natural wiping materials
  • A hand sanitizer

Dig a 6”-8” deep hole and poop there.

Then, clean your bum and cover the hole with leaves, twigs, and dirt. Place some rocks, pines, or anything on top as a sign so that you or other members don’t dig at that position again. Sanitize your hands.

Take It With You

You’ll need:

  • Deodorizing materials
  • A tightly-sealed or Ziploc disposal bag
  • Natural wiping materials
  • A hand sanitizer
How To Poop In The Woods Without Toilet Paper?

Some clean waste portable toilets require some simple setup before use. Poop there and clean your bum. Zipper the bag tightly and undone the portable toilet. Sanitize your hands.

Important note: Remember to choose the right position to poop (200’ away from trail and water & 200’ away from your camping tent and cooking area).


We’ve just given detailed guides associated with how to poop in the woods without toilet paper. This is probably a rather delicate matter, but extremely essential for any campers or outdoor explorers to equip themselves before starting the adventure.

We also hope our post improves your outdoor experience. Thanks a lot for reading!

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